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  1. sad that in certain events - dice are not allowed as an alternative to track what tokens do (though i wasn't able to see this in the Fundamental Event Document) afaik, wotc still allows dice in high level tournaments. in any case, it would be nice if (for these events), the TO will supply the tokens instead (if only people didn't have itchy fingers). tokens/dice/written info can be manipulated in the right (err wrong hands). i tend to do active judging on players with such history. do tokens mitigate this from happening? i doubt it - but i do see potential in lessening player mistakes. so do i like tokens? i honestly prefer dice.
  2. off the bat, this is plainly speculative - i wanted to open up discussion on the collation of cards. i understand that like other LCG models, we are looking at a minimum purchase of 3 core sets. the underlying problem here is the availability of neutral cards. i've heard a lot of people saying that the LCG model is a cheaper alternative (and at the end of it, these are all money sinks). the thing is, when you're in the situation were you need to make another deck - you'll be short of staple neutral cards (especially when you want to start a playgroup) if ever we are going to see the same distribution model as other LCGs, will it be possible to see chapter packs that contain only these cards? possibly a bit pricier than your common chapter pack, but not as expensive as 3 more core sets.
  3. being a realist - i am already looking at the possibility of the following designs > personalities without Force, Chi, GC, HR, & PH. > no provinces or the standard 2 decks > winning by achieving victory points through different scenarios/plot cards - political/military/enlightenment honestly, its better off for FFG to not compromise and focus on making a better game. being an optimist-dreamer - i am still hoping for that possible compatibility and official support.
  4. i have complete faith in FFG with what it will do for L5R as a whole <brand/game/etc.>. Frankly - we believe that it will be for the better in the long run <i've talked to FLGS about this as well> everyone here knows that i was torn with the news. mainly, since the CCG will stop receiving official support, but then again it was acquired by a company i have seen done well (Netrunner, AGoT, Arkham>Eldrich>Mansion>ElderSIgn>Call of Cthulhu, X-wing, DnD Attack Wing). even in the craziness of legacy - we still have turns that stretch beyond 2-3 turns. meanwhile, having a quick game which is 2-3 turns isn't a bad thing at all. less stress at the end of the day actually. so either way- you'd see me indifferent with the number of turns a game is played. actually, kudos to the person who makes a deck like that in my books. the format for me is a puzzle that challenges players to make the most insane things possible. i high-five people with ingenuity of making a unique-insane deck possible. strategy starts from creating the deck up to its actual execution in my books. anyway, before we move away from the nature of this thread - all that i am lobbying for is a possibility for the LCG to have a compatibility with the CCG. on the longer stretch - have an organize play (official support) with this combination again - i look forward to the LCG. moreover, i look forward to the possibility of using the CCG alongside it.
  5. reading through - i appreciate the consoling posts on how an object is viewed based on the owner's perception. calling it worthless was a bit of an emotional outburst; however, we can't deny that the ending of a beloved product line leaves a bad taste in the mouth. i'm given the impression that majority here doesn't play legacy as well. people saying that post arc - the cards were already worthless; or that their old clan were just stacked in a box. being a legacy player, you'd have an old deck and continuously keep an eye out for cards that will make it stronger. ninjas had more people and holdings thanks to spider toturi's army now had a better holding scheme thanks to new imperial holdings + gold splitting i even saw a player used the latest dragon stronghold to put into play a dark ring of fire = superior dueling! *personally, i was still awaiting for cards to make the hare clan work the legacy scene was (i would admit) a minority. this was taken care of by a small group of players aptly called the legacy council (which later <sadly> had less activity as players of the said environment). majority of the small group also lost interest and called it quits, when most notably, 2 other newer formats were given more recognition by AEG. it saddened me how some of them just gave up. i've been TO-ing legacy tournaments, but before that, had been an active player (for legacy) since the samurai arc. from what i saw, the format aided in the movement of cycled out cards in the benefit of the FLGS. at the end of it, being a cheaper product line doesn't really entice me though i would admit that it will be a perk; however, i would look into a way to make both product lines compatible at the least. as another player recently said, we are all now legacy players.
  6. i got introduced to the game playing unicorn and scorpion. i asked my friend to get me a dragon deck (because of card draw <wins any games>). end of the day he got me the last deck available which was an obsidian edition crane deck. never looked back. so i guess the clan chose me as well.
  7. This is why Legacy is a variant format. Wishful thinking this possibility stretches to the LCG. Legacy to date isn't an entry level environment (but we do our best to help new players - from card pooling to even allowing the proxy rule). So yes, it will be two separate things but I'm hoping that the new cards from the LCG will be in a way compatible with the CCG. Without this retro-compatibility/official support, Legacy will stagnate and truthfully die. One of the biggest damage the announcement really made is roughly saying: - All the cards you have acquired for the past 20 years are now worthless.
  8. Choose who you are. I am a Crane. To echo out Kazuto, normally you'd initially choose the one closest to your lifestyle. You can always play other clans, especially on a competitive level; however, you'd have your loyalty set the moment you find your clan.
  9. Well maybe we can cook up a homebrew of sorts to marry the two together. Legacy in L5R has been a constant work-in-progress whenever a new arc rolls in. I'm inclined to look at this transition as the same thing. Here's hoping FFG has an open ear & mind on this.
  10. Just read the news and I feel like having a minor anxiety attack or whatnot. Here's hoping that the L5R LCG will blend in with Legacy. Excited nonetheless as I'm aware of how FFG products go along with their tournament support. Cross fingers - toes - ninjas - and babies.
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