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  1. lol you guys crack me up. back in ccg days we got spoilers a couple weeks in advance of a release.... and thats it. no articles. no twitter. and then months between releases. and those releases were orders of magnitude bigger than these packs. how are they supposed to leak a card every day with teh size of these packs? y'all are crazy.
  2. i agree with a lot of this, except for "We've already told the story where the second son of Hantei XXXVIII becomes Shadowlands champion. We need not tell it again. ". this is like saying "we've already told the story of a Lion champion who is a strategy genius and leads his clan when his brother dies" or describing any canon character. i'm not saying no characters arc should change, but i'm also pushing back on the idea that because it was done in the old story, that means it shouldn't be done in this one. The new canon has been reusing the old in a lot of places, and changing in others, but its definitely not discarding entire character arcs simply for sake of them having already been done.
  3. what they all said. other than his name being different there really isn't any reason to doubt this is the same kid who became Daigotsu in the old fiction. and i 100% agree with this. very well said don't get me wrong, i love the supernatural aspect of Daigotsu's old story, but at the heart of it was his connections to the people and drives in his life (his wife, his son, his faith, and his ambitions) and how they pulled at him in different directions. in essence, the very things that make up a good samurai drama, and thus have the potential to make him an exciting addition to the new story. having shahai in the story already, rather than repeating his jigoku dunked origins, suggests that they recognize that those connections are what made him interesting and valuable.
  4. good lord where do i start with this fiction. i am thrilled to have my dude show up in the new canon, and i really love this first appearance. he's obviously up to SOMETHING but its not immediately clear what. Dags was, i think it can be agreed upon, at his best as a villain when he was doing his dark mirror thing. It was a different version of the shadowlands, and not everyone's cup of tea, but it was when he was most effective. casting him in the new canon, as this story seems to suggest, as a disaffected younger prince, sets him up to use that play up that angle again. we know samurai drama is at the heart of what Katrina and her team want to do with the story, as opposed one supposes to revolving door supernatural threats, so it makes sense to empahsize that with him. That said, the impending arrival of his main squeeze Shahai, and the threat of her foreign magics and the further looming day of thunder is a sort of katana of damocles over his head. anyway, tl;dr i love this new portrayal, theres clearly so much potential for him as a rogue prince, as a usurper, to be tempted by heretical ideas (cf his interest in alternative truths) in pursuit of the throne. all while avoiding his most problematic elements (his goofy onibound origin, and the much maligned spider clan)
  5. i wasn't complimenting you. i was calling you out on being full of it.
  6. per new canon, dathomir is primarily zabrak, with a small minority of witch clans (less, after the wars). the book has zabraks at 17%. it also is supposed to be mostly swamps. the depiction of nightbrothers is also at odds with clone wars. this book really coulda been set on any generic outer rim planet and that woulda have been fine. it has nothing to do with dathomir. theres nothing dathomir specific about what they included. the force power is a generic fear power, theres little about nightsisters or dathomir thats accurate. and thats fine, if you wanna just do spooky do spooky. dathomir has a RICH history in the EU and new canon. it seems a terrible waste to put the name on the book and not even bother to be accurate.
  7. i would have to disagree. its not real consistent with the stuff we know about the system from clone wars. languages, descriptions of the nightbrothers, ecosystems are all kinds of wrong. the more i read this book the more disappointed i am with it. for a book with dathomir in the title, it includes very little about dathomir, and what it does include the authors don't appear to have taken the time to research very well. its a real bummer.
  8. i've had a chance to spend some time over the weekend reading the book, and heres some quick thoughts on it: the delay really stinks. almost all of my problems with the book stem from my expectations and not the book itself. the adventure seems fun, and while obviously the proof is in the play, i can imagine a group getting a ton of good mileage out of it. as a GM who mostly makes up his own stuff, theres a lot of things in here i would cannibalize for my own games. not nearly enough dathomir for a book with dathomir in the title the force power is cool, but its not nightsister magic. thats not its problem, but its still a bummer. this goes back to point 1. i got hyped for NS magic, and the long delay just made that worse. in general, it seems like a well written adventure, but underwhelming as far as mechanical options or expanding on the specific stuff (dathomir, nightsisters, new kinds of force powers) i think a lot of folks were hoping for. if you didn't know jack about the book and just picked it up off a shelf blind, you'd probably be a lot more pleased with it than i was, but i still am glad i bought it.
  9. okay, if its cool to post excerpts here goes spinsaber: damage 6, crit 2, range engaged, breach 1, sunder. in dual mode add linked 1 and unwieldy 2. in spin mode add defensive 1 and deflection 1. and here's the force power tree:
  10. the new force power is called Jerserra's influence, and basically is a way to project fear into other people. its very cool. its not nightsister alchemy, but its fun. there are full stats for the inquisitor's fidget spinner, and for her obviously. a cursory flip through only found stats for five or six vehicles. i'm working but i can transcribe the spinnysaber's stats if thats kosher.
  11. the core set being perennial won't prevent the story moving forward. they've said that the card game depicts an era, while the story moves through it. so there will be cards available of people who are dead, and events depicted in cards that are now past or that have changed.
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