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  1. Run into someone, Dauntless to Kylo or Dauntless to Coordinate. Whoever needs the action. Can get Cruise Missile off with ease since you can barrel roll Vader back and Focus/TL. List can actually deal with Swarms which we’ll see 5 X-Wings soon. Also, Vader doesn’t spend tokens on offense very often with Krennic and RAC gets a TL quite often for free plus shield is gone to push RAC’s crits through.
  2. New Squadron (29) Darth Vader (0) Adaptability (+1) (3) Cruise Missiles (0) TIE/x1 (4) Engine Upgrade (1) Advanced Targeting Computer Total: 37 points (46) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (1) Veteran Instincts (3) Kylo Ren (5) Director Krennic (2) Tactical Officer (2) Dauntless (4) Engine Upgrade Total: 63 points List total: 100 points
  3. Tbetts94


    Not yet, I plan to on Tuesday though!
  4. Tbetts94


    Not yet, I plan to on Tuesday though!
  5. Tbetts94


    Nice! My buddy came up with Expertise Vessery. I think to get the best use of Krennic and Tact Officer is being on the same PS though. For instance, RAC won’t have the TL for his attack until after he already shot.
  6. Tbetts94

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    He’s probably in the little baggy that contains the Wave 1 upgrades that aren’t listed on the conversion item list.
  7. Tbetts94


    Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) Veteran Instincts (1) Director Krennic (5) Tactical Officer (2) Kylo Ren (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Dauntless (2) Darth Vader (29) Adaptability (0) Cruise Missiles (3) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) Engine Upgrade (4) TIE/x1 (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Did pretty well at store champs today with Tippets current version. Thinking about altering it for the new wave. Thoughts? Immune to blocking will help against the incoming X-Wing swarms.
  8. Tbetts94

    Giving away 3 Conversion Kits before GenCon

    Maul is probably in the little baggy that they put in the conversion kits that aren't listed under the included items.
  9. Tbetts94

    2.0 Acrylic Checklist

    Plus 1 bank for starvipers, and probably the 2 bank for echo. Easier just to get the whole set.
  10. Tbetts94

    2.0 Target Lock Token Confusion

    Just use the old locks. I’m sure many will still use their acrylics. ****, there’s a guy that’s been putting the blue TL token on his base since day one. It’s the same idea.
  11. Tbetts94

    Echo and Whisper in 2.0

    We do know though lol
  12. Tbetts94

    Whisper/Kylo “Updated Version”

    I wanted to, just with the wedding planning and everything couldn’t fork out the money for it. Next year! I could had gone to the Glendale System Open but was first week of tax season, so no way I could get off.
  13. Tbetts94

    Whisper/Kylo “Updated Version”

    I wasn’t able to go to a system open this year sadly. Store champs though!
  14. Tbetts94

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    Sold my scum to pay for Rebels and Imperials. Then make the decision from there. No way can I afford to support 4 factions though.
  15. Tbetts94

    Whisper/Kylo “Updated Version”

    Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) (35) Push the Limit (3) Advanced Sensors (3) Advanced Optics (2) Autothrusters (2) First Order Vanguard (2) "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Advanced Sensors (3) Director Krennic (5) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Total: 92 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Updated for new Wave content. Didn’t explore it too much before. @Crimsonwarlock Played the original version at Toys For Tots and went 4-1.