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  1. Episode 3 of The Table is Yours is live http://the-table-is-yours.pinecast.co/episode/20c9f4c7-9fa6-412a-a716-f6cd908e2341
  2. Episode 3 is up http://the-table-is-yours.pinecast.co/episode/20c9f4c7-9fa6-412a-a716-f6cd908e2341
  3. I will say that mitigating luck is a skill in itself But I do agree with this sentiment in general.
  4. Well, they said that the next one was story confirmed and also on Crane. Is there enough time to do 1 clan for 2 weeks? 1st week is story 2nd is previews and strats?
  5. Epsiode 2 of The Table is Yours is up and live! We talk about this last Wednesdays Article and tell stories about favorite battles. This was recorded before Friday Livestream http://the-table-is-yours.pinecast.co/episode/89369f71-ff17-4800-bc02-782c6dbe8135
  6. Episode 2 is live! http://the-table-is-yours.pinecast.co/episode/89369f71-ff17-4800-bc02-782c6dbe8135
  7. Duels will have large effects. They must to counterbalance the ability to backfire.
  8. A lot of these look really familiar. =)
  9. I disagree. Wotu gives options and having options is always strong
  10. I've been thinking about this. A card being 1 honor is true but misleading. Because 1 honor is more valuable the closer to 0 or 25 you are. I mean, you're still right, but the value is fluid. Also going first allows you to dictate the rings. You could, in a way, argue that Way of the Unicorn is actually worth >=1 fate. Since it guarantees you have the option to claim the ring that wasn't used last turn.
  11. That would be good, but I do hope it's more interesting than that.
  12. Pfui. Way of the Scorpion has a ninja on it. Clearly only way to play
  13. The Way Ofs didn't as far as I remember Edit: Yes they do I am dumb nevermind
  14. I can Swim is tagged as a philosophy and has influence I believe. Which annoys me so much. Ya'll can't swim, only I can swim. Ask Frog.
  15. We have the most lifeguards in the Empire And the Crane find themselves woefully close to the water recently.
  16. I can't think of a direct quote but holdings have the same stat. So I think it's easy to infer its localized. Doesn't matter though need that sweet sweet source
  17. The l5r reddit moves slowly but is a good place. It's been undergoing s resurgence and becoming so much more active than it ever used to be. https://www.reddit.com/r/l5r/ I believe there is a wiki in the works for the new time line. Personally, I wouldnt use the old wiki because we have no idea what will be the same, and I'm hoping nothing. Lastly, the l5r Discord server is very active and still growing. Discord is a voice and text chat program. You can be subscribed to multiple servers, and there is an L5r one. You will need to download Discord, it even has a mobile app which I use almost exclusively. I will edit with the server link https://discord.gg/nvVX9Wb
  18. No sources, only gut feels tell me this is likely. We will see. Probably tomorrow.
  19. Pretty sure we know it gives a +1 to your armies total for either Military or Political conflicts. Or did you mean something else?
  20. No matter who is doing it, the more we spread misinformation the worse it gets. Stuff like this helps everyone get on the same page.
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