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  1. Wow this has gotten weirdly personal. I will say that the discord moderates more than these boards and that passive aggression and tone policing isn't tolerated by either party. It's also silly for either of them to think the other reflects the community as a whole or in part.
  2. If you are interested in participating in future Table Tales, feel free to email us thetableisyours@gmail.com
  3. Just noticed this thread. Thanks @Reiga. I had some misplay, but this was fun. So far I have won 4 times to honor, 1 to dishonor and about 6 to military. I've lost to honor 1 time and to military several. Never dishonor
  4. Get your questions in for our next episode. Or even join us in Discord for our next recording. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on timing of recordings.
  5. Large text/chat room. It has several hundred members. Do join
  6. No worries. This gets mentioned in our cast that recorded today. I loved it.
  7. Thank you so much. I check back on this thread more often than I should because I love interacting with the folks who listen. Tell me about the Sparrow and Falcon. I really don't know much about Falcon at all.
  8. He doesn't fit their scheme of recalling their ancestors with their inane ancestor worship? I don't understand. My lion deck is a bunch of low cost mooks. But the greatest generals and tactician of the past come to us with guidance.
  9. Episode 8 - Actual Cannibal Togashi Labeouf We discuss our thoughts on the Dragon as a whole as well as the most recent story The Rising Wave Please ask your questions to be answered at the beginning of the next episode!
  10. The 2nd fiction is live. Come listen to: The Price of War
  11. That's the trick, no podcast releases all the info =P we force yall to listen to all of them for TOTAL INFORMATION
  12. Episode 7 - 7 on Call! Thoughts on Lion previews and the clan in general Now taking questions to be answered on the air for episode 8!
  13. Permanent invite link: https://discord.gg/nvVX9Wb Come join us
  14. How about a teaser of our upcoming reading? The Price of War https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Gcd-EWDG3RNUVCdU42OUJERHc
  15. I swear you all read a different fiction than me.
  16. Throwing this out there again. Most tod the story for Table Tales 2 is done but need a voice for Matsu Tsuko from the latest story, The Price of War. If interested, please dm me
  17. The Table is Yours is putting on Table Tales 2. A dramatic readings / radio drama of The Price of War. It's coming along nicely but still trying to find a voice for Matsu Tsuko. If interested, please dm me here.
  18. Man I am never happy to see a cultural relativism argument. But I must say this is a first time seeing a fictional culture relativism point.
  19. Accuracy is subjective. =P thanks. Should be fixed? Thanks!
  20. Ah you're right I know the Yogo family used to be phoenix. I mistakenly thought it was him and got kicked out. Yay story reboot.
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