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  1. 0 Glory courtier (Forged Edict) who can participate in military conflicts (Policy Debate, For Shame), easy access to Censure, and can be recursed with Back-alley Hideaway. Might see play outside of this cycle. : )
  2. So what happens when Public Forum is flipped face down by the new Dragon personality?
  3. Dragon (Lion) and Crab (Dragon) have both taken games off of Phoenix in our playgroup, though one of those games took two hours. In all cases so far, winning came down to being aware of what the Phoenix player could potentially do, and shutting down (dishonor/bow) their big players when they are trying a tempo push (Serene Warrior/Shiba Tsukune). Not swinging into the Fire Ring when they have 2 Fate is also important. Of those two clans Dragon has had the easiest time of it.
  4. We have been play-testing for about two weeks now and are starting to have a similar opinion, unless you're really late in the game (win-more scenario) he's really much better being brought into play through one of your other actions. Hitting a purchased Toturi with a Pacifism is a pretty significant 'loss' of Fate, effectively neutering the Champion. Friend of mine scooped today after seeing one in my The Perfect Gift spread.
  5. After seeing Shiba Tsukune and assuming they won't kill two clan champions before game release, I am wondering if Shiba Ujimitsu will be a low-cost non-unique, maybe with an ability to resurrect himself or to protect other Phoenix cards. That would leave the 5-fate cost design space available for another card, like Tsukune. Remember that Ujimitsu's original card in oL5R wasn't unique either.
  6. Likewise - in the conflicts article, they say that the side declaring a conflict will set both the element and the conflict type. Feels like it would be pretty awkward for gameplay if the rings remained in whatever state they were in when sent to the unclaimed pool and could not be changed - how could you ever declare a military fire conflict if someone else had previously declared a political fire conflict. It is also possible that all unclaimed rings are considered neutral when it comes to their conflict state.
  7. Depends where we are in relation to the original timeline, or even if the emperor's wife has/will be kidnapped. Like I said, he's not mucking about as a leader, if at all. : )
  8. I wonder if we'll see the Emerald Championship as our first storyline event. Anything is possible, but Yoritomo's presence is at least timeline appropriate, even if he is only leading a group of pirates around. They would need to make a new face for the Spider in this timeline, since Daigotsu wasn't around in this era as a leader. Could have them tied directly to Fu Leng though, but that still makes them very shadowlands-oriented if they're sticking with that canon. As Kazuto below mentions the other monks, it's possible they could turn into a second villainous clan.
  9. Part of a small group in Montreal, Canada.
  10. Rings are gained by winning challenges, breaking provinces happens if you win the challenge by enough.
  11. The Phoenix Library seem to have no card name, it's more likely one of the province cards that remains hidden.
  12. Uncultured as I am; it fits the general eastern dragon form and has three toes, which is Japanese enough for me. : P
  13. A bit late to this thread, but I would be interested in at least learning more about these dinner plans - making the trip down from Montreal as well. : )
  14. Crane vs Dragon could even be the demo we may be seeing on Wednesday; what two better clans to show off duelling mechanics? With the core set and other early decks, you're probably going to see a lot of neutral card use because they're working with their smallest card pool. Because of how many clans there are in the game, I would be shocked if there was no faction mixing for the same reason. Looking at their other LCGs, you will likely declare a clan through a banner/champion/stronghold, but there will be some rule baked into the game to let you play with cards from other factions, which will be needed until the clans have developed enough of their own cards.
  15. It isn't even for separate transactions, you would need to have had an account for each member of your family - my group of five had the same problem, mostly because we didn't research how it would play out until after we purchased the badges. After spending some time on their forums, everyone recommends gaming the system, and having separate accounts also helps with event registration/ticket purchases (individual wishlists). Like Hinomura suggested you may still be able to get housing downtown, but I'd suggest also calling the hotels directly. We had a time-slot for 7:05pm but when it became evident that the DT block would be sold out by 3pm, we gave one Mariott a call and they checked all their others locations to find a room for the five of us in one of their SpringHill Suites. We even have a backup reservation at the airport La Quinta in case that one falls through over the next few months. There's no subway or tram, but there is an airport shuttle and IndyGo has busses that run through the downtown core. You might be better served by renting a car and getting a parking pass for the weekend - having a vehicle will give you a place to store anything you bring with you, or buy at the Con, which you may not want to lug around all day. Barring that, Uber is another option. While more expensive than public transport, it is much more convenient. The ICC site has some information about all this.
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