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  1. I didn't want to make a new thread so I'll post it in this one. The next stop on the RivCo Tour has these rules: Special Rules: During Squad Building, players will select 6 unique asteroid obstacles. During Setup players may not place obstacles at Range 2 of the player edges and Range 1 of the neutral edges or any other obstacle. I'm thinking about tweaking my list as follows: Han Solo (46) Trick Shot (0) Dash Rendar (2) Rey (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Millennium Falcon (1) Poe Dameron (PS9) (33) Intensity (2) BB-8 (2) Comm Relay (3) Autothrusters (2) Black One (1) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder These are the last tournaments lists http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3426 with the rules: Special Rules: During Squad Building, players will select 3 unique debris obstacles from any X-Wing set (including epic) and must select 1 over-sized debris field from the hosting store. During Setup players may not place obstacles at Range 2 of the player edges and Range 1 of the neutral edges or any other obstacle.
  2. It’s gonna be great for Battle reports and those practice games where you are theory crafting and practicing against certain squads so you can screenshot different moments. For some reason my phone says incompatible even though it fits all the requirements...
  3. I like the Lothal Rebel option. That's a good choice since it can soak up the bombs rather easily and is super maneuverable with Hera Crew. I ran a Dash/Lothal Rebel build back in the day and loved Ezra Crew. It would mean take off C-3PO but you'll get a RAC type mod on a four dice gun.
  4. At the tournament I went to it wasn't a problem because of the format. But Rey should be able to make up for it. If I could run HSCP/Gunner and have a decent Ace ship than I would run him though.
  5. Not really, Comm Relay was gold for me all weekend. All 4 Poe lists there also had Comm Relay, 3 had BB-8. The ability to keep the evade and double up Focus' or get a target lock or boost into Range 1 and get a Focus and still have an Evade is worth it.
  6. Autoblaster is tough to work with on Rebel Nym where you usually want to kite. Almost would have to take Engine off to upgrade him to TLT. Only spot I see that can maybe trim to make TLT fit.
  7. Did I suggest Nym? My post actually suggests different partners. Nym can fit next to Han. Very light Nym though. I think you just misunderstood the text and didn't read the rest of the post.
  8. Lists links? Curious to the Germans use of him. Also would be great if Listjuggler had how the matchups went too, if there is a listjuggler entry though of course.
  9. I really like the Navigator choice. I agree, there can be other more effective partners with Han. None fit my particular style, except Poe really which is why I went that direction.
  10. I went to tournament this past weekend where the obstacle rules were all Debris plus two Extra Large Debris (TO stated Dash can't ignore those ones), so I ran VI Han with Kanan/Kyle/Old Title/Engine. When I would run into a Dash on the day I would move Han over Debris with a white, pick up a Focus from Kyle and took an action and would say, "look at me, I'm Dash now!"
  11. Exactly, I also feel like I don't really need to "prove" anything anymore. Which is funny because it's a game with plastic toy spaceships. I'd rather do missions or create my own lists and have fun in that aspect of the game.
  12. This Saturday was probably the most fun tournament I've been too. However, I didn't face Nym. Although, my list does wreck him.
  13. Pretty much there's no reason to be at PS9 anymore. PS8 Poe even helps versus the Miranda matchup actually cuz you can move before her to stop a Cluster Mine drop from happening. Black One helps a ton versus Alpha Strikes since it also works on yourself. Drop the TL they tried to just get on you.
  14. Yeah it works, when Rey was spoiled I tried C-3PO and Finn and the old title. Was blocking 3-4 damage and was awesome lol.
  15. No, it was Faan who made Top 16 at Worlds and beat Paul in the cut in 2016. He had all R4 and Intel with Plasmas and EM on two (Marcel from Gold Squadrons list). However, he made a slight tweak. He put Cikatro on one, instead of Intel, and had a 1 point Illicit that he could exchange. So he can use Black Market slicer tool if he goes up against someone who's gonna have stress, Burnout Slam so he can get it out of dodge, Inertial Dampeners to keep it in place at a crucial time, or Rigged Cargo to dump it on someone who really needed actions.