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  1. I just made this exact same list the other day, saw you were on stream. I gotta go back and watch. Great run!
  2. Yeah the only list that ever made it work was 5 Omega’s with Crack & Weapons Guidance. Think one of the 512 Squadron guys made top 4 at Gencon. I ran it myself and loved the theme. Now in 2.0, instead of 5 FO’s you can have 5 SF’s lol.
  3. Our local store had a difference of opinion with our TO, this TO started the community from scratch and we had about 20+ players in league. Store thought they could do it better themselves and the community numbers tanked due to them not doing anything. The TO now started his own store out of his garage and the dedicated regulars play there and everyone else is out of the game. Our community is a LOT smaller than before but at least we have something. I definitely can understand the OP’s frustration with shrinking numbers.
  4. Just take it, then give it away to someone who’d appreciate it. When you give an acrylic token to a new player, especially a young player they cherish it and value it far more than you would. You win by not having it. Your opponent wins by thinking you like if The player you give it to wins by them actually appreciating it
  5. Legion used TTT, so I don’t think that’s entirely true.
  6. TTT is the correct choice. Not sure why BCP is even considered still after Atlanta and Seattle. Cryodex is solid too if you’re worried about the internet connection.
  7. The main thing with Lando is when you boost. You don’t have a passive focus flip which makes this Han a brawler instead of an arc dodger. Which is fine, just the format doesn’t have R2-D2 Crew to help back him up some more. Yeah Stealth Device is pretty good, especially with Lone Wolf Han combined with Title.
  8. Yeah, I was looking at Lando and Novice Tech for Han. The loss of the force is huge though not being able to take Kanan. Ten I've been looking at but B-Wing's have never been my flavor of ship, so I don't even have the 2.0 contents for it lol
  9. Anakin was gone for 5 months in the Outer Rim Sieges. So she's at least 5 months when the movie starts. Which if she's carrying in the back and wearing loose clothing, its not too far fetch except she's carrying twins, but we'll ignore that lol. So at most the movie spans 4 months since I doubt she'd go past 40 weeks with twins.
  10. Leia Organa (79) Engine Upgrade (7) Millennium Falcon (3) Luke Skywalker (62) R2 Astromech (7) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Arvel Crynyd (34) Intimidation (3) Total: 195 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 If you've followed my Han/Luke or Han/Poe threads, you know I like the Han plus X archetype a lot. Rebel Han is in Hyperspace, however, any upgrade that he actually likes is out of Hyperspace. However, Leia is coming into Hyperspace and has a force. The reason why I'd choose Leia is because Lando is VERY predictable. Lando is especially predictable in Hyperspace where the ship count is higher and easier to get blocked, thus he'll have a hard time using his ability. Leia's ability is i5 with force and an open dial. Luke lost a lot of toys too such as Sense/Precog/Burners/etc and Regen increased. Because of this I think a third ship is necessary. I've tried Jake with Luke and Lando before and I felt myself forcing the interactions. Arvel can work independently while also helping the friendlies with Intimidation.
  11. This ^ and as far as I know I don’t think ROTS actually has an official timeline from start of the movie to finish. It could have been a span of a week to months. TCW team has some flexibility there.
  12. That’s just the points that will get updated on the 27th, not the new app.
  13. This reminds me when people say, “just block so they’ll have no mods”. Wasn’t true in 1.0 with Palpatine, mindlink, etc, and not true in 2.0 with force.
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