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  1. When did either of those things happen?
  2. They were? They weren't? If zhuge nu were a thing commonly known in Japan, they don't seem to have been commonly used. I guess they could have known about them but if so, it seems odd that they would eschew them and that there doesn't seem to be a Japanese reading for the word (although I may be missing something about the word chu ko nu.) You may also have some information I don't, but I'm not seeing any common record of crossbow use or acknowledgement in Japan. Conversely, as noted above, zanbato is a Japanese reading of the word Zhan ma dao, although this does not in and of itself imply presence of the weapon in Japan, only awareness of the term to an extent common enough that people readily recognize the word as something other than a technical term. Also there seem to be several zanbato blades in matsuyama castle. Not sure either on dates or if they were imported or forged in Japan. Still, greater awareness of the sword than the crossbow seems to be the case.
  3. True enough. But the sentiment is actually a real one. Miyazaki is pretty pretentious about his analysis of film and it seems that he dislikes the concept of "Anime" as such because the term represents a cheapening of the entire industry where people are making animation without thinking about what they're making or drawing from life experiences. It's a matter of pointless fantastication without real story or emotion to back it up, which I'm going to guess might be the crux of @LucaCherstich's issue. Not sure, but guessing. https://www.quora.com/Did-Hayao-Miyazaki-really-say-that-anime-was-a-mistake
  4. I recommend a viewing of Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime), preferably with the Japanese voice acting. Before you get too upset about it, be aware that the director, Hayao Miyazaki, also despises the very notion of Anime. We should talk more after that.
  5. No really, guys, it's not what you think! It's still plenty scandalous though. I think Dojio Hotaru is a man. Leaps and bounds of logic there, right? Go back and read "Her Father's Daughter" and tell me what you think. What I mean is Hotaru's characterization isn't really feminine at all, even for a bushi samurai-ko. I guess she uses the Naginata in her fight but other than that she just strikes me as acting so much like she would have if she were still Hoturi. It's hard to really describe what's going on there, but it just feels weird. The whole time in my head while I was reading I had to keep reminding myself that it was a girl I was reading about. (and when you keep thinking of a Crane as being masculine something is certainly wrong. :p) I think probably my biggest points that I can concretely cite are: -The way she thinks about her father/ the way she is treated by her father. -The fact that she was still paired up with Toshimoko as a sensei (because that's just asking for trouble from that old man, for sure) -The idea that Kachiko invites her over to get wasted on sake. (That's not really something you would expect from the two highest ranked ladies in the empire. Where are my Sadane games?) I get the impression that when the piece was originally written, it probably was Hoturi and then when he/she/it got genderswapped for whatever reason, they just flipped pronouns and inserted lesbian love interest, which also reads as very much traditional Hoturi/Kachiko action except for the fact that they're both women. Am I completely wrong here? Is it just my pre-5E prejudices about Hoturi leaking in? I was really trying to be accepting of the new Hotaru identity but I don't get any feeling for anything that zeroes her out as a lady, not even from physical description. Please remember to give your reasons for your arguments why I am wrong. Also, all first responses are required to say who would win in a Naginata fight (but not a full duel): Doji Hotaru, or Shiba Tetsu. P.S.: Seriously, Shizue? A Cat? Don't you know those things lick up lamp oil and eat people? Cats are bad juju, yo. Don't you have a BIRD somewhere you could be taking care of? There's a crane RIGHT THERE ON YOUR KIMONO! How could you dishonor Lady Doji like that? (I can only imagine that she has the cat as some sort of cruel joke-gift from a particularly harsh but clever Ikoma.)
  6. Wait, did you not see 47 Ronin? MAN, that was a horrible movie. Also, concerning John Wick and his movies, I didn't know that writing RPG's involved that much gunfire. This is an intense industry man, I tell you what. Sorry to hear about his dog, too. I hope that didn't throw off his work during the 7th Sea kickstarter.
  7. Ooh, I like it. Also it provides a way for the Unicorn to get offended over nothing if they want to start a war. As to new styles of katana... I demand my Heihachi school Woodcutter style technique.
  8. So, obviously this is not on purpose or anything, but it's funny that your statements are the inverse of how a zanbato would be included in Rokugan. "Zanbato" is written with three characters that mean "horse slaying sword". They would be uniquely suited to the wide open spaces of a field where cavalry are used and there fire probably really bad on the Wall. Meanwhile an odachi sounds great for Wall defense. In other news, a zanbato- horse slaying sword, nodachi - field sword, and odachi/daito/uchigatana - great sword are all different things. Daikatana is not a real word. Also, zanbato is the Yamato pronunciation of Zhanmadao and therefore more likely to be used in the provinces, where the latter is going to come up in poetry, official documents, and snooty imperial conversation while making bad sadane jokes.
  9. L5R is often confused within its own historical contexts. For example, with the swords, there is no progression from kusanagi style tsurugi sword to heian era tachi to a single katana in the muromachi to the katana and wakizashi in the momoyama and then into the edo. The kami descend with katana in hand and that seems to work out for about a thousand years. and that's pretty much okay. L5R is more mythic than historical. There's a lot of baggage with that, of course that we can go round and round about. I think overall the current focus of L5R is going to be on pathos driven internal drama than constipation induced martial prowess (I've got my eye on you Akira Toriyama!) Despite inclusion of the term zanbato L5R has actually made an effort to pull back on anime influences in its art and storytelling in recent years. Exhibit A is a comparison between the celestial edition card "rejuvenating vapors" (whose artist stopped working for AEG after that edition) and the new card art for Akodo Toturi. Less anime, more Chinese drama. Plenty of samurai style stories.
  10. I think I'm just going to tweet my responses to the game as I read them.
  11. I'd be in. We might need a different forum for it, though. A dedicated story head or team of gm's might not also go amiss (Autumn Court 1?) I would be happy to help with development and be a supporting player. We might want to wait a couple days after the Beta drops to make sure everyone has a handle on the new rules and setting. Unless you're going for the 4E ruleset and plot, which requires the above, but less wait time. Both are good.
  12. Are-are we really complaining that the mostly developed, totally free, and almost certainly awesome product being graciously given to us by FFG isn't on a more publicly tight schedule? A week window for release is actually really good. (I'm looking at you, Q4 Genesys.) I think this is a great move by FFG to help a lot of fans get excited about the game and give them a chance to have a bit of input on the product. If we start complaining about the more specific (and possibly uncontrollable) details, doesn't that make us look a little ungrateful?
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