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  1. I love seeing work like this. Good on you guys for keeping the hype and generating more.
  2. I don't think the game itself is that complex. I have taught the game to so many people. What I do think is complex is the board state because proper sequencing is so important in the game. You have to keep so many things in your head at once and figure out how best to use your actions. Using your actions is always so easy. Knowing which ones to use and when has always been the problem I have seen. Now there are some really dumb mechanics in the game. I for one HATE rule book actions. They are unintuitive and new players never remember that they have them because they are not on a card that is infront of them. But in the end I do think rules are not that hard at all. The strategy is. That is why I have always liked the game.
  3. I will say this. I fully recognize ALL of the incredible benefits of an LCG model over CCG, especially for L5R in particular. My issue with it though, especially with the ones out of FFG is this: it seems to be that because cards come out so quickly, there is less testing, which means some incredibly powerful decks get figured out. So every expansion always seems like an attempt to put down the top deck. Flavor of the Month style. The other problem I have is I then buy so many cards, most of which I will never use. And the cards I do want to use, I have to buy multiple sets of the same thing. This usually means I have one competitive deck and SO MANY UNUSED CARDS rather than buying singles. Now I know someone is going to say you can buy singles in LCGs. We all know it is harder as they are less in demand. As for the Scorpion adapting: they can't get rid of us. They can't. We have been disbanded. Twice. We always come back.
  4. This so much. Every Clan is so important. Trying to label ANY Clan as second tier seems like shoehorning beliefs. I guess I could say that the only Clans I would consider "second tier" are Mantis and Spider. But that is only because they came later. But if we are going to define Clans like that, then there is an argument for Scorpion to be second tier. And besides my obvious loyalty, the idea that Rokugan would be the same without them - or even recognizable - literally makes me scoff. Every Clan is so important.
  5. I am also in the story first crowd. And I do agree that it will be easier if kotei's don't all get a say all the **** time. But We should at least acknowledge that an LCG format would be perfect to reflect story choices as getting 15 new cards every month is perfect for keeping up with the story.
  6. Me too. But we MUST admit that the 2 decks thing is very iconic for l5r and alos opens up a lot of interesting design choices. We must also admit that nothing is sacred and it could change completely.
  7. I am dishonor player at heart. I want the dis/honor stuggle gone. I want it removed. I want it to not even come CLOSE to being a thing in the next game. The other 2 I am okay with but are also okay with losing. Well, I guess I like chi. Focus Values can go though. For sure.
  8. Multiple victory conditions. I am of the belief that they can change almost any mechanic. And frankly they probably will. There are lots of ways to mechanically represent the aesthetic, and I know you said that you didn't want to discuss the aesthetics of the game, but I think that the setting and world of L5R are SO IMPORTANT to the game that the deepest,and more core mechanics are Clan Balance and Multiple VIctory conditions..
  9. I completely agree. Ultimately, while I must acknowledge that some of the Clans could be lost, I don't think they will get rid of them. What I am much more worried for is the interactive story. That is something that could definitely be lost.
  10. Sure. Which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that all the Clans are represented in this move. I only see the Mantis and Spider being able to be lost. The Mantis only if they maintain the current story and the Spider if they make them not a playable faction but still important. All the Clans are too important to not have.
  11. They acquired the IP and there was a twitter message saying they were excited to continue the rpg. Not necessarily in exactly the same way but at least we know they are thinking of it. Also I too am waiting for l5r avatars =P
  12. The Kakita and Daidoji have issue with being thought of as not competent fighters.
  13. Thanks for saying so. It is too important for it to not be acknowledged. On a side note I wonder what will happen with the clan forums. I hope they die honestly. I much prefer a centralized place for discussion.
  14. I think they will. Or atleast that they ought. The other games were being released for the first time (I am pretty sure). This game is going to have a 2 years hiatus and then be RE-released. If they want to maintain an existing player base, they need to get it to people who already play as quickly as possible.
  15. Choose one based on fluff and fiction. Then see if the mechanics are something you like. Problem is, with the move, the mechanics WILL change and the Clans MAY change. I can point you to kazenoshiro.com for the story to just read some stuff and see what you like.
  16. Practically every faction has had a dishonor victory. It's just that no other faction is really defined by it like the Scorpion. Well maybe the Yasuki like you said be that is a family not a Clan
  17. I completely agree. L5R is not the same game without the intense and meaningful story. To that end, the people who have been making the story awesome should be either remembered or brought back on a semi permanent position.
  18. Oh I like that a lot. A box with a victory condition and then a sensei to modify that box. the sensei is the clan champ. BTW, I am legit scared of Nitoshi. And you should be too.
  19. Well it's been a while hasn't it? Almost 2 years later and with Gencon 50 on its way Legend of the Five Rings is almost back. I am more excited now than I was the day I wrote this. We have spent our time differently. For myself I learned the l5r rpg 4th edition. Others ran unofficial tournaments. I believe we even had an unofficial Winter Court. What hasn't gone away though is our excitement and love for Rokugan. I wrote this piece on the day of the sale. It is my call to action for the old l5r players to embrace the changes and drastic shift in the community to an overwhelmingly new player base. Especially since we are all new again! We lost 2 Clans, but I see many of the old Mantis and Spider players are looking for a new home. There are some hurt feelings, and there should be. Many, many players lost a lot. But we as a community are in a position to gain so much. But that doesn't mean we should forget or distance the past. If you are new to l5r, use my post below as a testament to how deeply people care for this game and it's community. Ask ol5r players about their time and contribution. Please reply with what has gotten you excited so far. If you are an old player, you have a lot of responsibility if you choose to. You know so much about Rokugan and it's community. Help the new players be excited. Teach and guide them. We knew at the end that we desperately needed new players, and Rokugan is intimidating. Please reply with your most memorable moments from ol5r. There is a reason the l5r community is know as being one of the most passionate communities in gaming. Let's stay that way and add patient and kind to the list as well. UTZ! ------------------------------------------------------ This is a big day, With Legend of the Five Rings moving to FFG, so much can change, and so much can stay the same. I personally am very excited about the move and hope it is done with ease and consideration. This post is to the potential new players. This post is NOT intended for existing players. Welcome to Rokugan! There are many Clans and depending on the move some or all of them may or may not continue to exist in some similar way to how they do now. It's all very confusing and up in the air. Let me tell you about my stay in Rokugan. A few years ago I was getting out out of MTG and wanted to pick up a new game. I went to my LGS and someone was putting together an introductory L5R tournament. I had been interested in the game, even doing a little research and new from the beginning that I was Scorpion. When I got there, the community was absolutely fantastic. I did not have a deck and the TO gave me (and others) a deck to play that day as the event was free. I was hooked. For years after that I have been playing this game and doing more. When I moved to college I brought it with me and even started up a play group. We meet next week actually as the semester JUST started. I have taught and included and converted so many people to this game. To this setting. To this world. I played Magic for over 3 times as long as I have been playing L5R and it has not affected me NEARLY as much as L5R has. When I read the announcement today, I was simultaneously excited and scared. This is why: Legend of the Five Rings is a game that is long based in story. There is literally 1000 years of history in the setting. Rich, deep, complex history. There is an ENTIRE PLAYABLE faction because of the decision of a player several years ago. The game THRIVES on the story. The players get a huge say. When characters in the story get better, they get reprinted. They get better because the player base wants them. When they die, the don't get reprinted. They die because of the events of specific games. The community as a whole was recently allowed to vote on how each Clan gets to prepare for The Coming Darkness. I PROUDLY voted to not only abolish the established bureaucracy but to also force MY CLAN into a civil war based on the current situation. And I would do it again. Eagerly. Now that is not to say that this will all happen now. I have actually been saying for a long time that I would like a reboot. I know I am in the minority in that way. But this is the closest I will ever get I am sure, and knowing that, I want to be there at the beginning. Helping and guiding like I have been for years. One of the problems L5R has had for years now is older veteran players making the game difficult for new players. Because there is so much history and emotional connection with this setting, people tend to fall into "back in my day" style attitudes. They have a hard time keeping new players hyped up. I have WATCHED older players force new ones away by berating them with obscure history lessons. "If you don't know about Paneki and how he matters then you aren't a REAL player". I have been there when they make new players feel bad about the cards they just bought. This cannot be allowed. To the new players, I welcome you to Rokugan. It is a trying place with many many problems. Most of which are our own faults. To the the returning and older players: we MUST keep this place positive and exciting. This game exists BECAUSE of the players, so be the player you want everyone else to be. I have created too many play groups and stayed with this game too long. I know how much good just being exicted for the game can do. To that end, let's be excited together. If you are interested in the incredibly complex and rich history that FFG is taking on, I encourage you to go to www.kazenoshiro.com That site has the story and you can catch up on what may or many not be the story when FFG produces the game. It's all very confusing and up in the air. I look forward to serving the Empire with you all. UTZ! Bayushi Croy Liaison - Loyal - Unique - Courtier - Story Teller
  20. I know people are excited. I know I am. I also know that lots of people are worried. I know I am. I have put a non-trivial amount of time, money, and effort into engaging with this setting. I love it. They could do almost anything to the game and I would probably still play as it desperately needed an overhaul in many areas. One of the only ways they could get rid of me is by eliminating or combining clans. The Clans are such an integral part of the setting that I truly and wholly believe that can't do that and keep the setting true.
  21. I really think FFG's easiest way to use L5R at the beginning is to just take AEG's proposed story and run with it. I am SO EXCITED for the new players in this model. I am SO SCARED for what this means to the Clans. I am Scorpion. I have been for years and can't play, or even identify, as something else. If this is handled poorly, then it won't be L5R. It will be something very similar. For convenience: the Scorpion are not "the bad guys"
  22. Been playing for a while. The story at AEG's side is going to finish the release of Evil Portents. They had been hinting at Onyx Edition where the Spider take over Rokugan. Though that will never be realized on AEG's side. It also may actually never happen but from what I understand is that FFG is picking it up in its current state and *seems* to be continuing the story. As far as Clans go, it would be easiest to cut the Spider and Mantis. The other have ALL been there since the start except the Scorpion but that requires some history. The Mantis came later and in the story will be destroyed by the Spider. It would also be easy to eliminate the Spider as a playable faction and just have them be the ruling class as they plummet the world into darkness. The rest of Clans, if they aren't represented, then it isn't L5R. Hell even getting rid of the Mantis is going to have a HUGE change on the setting. All the Clans are INCREDIBLY complex and reducing them to a couple words does each of them a disservice. At the same time, that is how people usually end up picking one. Each Clan (except Mantis and Spider) has over 1000 years of history with each other. That means each clan has 1000 years of war, peace, trading, differences, and similarities in ideas and actions all relating to each other and how each other view each others perception of each other. It is very, very complex. tl;dr: cutting Mantis and Spider, I think would be easiest. However cutting any would dramatically change the setting and story.
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