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  1. That is such a cool idea. Would also emphasis the Legend part of the game. But seriously you could work towards little goals within the game. Crafting your legend one step at a time. Faced with various decissions: ninjo or giri, coward or protector, leacherous or stoic, forgotten soul or honorable ancestor. There is so much potential here.
  2. This is however also the part where compared rolls become really hard to predict. Against a fixed TN RnK actually works pretty well but as soon as you look at compared rolls 2k2 can actually beat 6k4. I think on reflection that what I perceive as swingy might be simply the fact that it is hard to archive a level of mastery in the game. (Or at least something that I perceive as mastery.) Even high level character can struggle with fairly low TNs and on compare rolls the explosion mechanic can destroy every advantage you have by sheer dumb luck.
  3. But all L5R itterations where super swingy due to the RnK system... Much swingier than 3.5 ever was. I am a bit confused here.
  4. What would make the beta more tester friendly would be to only have one pdf document with an increasing version number containing all updates and previews.
  5. I could live so much better with this... Actually I think it adresses most of my problems which I have with the advancement tables. I would be all in for such a change. I think that works much better than the original.
  6. I applaud them fro having an actually %scale this time (I mean the old games had that as well but they did write it down diffrently). However I would prefer a shorter scale 0-10 (without decimal places) or perhaps even 0-5 which would nicely fall in line with the skills. You could even get into situations where you have to do a fire honor roll or a water glory roll or a void status roll, but make these mechanics somehow memorable and make the change in honor/glory/status memorable. Currenly it is Oh I lost 5 honor, I gained 7 and lost 3 again ... So much has happend without an actual impact. As I said before honor/glory/status as they currently are decribed in the rulebook could be deleted without much loss.
  7. Well we did do 3 homebrew conversions for 3 diffrent systems: http://d6ideas.com/?p=7836&lang=en http://d6ideas.com/?p=7827&lang=en http://d6ideas.com/?p=7801&lang=en One of them started out before the FFG Beta but Ninjo and Giri found their way into the system.
  8. How did Ide and Iuchi end up with the same Kanji? I probably would have choosen 同字 for Douji. Also Daidoji is from the lore 大doji. So whatever you end up with Doji, Daidoji will have the same kanji.
  9. There are a few ways of handling diagonal movement. The two quick and dirty solutions are every diagonal cost 1 or every diagonal cost 2. However from your post this is not what you are looking for. I always found the 1.5 cost (rounded down) solution kind of annoying, overall I like the 2 simplistic solutions better. However... We are currently at the everything cost two, which can feel a bit clucky especially in close combat. The solution I found most compelling to use was that every character (and every projectile for that matter) can do one (1) diagonal step per turn. Not sure if you can enjoy that but I always thought this is was the best compromize of playability and "realism". And it actually works surprisingly well, at least from my game experience.
  10. I don't mind the XP rate... I mean quite honestly that is the most house ruled section of every RPG ever. They might as well write "At the end of an evening the GM tells everyone how much experience the group gained." Because this is what I experience in pretty much every RPG group I was ever part off.
  11. The bizarr thing here is ... I wasn't happy with the old system either. I think the design was deeply flawed and the mathematics of the system not fully grasped by the designer and the players. However, I could tollerate RnK d10. You could exploit the **** out of it, character options were unblanced in all directions, and the core mechanics would allow from some ludicrous outliers. BUT It worked, it worked on the most basic fundamental levels. I was never fond of it and I would never GM a round useing RnK d10 again, but I would always be willing to jump into such a round. Again I can tolerate RnK d10. This system... well as long as we only play narrative scenes...
  12. I think in the core might be a good system, but it is burried under so much clutter that is becomes rather unenjoyable. It has some really good ideas though and it inspiered 3 L5R conversions with various system in my circle of friends.
  13. Rolling the dice takes quite some time. It is not a fast process by any means, especially if you are trying to maximize opportunities. The result from this is rather simple. Rolls need to happen as seldom as possible. The less you role the smoother goes everything. I think it is an important to minimize the amount of dice rolling you do during a conflict.
  14. I have to think about "the road not taken". But yeah I would love to see the alternate fictions as well.
  15. I mean Justice was choosen, but the story was published rather fast after the Justice/Duty vote. So I was thinking does a "The Fires of Duty" story exist, but wasn't published because the other story choice was made? Same goes for the previous story desision.
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