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  1. This is one of the best lessons to learn while running Soontir Fel. Even with the Shield Upgrade his TIE/in is made of paper if he's being shot multiple times. I've been most successful with Soontir when I disengage him earlier than expected and circle back around. If you wait to long to take an escape route, the opponent will close the net and take him off the field. The same is usually true for Vader and GI, though they can tank shots better with their Force.
  2. FFG just gave him to the First Order. Along with the ability to token stack while stressed.
  3. I don't think it really matters if it has the plus or not. The rules reference states that upgrade cards with a force capacity printed on them increases the ships force capacity by that amount.
  4. Just throwing this observation out, but I messed around with a swarm that ran DFS-081. It helped me time the drone deaths better to maximize TV-175 triggers. I don't think Ill run DFS-081 with the swarm going forward, but if I were to mass Hyenas I would definitely consider including it. Supporting a squadron of Bombardment Drones could be really good. Droids are very crit prone and 081 lets those bombards get the most mileage of it's hull on the approach.
  5. I think it's mostly that last seasons push to highly durable ships pushed bombs to the bottom of the meta. I've run variants of the Vader/Fel/Deathrain list from Deathrain's Blog. My experience was that the bombs did damage, but never enough to make a significant dent. If the meta shifts back to agile, lightweight aces I think bombs will see a resurgence.
  6. I prefer having Howlrunner any time I have more than two Academy TIEs. Every time I've tried running a Sloane swarm in the past my opponent ignores the TIEs and dives on the Sloane bus. Having Howlrunner present makes the TIEs a threat even without Sloane. If they dive Sloane the TIEs can still do some heavy lifting. If they go to take Howlrunner off the board, then Sloane activates. It creates a dynamic where the opponent can't just ignore the TIEs and take Sloane out before she can proc.
  7. Tinkering with my list a bit I really agree this might be the way to go for the Sloane bus. I'm thinking something like this myself: RAC + Sloane + Shield Upgrade + Ruthless (89) Howlrunner (40) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 198
  8. Going down to Patrol Leader creates room to take Howlrunner. Howlrunner gives the TIEs teeth before Sloane is active. That way they can't just ignore your TIEs. If they dive past the TIEs to destroy Sloane the TIEs still have chance to save the day. If they dive on Howlrunner or the TIEs then you're procing Sloane. If you stay with Oicunn I think hotshot and maybe the proton bombs aren't good here. I'm not a big fan of diving in with the Sloane bus since it makes it an easier target, but you could drop hotshot and bombs for something like Kallus or 5th Brother. That sets you up with passive attack mods so you reinforce without sacrificing offensive power. You could even go up to Intimidation over Ruthless to boost the attack power of the group. Either way make sure to lead with the TIEs. If you bring the decimator in to dive on a target to early they're going to hard swap to take out Sloane. I personally think with a Sloane list it needs to present something that's an equal or greater threat than Sloane. Otherwise they will ignore the squad to remove the real threat.
  9. The curse of low initiative pilot spam. I'm not sure what to do about it either. CIS is fun to play casually, but they're a one trick pony competitively. I'm hoping the Hyenas bring something to the table that really helps them out or it'll just continue to be the faction of Infiltrators.
  10. Is it one of each (1 stress/1 strain) on a blue maneuver? Or does all strain clear on a blue? I think it's one of each, unless an effect changes that.
  11. The squad builder hasn't had the min-max rule applied to it since it's release if i recall correctly. You can also have a list that has only 1 ship in it, which isn't allowed either. There hasn't been any question about the legality of that since the app released. A legal squad is 2-8 ships of the same faction, until the rule is changed in the Tournament Regulations.
  12. TIE/interceptor i4 Ability - 1 charge: You may spend 1 charge token to reroll any number of defense dice.
  13. The Empire is my continued focus. No shields, all guts.
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