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  1. Didn't want to make a new post, so I thought this might be the best place for it. In the new FAQ it states: "Q: During Setup, can ships and squadrons resolve card effects before they have been deployed? A: Yes. During Setup, ships and squadrons that have not yet been deployed are in play, and their ship, squadron, and upgrade cards are active, unless that ship or squadron has been destroyed or set aside." Is this saying that when I want to deploy a ship and I have SA on it, I can exhaust SA as a "deployment"?
  2. Also for those want to sign up early heres the website registration info. I really didn't think it would get this packed! https://comicquest.eventsmart.com/registration-checkout/?uts=1518455372#checkout
  3. I really need to keep up with threads I'm in more often lol I will be joining you guys as well in the mornin'!
  4. Is there still a spreadsheet being updated with the regionals, store champs, etc fleet info? If possible a link would be nice
  5. I think I barely qualify to I'm in Pomona, though that is LA county...
  6. Ahh I see that makes sense then. Thank you all!
  7. I'm probably overthinking this or misinterpreting this card, but do you need only 1 copy of this card? Ex: MC80 with MC Exodus title with range of a MC30. MC30 activates and exhausts MC80 title for engineering points. OR do both ships need the title in order to use it? Also if the first statement example is true can other ships such as the CR90 benefit from this card or strictly MC only ships can benefit from this?
  8. I would be up for a league! I ran the mod and it works very nice great job @tieren thanks for your hard work!
  9. @BrobaFett There was another, but I can seem to find his account. It was mandelorian moose. Other than you 2 I don't know of any except on FB
  10. Alright file has been, also as far as the miscellaneous tab goes I don't really know what to put in there...was thinking of adding dials, token, etc but I don't know if anyone really wants to keep trace of all that since we get so many of most tokens. Any ideas?
  11. Thank you for the input. I'll go ahead and address these and let you know when its updated
  12. Hey everyone, just finished up getting an inventory sheet going and I need your help! If you can a few things are needed: making sure links are correct, spelling mistakes, missing cards etc. Also if there is an issue with the spread sheet let me know, first time sharing a google doc, and lastly anything I should add or want shown differently? I would love your feedback to help make this inventory manager the best it can be! Thanks in advance! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KG2z-V8qUaARjTHT3T_lW1T3DFyyKpoH2TDgo_sOdRw/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Looking to trade for TIE models (defender, advanced, L/N, etc) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rT6ncQVmWzgdzhQ2-Hy6scSjG5mJEyPX9Mr3-fx6b6I/edit?usp=sharing I do not wish to trade my models, but all my upgrade cards in the link are up for trade!
  14. So I'm finally breaking on the acrylic stuff. I want it...no...I need it! Looking for: Acrylic Defense tokens Acrylic Command tokens Have: Most everything (including ships, squadrons) excluding Nationals and Worlds exclusive content. Only have Rieekan and Dodonna AA Based in the US of A
  15. Do we have an Idea of what the prizes will be yet?
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