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  1. Very interested in your campaign here. Looks very well thought out. Does it incorporate events and tournaments in some way? Also, by BFG, do you mean Bracknell Forest Gamers (UK)?
  2. ISD class1 - Avenger, Screed ISD class2 - Relentless, Overload pulse, Heavy Turbo Lasers, Gunnery Team Glad class1 - Demolisher, Engine Techs, ACMs 2xInterceptors 1xAdvanced No settled on objectives but likely to include Minefields, Hyperspace Assault ISD2 deals some hurt and overloads defence tokens while the class 1 blows in out of the sky. Glad enjoys the usual play style. Ties sole purpose would be to kill bombers. Thoughts on this? I can foresee an issue with activating the ISD2 before the ISD1 and then maybe the titles on the ISDs are the wrong way round.
  3. A few of these have been said before but after playing for a month and attending two Sullust events, these are my thoughts on the meta. Rebels Assault Frigates with enhanced Armaments and Advanced Projections Mon Mothma is very popular but the others are not far off Salvation and X17 turbo lasers on Nebulons, X17 Turbolasers in general tbh. Dodonna's Pride or Jaina's Light for the Corvettes Awing or Ywing spam. With Luke or Tycho. (never see Bwings...) Imperials Multiple Glads with combinations of Screed, ACMs, Engine techs and Demolisher. Victory 2s as ether carriers or Front arc batteries with Gunnery teams Rhymer is very popular but then all characters seem to be. Mostly in a pair to bounce special rules around/off each other. All variations of the tie work really well. Often in some mixed group. Only exception I've seen is the Advanced seems the least popular. General points Rebels always include at least one Assault Frigate in a 4 ship list or 3 ship list and a solid unit of squadrons while Imperials general go for 2-3 ships. Theres really no focus in the two areas I've played in terms of everyone running pure ship builds over squadrons or visa versa. Ether you have 3-5 squadrons or you have none. Personally I've had great success with two ship + 6 Squadrons as Imps but playing 4 ship lists requires some luck/good tactics. Objective wise its hard to say. Seems a real mix but I've won almost all my bids with 3-4 points. My list has been built around going 2nd so I've played ALOT of Precision Strike and a little bit of Minefields. No one ever lets my Hyperspace Assault. Rebel wise I've seen a real variety of objectives played.
  4. List changed a little bit for two Sullust events. First: VSD - Flight controllers, Screed, Weapons Liaison, expanded hangers, overload pulse, enhance armaments, Warlord Glad - ACM, engine techs, Demolisher Rhymer + bomber Howlrunner + 3 Ties Won this event but was lucky in two games to have the VSD survive. Changed my approach and for the next event and dropped the Warlord title (never used it) and added an Intel Officer to the Glad which was brilliant. Won the second event too. Frankly, i almost dropped the Overload pulse as i never used it in 6 games but i had before to great use so i kept in on there. Same with Weapons Liaisons. Never used them. Wondering if things like Weapons Liaisons become obsolete when you have a little more experience in 3 command ships. Also blue is very unlikely to crit. However should i be using Screed to change one to a crit? Probably. I mostly had range issues with the VSD rarely firing blue dice. Anyone else found the same with Weapon Liaison and similar upgrades?
  5. I attended two Sullust events this weekend. With Imperials: VSD Glad Rhymer Howlrunner 3xTies 1xBomber Won the first 10-0, 10-0, 4-6, then won the second 10-0, 9-1, 10-0. Pretty happy with the results and how the list played. Played as the second player every game, mostly Precision Strike, which seems to be a pattern. Two memorable games with Minefields. First vs 3xGlads, which end up as a cat and mouse game around a central minefield, where only fighters were destroyed and my ships never fired a shot. The second was a similar match vs a VSD and 3xGlads. This went much better for me as my opponent split his fleet to avoid a cat and mouse game. With a VSD clocking in at 150+ points, it proved a tasty target. My first two games it survived with 1 hullpoint and 2 hullpoints left. I learnt my lesson and kept it safe for the rest of the games and let my Glad deal the majority of the damage while the VSD acted mostly as a carrier. Couple of amusing situations where, during Precision Strike missions, for some reason decided to flip damage cards rather than destroying a ship outright only to have that ship survive the battle. Even had a Rebel player in the second event that had only played 2 games before and built the list THAT MORNING before the event with help of the other players. Didnt really know what his plan was and lost the first game tragically, only to smash his next two opponents and finish 2nd!! Evidently picked up the concept very quickly and applied what he had learnt, catching his two opponents off guard (both experienced players ill add). Unfortunately for both events, the final 400pt game was not possible due to time restraints (long games due to newish players and late starts). I think everyone was looking forward to the final game but after 6+ of gaming, the prospect of building a 400 point list with cards people didnt know then playing a 2hour+ game for 1st place was daunting. Add in that 3rd and 4th place had to sit and wait that game out to get their prizes, both TOs suggested 1st and 2nd pick first and second respectively and all parties agreed / were happy. And at the end of the day if everyone has had a good day and go home with something then thats what counts. Had a great time in both events with little conflict amongst the players, Armada seems to feel much more casual than other game systems at tournament/event level. And I finished the weekend with two ISDs :-D
  6. So, two games in with this list and I think the majority of my issues are down to me. Both rebel lists had assault frigate and corvettes. First list was bomber heavy with luke and second went Awing heavy. Lost to both lists. Four bombers and luke just have so many hull points that they kept my fighters busy all game. While the Awings jumped me mid game and tore me to pieces. Also moving squadrons out of the victories range makes them all very useless. In the second game I dropped a tie for an overload pulse on the victory. Basically because I found it so difficult to get through and deal damage to rebel ships. Victory does feel a touch expensive @ 145 points.
  7. Solid feedback guys, appriciate it! Made a simple Rhymer swap. Couldn't see how to get an advanced in simply. Currently I can activate 8 with token and dial so I'll give this a go and see how I feel about dropping the glad for a second VSD Going to run it for the next few games and see how it rocks out.
  8. 2xVSD1xGlad All squadrons from core set and the wave 1 pack. I found interceptors were disappointing vs Awings in my last game so I felt numbers over counter would be better if I used the right up grades in the victory to ensure I get the jump on enemy squadrons. Could be wrong here ofc.Would appear I was thinking squadron screen and anti squadron were the same...
  9. So after a recent pounding I received by Rebel bombers when I had 2VSD + 1Glad, I've learnt the value of tie screen. Thoughts on this list for the prerelease? Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer: Assault Concussion Missiles, Engine Techs, Demolisher Victory II-Class Star Destroyer: Expanded Hangar Bay, Flight Controllers, Weapons Liaison, Grand Moff Tarkin + Squadrons+ TIE Bomber Squadron TIE Bomber Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron TIE Fighter Squadron "Howlrunner" + Objectives + Assault Objective [Precision Strike] Defense Objective [Hyperspace Assault] Navigation Objective [Minefields]
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