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    Kaito procedure

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! All of that makes sense.
  2. Salutations. So, I tried to look for the answer for this, but couldn’t find it, so here we go! What is the exact steps taken by a Kaito using their school ability? As I read it, they spend an action and roll their [ring+theology] for the spell, and that is it? They can’t channel, they can’t choose to make a sacrifice to Reroll blanks, nothing else? Do they suffer elemental backlash? If so, when the arrow is charged or when it is fired? And does it effect the terrain around the arrow, or them? If the arrow when it hits, you may wish to trigger some backlash to get enemies stuck in the mud from water, or in flames for fire. I’m probably overthinking this, but not being able to channel your spells seems a bit off to me, even if you’re putting them into an arrow, and getting to trigger backlash on top of enemies seems a bit strong, although I suppose that maybe balances out? Idk, sorry for the ramblings. Thoughts?
  3. Just wished to say, that the only reason I do not fully consider myself a Naga player is because the closest I had to playing Naga was playing Dark Naga stuff. So, I suppose I could say that I was robbed of my clan before I evens tarted playing! lol. But more on topic, I think the distribution makes perfect sense. They are doing the ancient civilizations. The only other creature I could see would be Ogres, but then they'd kind of have to get rid of Naga [Nezumi already had enough story time to be pretty locked in for Crab, and the 5 elemental races kinda are a package deal], so I am happy with how it went. As for the specifics of the spread, Crab, Uni, Crane, Lion [presuming Kitsu, but ya] all fit perfect. Phoenix works really well. I kinda think Dragon and Scorpion should have been swapped [dragons need the miners, scropion throwing big dumb derps as distactions fits], but it still works fine to me.
  4. *nods* Interesting. I do hope they actually use this while "control more characters" thingy well.
  5. What is this rumored Uni SH I keep hearing about? What is it said to do?
  6. This was a very interesting read. I have been on and off in the game for a while, but once I saw that Uni were getting a Naga I began making a much more full return, and am switching over to them. Fire chicken were always my second choice, after Sneks, but Uni were third so it works out in the end. Good to hear that they can pull off a fun build, and along side Phoenix no less! Even if it's not quite there.
  7. Now that I think about it, mono no aware actually lends itself well to an mmorpg. It would certainly help explain why the players are amazing heroes one day, saving an entire province from an oni invasion, and the next a wandering hobo strolling into a new town killing off wolves and collecting their tails. Lol.
  8. The problem I have this this sort of philosophy is it takes away too much agency from the players. Sure, the character may not get as much choice in this sort of thing, but there are many similar things that the character has no power to change but the player gets control over. A samurai does not choose their parents, rarely their dojo, do you also pick out their clan and family and school? I apologize if if I sound standoffish, but I know that I would not like to play in a game where I can have no control over a major portion of my character's development. I can understand giving them a quest of sorts, travel to the one member of the dojo that has studied that kata, seek out a sister dojo that does teach that spell and foster support and earn their trust. But to outright refuse a player from being able to play a character the way they wish to play it, seems rather off. If you and yours find it fun, more power to you though. :] Not to belabor the point, but to put it another way, if the player gets to choose the school of the character, could they not simply say that the dojo they went to to learn teaches those kata/kiho/spells/whatever?
  9. That would be neat. So, you could have a weapon that reads "attached personality gains +3 military during a battle with a ring matching the element of your role." Which wouldn't change the deck building as much when you change roles, you can run it no matter what, but does it help you win air battles, or earth, or whatever changes.
  10. Given the comment about the trail they were following not caring about being seen, I'd imagine at least one chameleon among them, so a counter ambush isn't unlikely I imagine. Unless I am misremembering, the Naga needed one of their casters [called Jakla in the old lore] to start communicating through the language barrier, although I suppose one of the shugenja left behind [probably unicorn, as I'd imagine they'd have worked out a translation spell while traveling] could work, or they could just say one/some of the Naga that were spying learned some broken Rokugani through observation.
  11. Alternatively, they could instead add Roles if/when they add new factions. Like, Keeper/Seeker of Shadowlands,, or K/S of Thunder, or K/S of Humanity.
  12. Or just search for the word "Naga", which is what I did when I first started playing Old5R.
  13. Very neat! I got the "empirical entourage" option, but was super close to getting Phoenix [I don't wish to spoil anything for those yet to have done it, but the description of one of the catagories I feel fits me better even if the test gave me the other option], which is my main clan of the 7.
  14. Lol. In my case, it would be more "you are cordially invited to a tea serimony with our bushi snek friend. Please excuse any of their lack of understanding of our customs and traditions."
  15. Apologies, didn't see this until today, me and my play group were meeting up at that time anyway though for our l5r 4e game, over at the Rock Gameshop, with a few games of the lcg while waiting for peoples to arrive. Also, I didn't realize the SDT opened. I knew it was close, but not done.
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