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  1. It’s probably never been built because it uses Synced Turret and Guidance Chips instead of LWF. With Deadeye though it ain’t bad. I’d test it out, before thinking it may be bad or good.
  2. I haven’t tried Bomb Boba, how have you liked it?
  3. Problem has mainly been it sucks mov, but with Countermeasures now in the list it should help some.
  4. I think Tim Hilton won the first one with Miranda, Low, Biggs and Duncan Howard won the 2nd with QuickDraw, Inky, Yorr
  5. Thweek is popping up everywhere and even won a National. When are some of these podcasts gonna admit they were wrong?
  6. Sure, when you start stacking up to 5 dice. Even then, Ventress stresses Rey, probably has PTL or Mindlink and has Focus/Evade, not only does Ventress get all the defensive tokens, but she just turned off Expertise on Rey. If anything, Rey is a glass cannon, especially considering how she wants to play the game compared to normal turreted ships.
  7. I like it, before Old T started to be a thing a friend flew Serissu in his place in the Fenn/Old T/Manaroo List. Basically using the same strategies you’ve implemented.
  8. I like everything, but you may feel after some playtesting that Serissu won’t go well with the other two. She likes formation flying whereas Guri and Fenn don’t. Do you have access to the M3A’s from the C-Roc? If not then the list is fine, just don’t try to get Serissu to go off every turn. Just when it happens it happens. May want to have the Mindlink pair be Fenn/Guri, simply cuz Fenn tends to pop and will want reposition to be open. Fearlessness does give a very high reward though.
  9. Ventress takes forever to kill though. I never thought of her to melt quickly.
  10. I ran Mindlink Dengar/Ventress after I was taking a break from the original Boba list. I liked it, it’s good with Ventress because she’s so tanky, she’ll always be there with Dengar and even with mindlink gone if dengar dies she doesn’t absolutely need the extra focus. Boba though needs his action Free to Boost a lot of times instead of being forced to be a support ship most turns. If they were same PS I think it would be a lot better with Mindlink because they can alternate much easier on who can support the other.
  11. Kylo/Whisper 87 point list. I've been calling it the Sidney Crosby. Nothing like out point fortressing Rebels/Scum for the first time since 35 points use to be a point fortress.
  12. How many System Opens has Parattanni won now? lol This is getting to be hilarious.
  13. I'm now onto a new version of the list with update Wave 12 items. Boba Fett (Scum) (39) Adaptability (0) 4-LOM (1) Ion Dischargers (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Slave I (0) Dengar (33) Wired (1) Maul (3) Contraband Cybernetics (1) Countermeasures (3) Punishing One (12) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder You can see more about how Wired/Maul interacts here. 8-1 with Dengar/Boba, 1-0 with Wave 12 Dengar/Boba. First game with the new version was against Han/Wookie. Han had HotShotCoPilot and my Wired/Maul combo kinda laughed at it. If Dengar just rolls average, HIT/FOCUS/BLANK. He can receive 1 stress to reroll the BLANK, then has the option to now Wire the FOCUS, or spend a FOCUS if he has it. Let's say Dengar is tokenless, don't use Maul's ability to take away the stress so you can have it for defense, unless you want to free up Maul for the revenge shot. Wired/Maul is actually surprisingly good. Also, you can keep the stress then shed it on the revenge shot. For 53 points or 49 if you really want to make him cheap the combo is very **** good.
  14. I gotta look but regionals aren’t “premier” so they’d be legal.
  15. Got my first win with my new version of Dengar/Boba! Same list as above ^ Played versus Han/Wookie. Beat it pretty easily. The tricks you can do with Wired/Maul is hilarious. I never needed to double stressed and what is interesting is you don’t have to remove the stress token, so every time if I didn’t have a Focus I just left it and got the benefits from wired.