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  1. This is just an idea I literally had only a few minutes ago. Why not use the strife also as the XP one gets? It would basically be a variation of learning from mistakes that some games have. So, could this work?
  2. So, these packs are then supposed to stay legal like deluxe boxes or do they count as cycle and will thus eventually get removed from tournament play?
  3. First: it is bad argumentation style to tell the other what they are saying, since that usually leads only to strawman. But I will let that slight today and keep at with this friendly reminder. Second: higher movement is possible through magic and other ways, so the larger rangebands still have its use. But more inportant like I said multiple time, they also serve for distances of weapon usage or casting range of spells. Third: Because like they said, they are not there to be used all the time, but only when they become relevant... but I start to repeat myself.
  4. I don't need a weird ruler, it just shows that individual momenment does not change the range band relations to others. Again, try to look at it as a system of relative positions, not about absolute ones.
  5. Yes, but only in the for that character, not in relation to the whole world around. The movement is in that turn, when the GM says that something is 2 range bands away, then the character can reach it, if it is further awy, it doen't change the possition to those objects in range bands, but keeps those as distances. 1) I don't. It's not a tactical game, such things do not matter. 2) You do so outside of the conflict simulation, in a narrative manner. That is why the rules say you apply that only when it is relevant.
  6. I think the range bands are mostly about distances, not about movement speed. The positions are relative and not absolute, so if one character moves 3 range bands then the opponent might still be 4 range bands away. So, it is basically always about what the character can just do there right in the moment, and it is never about a tactical approach of how long will it take for the character to reach someone. This is not a cosim, thus we don't need to treat it as such. Sure, the rules might need a little more clarification that moving multiple range bands doesn't mean that the relative position to others change then in range bands too, but I tgought that was easy to deduce with a little common sense.
  7. Every journey starts with a single step... Or to put it differently, the distance is not really what matters here, it is about the story you expereince at the table. But I guess some people simply will never be capable to look at roleplaying games as anything but a conflict simulation.
  8. I like that idea, but I am not so sure about how well that fits for actual samurai drama, since the conflict between the Giri and the adherance to Bushido and the personal interests of the normal human nature are the things that are supposed to be in conflict. And I would like to see that L5R finally could get there, and stop bothing with absract notions of honour and glory which lead nowhere.
  9. It feels like Glory and Honor are mostly sacred coews that where put into the new game just for the sake of contuniung that. But they both feel wrong now, since the the scales look mostly useless in the new system (not that they had been especially useful under AEG, but at least there the values had directly impact on otehr game mechanics), but worse the ties to Giri and Ninjo feel totally off. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Giri and Ninjo, and that that L5R finally can live up the potential in regards of Samurai drama, but the game mechanics could be better designed to actually support that. I mean, I still don't get why following the ninjo is considered honorable, when that often means to ignore the obligations the samurai has. But I could see that people talk about that in a famous or infamous way, when someone follows their passions. While adhere to the duty seems to me not especially glorious, but very honourable to put one's won desires aside and do what is asked of one completely selfless. Also, looking alone at numbers and association that creates, it feels fine that low honour means less virtous, but then it feels strange that low glory is not less famous, but is instead very infamous. So, I think the Glory and Honor track should cross somehow, that following the Giri should increase Honor, and following Ninjo well guess that depends what one's own drive actually is. But in anyway, I would say back to the drawing board, the current system is pointless and does not support samurai drama as it should!
  10. I probably would not, if the rules are written in a way that they cannot support that, then I have to assume that this part of how this is practiced in Rokugan. Chrunch should inform fluff!
  11. Excellence in all things! My loyality to the Crane will not waver.
  12. Looking at the L5R beta, is there any consideration on how to implement Ninjo and Giri into this system?
  13. I think the game should focus more on Ninji and Giri, but also on death. I find it sad that the question about death is got not more attention. Samurai drama and the mono no aware appeal should focus on these things, but instead Giri and Ninjo feel like after thoughts, that are crudly attached to honour and glory (and that in a very annyoing way), and the that dying is so cental for a samurai, which leads then to living the live with pathos as the mono no aware should promote, is completely ignored.
  14. I have to say I think the symbol combination on the dice is fine. Sure a fresh character might have to deal a lot with strife, but it seems one has to really go for it to get to an outburst, so no biggie, but more advanced caharcters will then have less trouble with strife, not just because their composure will get higher, but also because of their growing dice pools that lets them select more easily just the dice that have no strife on them. So, if you look at strife as some kind of stress, then you will notice it behaves not bad. It creates the feel of teenage angst and the stress of doing tasks that one has not mastered yet. That seems all perfectly reasonable for the game.
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