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  1. Well, L5R had clan wars (for which, I am one of the lucky ones to still have the book and some minis for it); I hope clan wars came with the L5R IP. I would love to see it making a come back (specially now that the "one that shall not be named" is taking a nose dive). Over 15 years ago, that wargame crashed and burned, but because they started way too ambitiously in a context where one miniature gaming company had the monopoly; now, the community is a lot more diverse...I think that as a skirmish game that may evolve eventually to a large scale battle game, this game could make a come back (what's not to love about samurais, onis and dragons ?) just my 2 cents.
  2. This would awesome, provided they don't drastically change the RPG system (4th ed is actually quite good). If the RPG get's the FFG treatment, that'd be great news (though it would suck to have to buy all the books again )... But if they decide to go into clan wars.... holy crap !!!! that wold be evil-gasm level of excitement !!.
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