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  1. I am pro reboot but all these threads seem pointless until FFG steps forward and explains what their design process will be.
  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you there. While his focus was the RPG side, few people understood what made the setting work better then Rob Hobart. He would certainly be excellent for the fluff and RPG portion of the game and as someone who owns a comic book shop himself he has a decent idea of what makes sense financially for the L5R brand.
  3. I would caution against fanboism. There has been a lot of suck in the L5R timeline. Sometimes due to Mary Sues crammed down peoples throat because one of the writers was obsessed with a self insert character. In other instances we have had clans given ridiculous amounts of plot armor because someone decided it was a great idea no matter what anyone said. For every person who thinks you absolutely have to keep everything you will find others like myself who would be fine to mostly wipe the slate clean and go back to the basics with only a rough semblance of the past. Including the current Story Team does sound a bit too much like glorifying the past. It is very nice of them that they donated their time to help out. However, that does not mean they were particularly good at it. I cannot personally say as I abandonned the current storyline during destroyer war because it was simply that bad. I think we should encourage FFG to show us what they can do and not try to chain them down too heavily.
  4. The question is if they see the RPG as being financially worth it to continue. They could simply decide to print only the card game.
  5. As someone who mainly plays the RPG, I would like to know from FF if they have made any decisions about the future of the Table Top version of L5R.
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