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  1. Yes and no. I don't want huge overarching plot twists planned (or rather confered) with a/the story team down to the last detail. More broad strokes like those mentioned earlier in this thread. Either way its time for the game itself to stand on its own.
  2. I'll throw my lot in to keeping the story team more or less intact. Though like many others, I'm 100% okay with casting off the player interaction bit (with the exception of vanity characters, as FFG does or did this for AGoT lcg, so that'd be a nice thing to keep). Having a narrative that helps drive or at least sets the game is really important for L5R. But letting every guy try and make ridiculous changes, or have ludicrous changes that were a result of a bounty? That stuff breaks my immersion in the setting and the game, and really feels like it loses its integrity every time something like that happens (which is often imo). That or 'story' results never amount to anything significant. Oh you won Kotei X? And your clan got Such n' such prize? How'd that impact the story again? Oh, a footnote in a story on the website...fantastic. That may sound like me being overly harsh, but its more like it dumped a ridiculous workload on said story team and at some point they just have to hammer these things out for fear of outrage from the game's 'fans.' Really if the storyline impact comes back, I want it to be scaled back DRASTICALLY.
  3. I think that boiling the game down to military and political victories with some objective play over the rings would be interesting. But honestly much like i feel about the two deck system, multiple victories can probably go away, as long as the finshed product is actually fun to play.
  4. Really there are only four 'card types' that need to be in the game: Something to represent your Clan (be it a stronghold or not) Something to represent characters (Personalities with revamped stats) Something to represent events or moments of action (strategy) something to represent add-ons be they weapons, or a cadre of warriors (attachments) Everything else can be thrown out, or added in once this core has been stabilized. As far as whats *on* those cards, about the only stats I'm married to are gold cost and Force on personalities, maybe personal honor. Chi can go die in a fire for being the most underutilized stat except when they printed just enough chi death cards to be worried about. Honor requirement should just be dropped in favor of more 'loyalty' mechanics. If I'm playing a clan, or a daimyo, or whatever, no samurai I recruit for/from my own clan should be saying 'no'. Focus can go too, and/or dueling needs to be reworked. Dueling has always needed to be reworked. Its always been op or a waste of time, time to get it right. The point is, we don't need 8 different card types, each with varying stats that may or may not be relevant depending on the situation. Make stats always relevant, maybe not impact, but considered. As for 2 decks. I really don't want to see it in the same thing. Its not 'innovative' any more, at least not in its old incarnation. So many times have I demoed this to players and its turned them off, or just a massive source of confusion. If we're going to keep multiple decks on a side, I'd like to see it smaller, something akin to AGoT does with its scheme (event? I can't recall what they're called) decks.
  5. For gameplay itself, I'm hoping for as much reduction in complexity as possible without much loss of depth. That seems to have different meanings to different people, but we can't do much but speculate while we're in a holding pattern. For me... Complexity = Depth Less Complexity = Shallow That is simply naive at best. Having more or less things doesn't make a game more or less engaging, satisfying, or 'deep.' If all you're creating is mechanical busy work (which was certainly the sin committed by a great deal of l5r cards. Especially in the wording.), you're not making a deeper game, you're just wasting peoples time.
  6. Just because clans exist, even retaining their great clan status, doesn't mean they have to be represented as a clan in the game. It's trivially easy to come up with story reasons for a great clan not to be terribly concerned with whatever the conflict in question is. (And again, this leaves room to add clans in expansions.) ^This is probably a great idea. Imagine it like years of peace of sequestered all the clans from one another, the story/game goes on for a few months, then BAM something happens, and now Clan X has to *really* get involved, and they make a whole new expansion box to highlight them.
  7. Either way, whatever FFG does, theres going to be old fans who don't like it, so I think we should at least mentally prepare ourselves to not get what we want. A lot of what held this game down the first run around was the forced marriages the players had to it, its really time for someone to make it the free soaring bird that it was in the beginning. Personal opinion: Do a significant time jump again, from where it left off, enough that the history is still there, but also enough that there is nothing hanging on. New champions, new dynamics, new emperor, new 'realms' or lands really make this thing more than just feudal samurai with some magic-y stuff sprinkled in. Acknowledge the past, but don't revel in it. Accentuate the fantastic, make things *pop.* Just really take the time to shake off some of the loose ends. Just make some new stuff! I'm tired of having yet *another* underhanded/political faction (gozoku/kolat) or yet *another* existential uber-evil threat (jigoku/lying darkness/kali-ma). Time for some new stuff, really put the Fantasy into the setting.
  8. I'm pretty sure we'll get an RPG in the future. Its just one of those things that people expect from l5r, and that FFG does amazingly well. Hopefully we see something l5r related before 2017 though
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