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  1. All challenges are at their root a test of loyalty, and Scorpion do not fail them. This should be an easy decision. It should be.
  2. Absolutely. Welcome to Rokugan! If *nothing else* then the open play first event will be very casual and friendly. Please do.
  3. Water hurts me a lot. And the need for card draw is real. But I agree with your other points.
  4. I honor consistently with my lion deck. I bid 1. I out 2 court games in. I prioritize air with my lion deck since air is 2 honor and fire is at best 1. Losing 1 honor is more than gaining 1 because at itself is lose 1 or gain 2. Replying quickly to many posts I see. I am happy to have sparked discussion @Joe From Cincinnati
  5. Sashimino is a card that doesn't come up often but when it does its a blow out. I'd like it a lot more if it cost 1f or if it gave any stats. It's actually on the chopping block. I think swapping them for 2 court games is a strong move though. Honestly I've used sashimono more as a Lion, *** "the mountain does not fall"
  6. I really want to use court games for it. But I have to be participating in pol fights. And pol fights are hard for me. So I'd rather use display for pol fight. Besides kimonos fill the slot of court games for me. It's good and may find its way back in though
  7. For a while it was a toss up between Know and Display. I think Know is potentially more powerful with bigger hits but is much harder to set up. So Display lets me free up my characters from not HAVING to defend. Which is very important and makes my board more flexible where Know I have to set up perfectly. This just makes Display more flexible and therefore used more. It also lets me not have to worry about defending pol fights as much. It also allows me to not defend while I have spirit caller and Toturi on the field. I lose 1 honor for not defending but I Display for Fire which end up being a net-neutral in honor, but honors Toturi for the mil crack back for Air, sitting at 21 honor, and Call up an honored general for 15 mil before the stronghold bows to 17. 21 honor goes to 25 after the fight and would be 27 from when Toturi and General both die that turn but I already took their box so I don't get that far. Seems good.
  8. This is my current Lion Honor deck. I am doing pretty well. I win most often to honor but Province wins still happen a lot. 60/40 in my opinion. I won 3 games last night against someone and 1 was honor, 1 was Province, and 1 was dishonor. Any questions or comments hit me up. I will try to get around to writing a more lengthy report later.
  9. Closest I have gone is down to 12 on my dynasty. It wasn't an especially long game. It was just Lion
  10. That wasn't out yet. 1 was after they played assassinate because they HAD to win that fight but it brought them down to 2 or 3. And an air Toturi to take 2 from them hurt. The other they were bidding aggressively but were winning air to take my honor. So even though I was climbing pretty well from their bids, I wasn't close to winning. They started a Duel and I bid 1. Dishonoring them was then easier than winning to PB or honor, so I played full on defence, always attacked twice a turn so they HAD to defend or lose honor, trying to win air and fire. Haven't been able to play much since the new cards.
  11. I have a Lion deck that honors out pretty consistently. Once I have lost 3 provinces I starting bidding 5,usually,for defence and or win. I have to stay even with them on provinces though. It has also won with dishonor twice.
  12. As much as I want legit dishonor play, if this is true, then I am also good with it. The only thing I like more than ratting you out to the Emperor about how you're a meanie, is watching you get hold your head and squirm with bad choices. #justscorpionthings
  13. Spiritcaller digging someone up to win a fire conflict, honoring that person, then using Stand when they leave also works.
  14. Great question. Both. It is exclusive to us and recording schedule just worked out that it's after the article. It won't be in the article though. Also to be clear, the image will go to the chat during recording. After that it's out of our hands. No need to wait for the ep to go live likely several days later. Thanks for asking!
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