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  1. I enjoyed the discussion in the latest cast about the games not finishing. Discussing through it and trying to find a reason why was refreshing. Much better than blaming the one constant between the editions (the players) without actually thinking about what may be causing it.
  2. Who cares if people sell their prizes? Some people can’t make it to events because of life, and some have the time and not the money to go to them so they sell their prizes. Everyone benefits.
  3. Not from there, but jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to the Australia Zoo. It’s Steve Irwin’s Zoo and it’s only like an hour away from Brisbane I think.
  4. In Cannon there’s a hangar bay. It’s coming from there.
  5. This is in the new floor rules. Give me a sec. “Please note that concession, in and of itself, is not collusion. Players are allowed to concede a game at any time before the end of the game, so long as there was no discussion or solicitation involved. However, convincing or manipulating an opponent to concede in order to give any person a distinct advantage is dishonest and is considered a form of cheating. Asking an opponent to concede in any shape or form falls under collusion and is grounds for Disqualification.” So don’t talk about records before hand, if you know it will help him then it’s “wrong”. However, if I’m going into the last round and not needing to play it, I would concede to make sure I can get a long rest before the cut and have some dinner. I may play the game if I knew a teammate from a different game going on was on the grasp of the cut and needed some help rising in the standings by me beating the opponent.
  6. No, they asked for a balanced game that they could fly 4-6 ships on the table and be competitive. While also asking for Prequel Ships, Sequel Factions being separated, and combowing eliminated. These things come at a cost because the game wasn’t designed to be competitive or grow at this size.
  7. Easy, go to your YouTube notifications and click the link from there. Edit: Aw never mind, Dion has finally realized that. Was good while it lasted.
  8. I feel like FFG can never win because players will never be satisfied. Even if it’s the exact solution they asked for.
  9. Woah, woah, wait a sec! You made an FFG account!
  10. Yeah Quira is on there so Gas Clouds isn’t a good reason why the list isn’t being played.
  11. Is this considered note taking? Because it should be allowed and would make everyone’s lives so much simpler. Just downloaded!
  12. Agreed. All this negativity and hatred over “slow” players is not healthy for the game. It’s an obvious problem with the game, not the players and we shouldn’t be looking to discourage players from playing.
  13. With 58% of games going to time, you're talking probably about half of the community is considered "slow" for you. It would kill the game.
  14. Dee also said on the latest cast he's only had a problem with slow play on average 1 player a year. That's not very much. I've only had a problem with 1 player ever, and that problem was solved simply by telling him he was taking awhile. 5-6 ships just take longer, they could take the same amount of time per ship, but there are more of them. This is a game problem, players aren't just going slower out of nowhere, especially at these high of numbers that we're seeing. Take away all the players that go "slow" and you won't have a community left to play against.
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