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  1. Awesome! Totally going to make one now, always complain about the fact that I need storing for my cards. I have woodwork power tools and enjoy me some DIY from time to time. Only up to the Ring Maker Cycle in chronological order including the two Hobbit Saga's and my two boxes has limited space left. I will probably make my version a little broader (width). Do you have a link for me on those dividers/sorters? Very good work.
  2. Okay, another question. How many of you guys actually lost a Hero to this card?
  3. Is it just me or has anyone else miss read or read the card too quickly and read it as the following. This is how I understood it, while reading it over too quickly. "Then, shuffle Roasted back slowly into the encounter deck." Doing the shuffle slowly. Get it. Had to reread the card and then I was like aaah, cards name is Roasted Slowly. Guess it would have helped me to use quotation marks for the cards name in the text box. Let me know if it's just me.
  4. I get the idea some of these cards the developers don't want to go into the players Victory Display (being removed from the game once defeated) but rather discarded and might get shuffled back into the encounter deck later on. Good example of this is the Ungoliant Spawn from Passage Through Mirkwood. Whom you need to beat if you draw the chosen quest. Luckily the Ungoliant Spawn has 0VP. Once beatin early game you can draw it again from the discard pile or search the encounter deck. Same counts for some of the objective cards from the Mirkwood cycle etc. Maybe they could reward players a type of score for objective cards inhand endgame or should simply make you face some of the villains only once per game like the Nazgul from Escape from Dol Guldur. I mean you beat it, it gets discarded. If it's a long game you might draw and encounter it again? :-| Not likely but could happen. But I agree, one should be rewarded with a beter scoring for beating the big bosses. Laslty on a positive note, knowing the hill trolls (and other creeps from other scenarios) have VP's is comforting, when you beat the two trolls in Journey Along the Andiun then you wont be facing anymore of them for the rest of the scenario.
  5. Maybe I am looking to much into the cards theme and not just looking at what is in front of me. I image the elf did a surprise quick lethal double strike leaping from a tree branch or from behind a tree. Running low doing the "unseen strike", very shortly after standing behind the target who has the blood spraying and her doing the move completion "Ninja" pose. Because he never saw it coming, executed just like a ninja. But I have to agree, the hair could have been done better. The artist obviously went for the fair elf hair look. I also feel it failed a bit. Also don't care much for the white puffy sleeves, but the blades are nice. However I love the cards theme and atmosphere it creates for me. what do you think about the following piece Edheliad?
  6. Hands down I love Magali's work and is my favourite. The way in some art the background/foreground items fade. The way she brings in light/glare. Her representation/take of the characters is awsome and beter than what I could ever imagine from reading the books, even beter than the movies. Examples I adore is Gimli with armour chain mail, Legolas from core and the new Tactics Eowyn. My all time top 3 favourite art cards: From best/most loved. 1. Favour of the Lady: 2. Hands Upon the Bow: 3. Arwen Undomiel: For example: I mean look at the detail "Bilbo's Magic Ring". Seems like a real picture. Non-Magali favourite art: Unseen Strike: Love the theme/setting.
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