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  1. Well many new duelist have composure on them, so we might be on a track of something!
  2. You mean building Voltron which is already good for various stuff? Tempo is slightly slower... But odds are overwhelmingly in your favor.
  3. Except when you opt for assassinate you pay with honor. What exactly do you pay to start duel? Tho I do agree with the third passage. But still option to avoid duel should be available to all, possibly at the cost of dishonor. (tho we already have that in duel to the death card in a certain way)
  4. Except with cards like true strike kenjutsu, you kinda avoid risk with high mil characters. For example Kisada on Loyal Chalenger, you win without any risk. The problem is not dueling mechanic, its the fact that good % of duels dont pose any risk to person initiating them. And he can safely bid 1, because he knows you cant do anything. So that honor cost isn't that bad, because you won't pay it at all in most cases.
  5. I would say its the same... 10 mil to 1 mil duels and so on... I don't want it out, I just want it a bit more fixed, especially now with the crane and their auto honor stronghold... Tbh, duel backfiring is so rare, especially in those extreme moments we see more and more 10 - 1 mil duels...
  6. I do like this. Possibly both things, for more flexible options!
  7. Yes but it only protects unique character. Why couldn't lower ranking courtier had its own guard to save it?
  8. I know, but it can be changed so that it has a bit more impact on gameplay.
  9. And its easy to implement, make new Yojimbo, and explaing its keyword in, and bam... All the previous versions are more usable...
  10. This sounds quite good as an idea! Not to mention that out of the 3 only Shiba Yōjimbō does what he is paid to do... The rest just slack on their job...
  11. Tho still, 1 v 10 and other duels that can happen, for example daidoji vs any of scorp courtiers with 1 mil, and he even gets honored after... That is quite a problem...
  12. In that case possible Jigoku bug... Tho I completely forgot that section in rules, tnx ^^
  13. I do agree, we had seen that problem earlier in AGOT where you had loads of no name builders nightwatch overcame Red Viper... And we did saw it in L5R too... Thats why I do think duels should be possibly corrected, that bushi can only challenge bushi, and courtier well second courtier... There you have that consistency better samurai won the duel or better courtier won the debate...
  14. Still, putting high mil char in pol. duel just to bow or discard your character kinda negates the whole point, you found weaker opponent and beat him to a pulp.... For example last game I had daidoji uji in pol conflict, dueling me mil, and bowing, honoring himself and breaking the province... And since my char had - for mil it was disaster in advance... You cant say its ok, its not... It need to get revisited and possibly polished some more.
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