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  1. Indeed. It was slightly complicated by factors beyond our control, but it was a definite win-win for PhilOfCalth and myself and exactly the reason threads like this exist.
  2. The BAD thing about being the /perfect/ Luke Skywalker is, after the need for Luke Skywalker dries up, you have to hide behind animated characters to do any other work, otherwise, no matter what you do, everyone will be asking "what the heck is LUKE SKYWALKER doing here?!?!" as soon as they see your (his) face where it doesn't belong. The GOOD thing about being the /perfect/ Luke Skywalker is, when the need for Luke Skywalker appears once more, all you gotta do is show up, turn around and look at the camera to reassure everyone that LUKE <Bleeping> SKYWALKER is, in fact, back on the job. I mean, I knew what was going to happen, and I knew the movie was going to end right there, and I still suddenly felt like I was falling, and I still loved it dearly in spite of myself. As for Han Solo, Harrison Ford wanted him dead at the end of Empire. He lived a Full Life. And I agree that Kylo Ren is pretty freaking scary. "Ice Cold" is overdone, and the fact that he can't pull it off and hacks around with his plywood-n-duct-tape laser sword when he loses it is great. The "kid with a shotgun" comment was on point. This is one powerful dude, who is in way over his head and has no idea what he's doing, causing damage and trauma in his wake. A dark age warlord to vader's samurai. And I like that.
  3. DarkCloak has the right of it. We're talking about friends here, right? If my friends want to play this game and need some stuff, I'll give them whatever they need the next time I have the means and an excuse, give up a few of my own limited luxuries for a time to do so as needed, and be pleased that I am in a position to be able to do so.
  4. Well, they have the unfair edge of Tim Curry, plus a bunch of weird, fuzzy puppets, plus a story outline. My favorite part of Muppet movies in general is when you have someone like Tim Curry or Michael Caine having a perfectly normal conversation with some ridiculous looking Muppet as if this is as perfectly normal as it is gravely serious.
  5. I never liked 40k, but I've never really considered X-wing all that comparable. I used to play WHFB, but got out around the time I moved to CO because Warmachine/Hordes uses a smaller table size, smaller armies and less set up / takedown, and this comported better with my new lifestyle. I honestly don't think X-wing could scratch the same itch, at least for me. What I do find X-wing cuts into is Magic: The Gathering's space for "games that require an hour or less of my time and a café table." If my wife didn't like Magic so much more than X-wing, I'd likely have all but abandoned the former for the latter (and a dab of Attack Wing as a guilty pleasure). I'm now at the point where I honestly wrestle a bit with which game to introduce new players to first, and that decision is decided on an individual basis. Warmachine (like Warhammer, and 40k) just doesn't have that level of accessibility.
  6. I think the two coming with the transport will be blue. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/products/imperial-assault-carrier/
  7. Kids can absolutely play this game, provided you "go minimal" and leave out all the extras at first. As long as they're comfortable with the basics, and you introduce other elements only 1-2 at a time, they can start to take advantage of their ridiculous child-memories to remember what Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's abilities mean, what a photon torpedo and concussion missile can do, and so on, even if they can't read. I taught a six and eight year old how to play with zero issues, so long as they keep playing the same ships (Darth and Luke, respectively), and you don't mind going over what your own ships do. I generally play other ships seen in the movies, and we usually leave out the Falcon. Kids are emotional, need you to explain things slowly and clearly (and sometimes repeatedly), and are rarely going to set the world on fire with awesome x-wing skills - but I have found they really love it (except the TIE Phantom. That guy was voted off the island), and if you think of yourself as more of a Game Master and less of an outright adversary (at least at first. The older girl and I play Luke vs. Fell fairly straight sometimes), it's a great game for kids.
  8. Still looking to trade a TIE Phantom because the kids just hate it and voted it off the island. Best offer so far is the X-wing from the Core set on bartertown, and I've already got two of those. So I'm putting this out there one last time to see if anyone bites: HAVE: TIE Phantom (open, but complete) WANT: BEST OFFER Got any duplicate character pilots from the TIE and/or X-wing expansion? Scum cards for the y-wing? A bunch of fun upgrades? Originally, I was asking for the TIE advanced title and an upgrade to go with it, and that offer still stands. I have nothing to lose but shipping costs, so let me know.
  9. Hi, Help me "Pimp my Darth!" I posted this on barter town, but we'll see if it gets more attention here: I got a TIE Phantom as part of a barter town deal. (It's open, but it has all the cards and such). My X-wing collection is small and movie based, (and I play about once a year) so I'd love to trade the phantom for a copy of the new TIE advanced title and the targeting computer upgrade that come with the imperial raider. (EDIT: Removed bit about possible han/fett Promo card. I'll put it back in if I can actually find the thing....)
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