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  1. I don't have a specific standard, I just expect a fictional world to have it's fictional justifications for the way things are. If the Grand Army of The Republic is comparable to something from our history, it should have similar logic. Bounty Hunters from Star Wars use various equipment and contraptions and these are never adopted by the Military with no justification given. In addition considering this is a war of attrition, I would expect consideration given to maximise the fire-power Clones have at their disposal since they are fighting an enemy with overwhelming numbers. Don't get me wrong the MO here is to create massed infantry assaults and dramatic battles, but I feel like writers don't know how to achieve that while maintaining some realism, heck take the old US and Soviet mechanised forces clashing in West Germany dressed up as Star-Wars and it would work just fine but I don't even recall a single IFV or APC for the Clones to use... and it doesn't make a lick of sense for any kind of infantry force to not have a motorised capability, if they are all using air insertion/extraction it really hampers their capabilities if air control is contested or the enemy have decent AA. (correct me if I have missed these vehicles if they do exist). I know fiction is to pretend, but like cooking a meal or brushing your teeth when you know how to do it and why, it starts to look ridiculous when you see it depicted differently for no reason. I'll have a look at that, thank you. GW made attachments for their older boltguns, little bits to glue on but were cool. I don't think FFG are going in that direction though.
  2. Did you get issued knee pads? I guess it's not a problem now since the pants have the padding stitched on (will prob become widespread). MOUT had a lot of kneeling/corners unsupported, and counter-terror units tend to do a fair bit (fences/shrubs - residential sprawl) during sieges etc, but I understand it isn't comfortable, but there have been some creative poses done for this in miniature, there was a nifty one for some Gulf War US ARMY 2/72 scale, I think it was Revell. Is that a joke? That is literally a Commander at a Forward Command Post, giving Yoda directions. Not a Squad leader in combat. Agreed on the 2003 series. I disagree about gun discipline being different simply because the same dangers exist: The end where the projectile/laser/plasma/etc comes out should not be pointed at friendlies or your head. Same principle on combat stance/readiness, you have to have a position the soldier can hold his weapon that enables him to quickly engage a target, and all these weapons act the same (pressed against shoulder, aim down sights/scope/whatever) and then you end up with HIGH or LOW ready, because anything else is pointing at friendlies or yourself. I don't think Zero G combat would be a consideration, as that should be brief and avoided in the first place but if involved in it the same rules apply, if they are using ballistic weapons it would be a bit annoying with the slight recoil in zero G. What I do not get is the complete lack of attachments in these sci-fi armies such as under barrel grenade launchers, air burst munitions, drones, scopes etc. It's all WW1 maybe WW2 dressed up IMO and by 2019 I'm over it to say the least... so many lessons have been learned and applied since the Gulf War and we get jack.
  3. It's not transitional at all, you would have been trained that Standing/Kneeling and Prone are used for available cover, weapon stability and to acquire targets (both supported and unsupported positions). Also Infantry ditch their packs when in contact with the enemy and take up fighting positions, clone troops don't even have said packs, of any kind to begin with, and just because you didn't like/agree with X or Y in the service doesn't mean it is what it is. IDK if you did serve or not but half the lot here have zero clue about this topic and saying stuff like that doesn't educate anyone.
  4. This makes no sense. Are they combat infantry? Yes Weapons safety, squad movement, tactics, load-outs should all be stock standard modern infantry, you then branch out with your 'fictional' elements to make it sci-fi. Either their using tactics straight from WW1 or concepts we haven't started using yet, it all follows the same logic. Clones in Episode 2 appear to move in infantry squares, fire from the shoulder or hip and hold the rifles in High Ready. (How funny that the actual miniatures copy none of these poses.. why???) By Episode 3 they are in fact moving much more tactically, as they used ex-NAVY SEALS for the mo-cap. So seems to me that Clones went from very bare-bones US Civil War tactics right through to modern US Military within months. Which is true from a tactical perspective, despite expanded universe material the troops in the film had no automatic riflemen or grenadiers, they just had plain old riflemen in large formations so they could pour on as much fire as they could. CIS doesn't have anything like an MG and since both forces were expendable I guess it made sense, huge waste IMO though. But that's besides the point. How difficult is it to just watch episode 2 and copy every pose seen? Seriously. You cant get it wrong when you literally rip it from the source material but no.. we have to have these 'creative' poses that make no sense.
  5. Odd point? They corrected a fault using ex-US Navy SEALS to make Clones look the part. Hence Fantasy Flight should be making clones in accurate US Military poses to make them appear like a realistic military force. And these images you show me further justify my complaint, not a single one is standing and pointing with an index finger, all are crouched low, the only pose I wouldn't use is the 3rd image as his head is tilted up, and my 1st choice would be the Austrian. There is so much variety but they continue to insist on these boring and outdated poses as well as unrealistic ones and it's just a wasted opportunity to deliver a better product.
  6. In the DVD commentary there was a joke that Clone Troopers moved like animators and not soldiers, so in Episode 3 they hired ex-special forces/US Navy SEALS to do the motion capture. So therefore I can argue that Clone Troopers move and operate as US Navy SEALS do. Which makes some of these poses completely inaccurate. Thank you, that Commander is much better. I take no responsibility for people getting out of hand. The mods should have kept it in line or worst case lock the thread, to remove it from existence was a really low move IMO.
  7. Hello again, Happy to say the improvements continue with Legion miniatures, however some old habits don't seem to die out... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-legion/products/phase-i-clone-troopers-unit-expansion/ (from left to right folks) The first issue, another trooper pointing with a finger towards one direction, while standing in a calm posture and facing behind him. WHY do you continue to think these poses are practical? He looks ridiculous if placed behind the unit, and looks ridiculous if placed in front as his body language does not match the action poses of the other troopers! He looks like his actually giving a superior directions.. what he should be doing is advancing under fire (lower his head, moving forward) with his head facing forward and his left hand giving the 'advance' order which is the entire hand pointing forward, because no one says advance and points a finger. Complete failure and waste of plastic here, unless you're making a clone trooper logistical corps or need a guy to point Yoda in the right direction to the DFAC... Second trooper, running. Looks good, personally I would prefer the blaster to be pointed down more but whatever, it can be held like that so I accept it. Pass. Third Trooper... What is he doing? It's not a firing position, his more 'at the ready' but what the heck is that? You have either HIGH READY which is the barrel of the weapon pointing up in the air, or LOW READY you have the barrel facing down. Now I don't care if this is sci-fi. Clone Troopers are soldiers, they use weapons, same dangers. You don't stand there holding your weapon like that, it looks bad, it gives the squad a bad image and makes the whole thing look poorly researched. Four - Crouched position (WELL DONE, good choice!) I like this position, soldiers keep low and we should see more variations of it. He appears to be firing or prepared to fire his weapon, good. Five - Trooper with a heavy weapon, no one seems to have an issue making these in any miniatures game. Pass Six - I don't get this one at all. Is he standing up to fire and if not what is the purpose, do gamers really want 'Trooper standing almost ready to fire but not really' pose in their collection? Make him hold the rifle up and aim down the sights why is this so difficult to achieve? Fail Seven - Very modern pose, advancing while aiming down the sites with his right arm kept close to the torso avoiding the 'chicken arm' thing, keeps a smaller profile. This trooper is well done. All together some good troopers mixed with some disappointing choices, but it's a much better direction than your prior efforts.
  8. Hello, A year ago I lodged two complaints about how both the Storm-Troopers and Rebellion miniatures (the latter was deleted by a mod, which is disappointing.. if you don't want to hear criticism perhaps make better toys?) had a very poor choice in poses etc. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Battle Droids box, each Droid is performing a practical/functional purpose, and those with weapons are actually aiming them! No more hands pointing around or awkward looking over the shoulder or other overused stuff. Straight up Droids at work, to those responsible for designing these, well done.
  9. I want to play a miniatures games with miniatures that I actually like, not a hard concept. Badass looking women holding a rifle doesn't result in women passing through boot at the same standards and level of performance as males. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/09/10/439190586/marine-corps-study-finds-all-male-combat-units-faster-than-mixed-units No comment regarding fictional species and their capabilities. Imperial Assault is a strategy board game - FFG website. I want more diverse poses in a miniature war-game.
  10. Interesting that my 'not thrilled' topic on Rebels was allowed to carry on with all the hatred I received until users started to agree with me. Yeah, stormtroopers are in squads of 10, not 7. FFG should of learned from GW before being arrogant enough to lean so heavily on the brand for this to be a success The miniatures could be much better. Women shouldn't be in SF or combat infantry Thank you FFG for giving me a response, and that response to silence me, not even PM me with a warning or any acknowledgement goes to show what we're dealing with here. GG LEGION, i'll read about you either fading away or being released in a second edition with all the bits and pieces an actual miniatures war-game should have. EDIT: You can let this thread die now, I got what I wanted from FFG, it wasn't the ideal response, but I got one. Thank you to all the sane individuals that see where I am coming from and remember to communicate how you feel with your wallets, SW deserves better and has deserved better for decades while every other sci-fi setting got the miniatures treatment we get dished this, and for 2018 it just doesn't cut it.
  11. You know.. that never even occurred to me. It is called LEGION and yet it is a small scale skirmish game... LOL I agree with this 100%. Maybe they will pull an Armada down the track? I was watching the battle of Hoth just before, you couldn't do much at LEGION scale, sure you could make some trenches but you'll be shooting at stuff off the table and getting hit by AT-AT's off the table too hahahaha. There is a definite market for a GW version of StarWars though, FFG just have to get their act together and then they will nail it.
  12. If we don't care for thematic accuracy why make miniatures in the first place? I get the understanding that a leader/figure of authority has to issue a hand signal but there are a variety of ways to achieve this.. you could take any Snow trooper, and use his left hand to issue a hand signal and every single person playing will know he is the leader of that unit. Instead we need to 'insert generic officer from the first world war' complete with officer pistol ordering a unit forward.... and this is for 2018... this is when star-wars is trying to modernise it's mechanics with Storm Troopers of the First Order wearing webbing/load carrying equipment for the first time, and in Rouge One adopting more professional firing stances, and movement.. I'm really finding FFG's decisions more and more at odds the further we go.
  13. What, to 'silence' me for an opinion that these miniatures could be much better? I find it ironic they have licenses to make 40k games, yet don't take any inspiration for their miniature sets. Agreed. I just hate their officer.. Standing around and pointing.. the lack of creativity there is really disappointing.
  14. What is real world about the picture from Rouge One? Sorry but the poses are dull. Rebel Troops don't fair much better either.
  15. Yep, that makes as much as sense as your space opera comment. Thanks for the input. None of them are falling over, the guy on the ground that's called a 'prone' position, the one on far right is in a more modern firing stance but with his knees bent more than usual. Good job at identifying none of that.
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