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  1. Hizdahr works like a reducer chud or location: he gives you a discount for the future. You can totally use him to discard flea bottom fodder and waster his discount.
  2. I will ask Tyler to amend that FAQ entry on Way of the Lion to remove the word "set" from it, to avoid confusion.
  3. These two cards are both claim replacement of the same level. In this scenario, Trial By Combat will completely overwrite Vengeance For Elia, so the defender will have to satisfy military claim.
  4. Well, I think that's exactly correct - they can't be bothered to do it themselves, because it's not a small amount of work, and they're hesitant to dedicate paid employees' time to fix something they don't see as a problem. I believe most players that have rules question are content with finding answers they need on 5rdb, so there is little actual demand for an official compilation, and that's why they don't do it. Anyway, is making a Oracle-like compilation a common thing in the card games industry? I know only of MtG, and that is a venture of an entirely different level, with much more resources. Can you actually expect every card game developer to create comprehensive card databases with FAQs for every card?
  5. Most of the early release days rulings were incorporated into the updated RRG, so that the majority of rules questions can now be answered just by reading the rulebook. There is a card database that is updated on a regular basis and addresses the common (and rare!) questions about specific cards. I take it your issue with it is that it is not... official?
  6. Ramsey’s reaction resolves after Arianne returns to hand. (c) Danny Schaefer http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38990-core-arianne-and-ramsay-snow/
  7. I believe the right word here is "gloat". It's when someone you don't like slips, falls, and hurts a knee. Then, in your eyes the characteristics you don't like about that person become the reason why they fell, and you think that they got what they deserve. This is not a very good personality trait. Personally, I am glad that L5R devs didn't hesitate to release a restricted list as soon as the problem became apparent. In AGOT we had to endure a year of Lanni dominance. A restricted list is not a symptom of the devs' incompetence. Rather I see it as testimony of their dedication and responsibility. The fact that you didn't like their vision has nothing to do with their skill level, do not delude yourself. And if you tell me that half a year into the old L5R's life the meta was healthier than it is now, then... well, i doubt that very very much.
  8. Why would you bring the Jade Rule into this. Tyler explained how the Jade Rule works: You always follow all the rules whenever possible. If a card text makes following the rules impossible, or the rules make a card’s text not function, then the card text will take precedence. If a card’s text does not explicitly prevent you from following a rule, then continue to follow that rule. Tadakatsu's text does not make following the rules impossible. The rules do not make Tadakatsu's text not function. Tadakatsu does not explicitly prevent you from following the rules. Therefore, the Jade Rule does not apply here.
  9. If your only character is a Shiba Peacemaker, you cannot declare any conflict. If your only character is one with "Cannot participate in Air conflicts", you cannot declare an Air conflict (also, how would that character work with Seeker of Knowledge?..) If you have no characters that can participate in an Air conflict, your opponent cannot choose Air. They cannot choose something you yourself could not choose.
  10. Toturi/Hotaru are actually functioning as intended, so don’t hold your breath on functional errata. We’re only going to do functional errata on cards that need it to function properly (such as Pit Trap) or cards that are so unbalanced that errata is the best clean solution to make the game a good experience to play. ~Tyler Parrott
  11. Developer ruling "Kaede’s ability applies only while she is attacking, AND the second part applies only if she wins as the attacker. If the replacement that changes the selection from “choose one” to “resolve each” is active, when the player who played Display of Power is resolving the conflict’s ring effect, Kaede’s effect will affect how the ring resolves. (So that the Display of Power controller resolves each [element of the contested] ring.)"
  12. RRG v1.1 FAQ "Because Display of Power interacts with the Resolve Ring Effects step rather than the specific effect chosen by the attacker, the attacker does not have the option to choose a specific ring effect to resolve when Seeker of Knowledge is attacking (or whether they would like to resolve a ring effect at all). When Display of Power resolves the ring effect, the defender has the opportunity to choose which ring effect they would like to resolve instead."
  13. A defending dishonored Borderlands Defender is not an eligible target for For Shame!, because it cannot be affected by the event's effects (cannot be dishonored, cannot be bowed).
  14. The hand is a hidden game area, just like the deck.
  15. You'd have to come up with some tricky wording then. "As if X were" and "considered to be X" work just like "is X" for the purpose of cards seeking X. For Back-Alley Hideaway, the character is considered to be played from the province, and would trigger any interrupts/reactions to playing characters from provinces. For Display of Power, resolving the ring effect as the attacker would trigger any relevant abilities as well. In AGOT there are several characters that are "considered to be participating in a challenge" via their abilities, and they can be burned by Dracarys etc.
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