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  1. You have to make sure you register your events on the vendor portal. Once you do that you can select the events and run them as chainbound
  2. Umm.. Atlanta is the East coast....
  3. Why, why did I read all of this..... Then again, why did I respond... Omg their plan is working..
  4. Hello Fellow Pilots! Some of you may know of Slingpaint Gaming, some may not.. We produce tokens for numerous games, youtube content, etc.. etc..enough about us though... We are trying to help one of our members and one of our close friends make it to Worlds this year! Blake is an amazing ambassador for the game up and down the east coast and Dan is a law enforcement officer who loves to play x-wing. Please check out the story at the link below, and if you can, help send them to worlds! Help Send Dan and Blake to worlds - by: Slingpaint Gaming
  5. Bleh, that sucks but is ironic at the same time
  6. Had this come up last night and we didn't know the correct answer. Bossk is shooting Cluster Missiles and uses 4-Lom to deny the defender use of his focus token. Does this denial carry thought both instances of the Cluster Missile attack or just the first?
  7. I don't mind TLT's.. I just don't like TLT on a Ghost with Kanan when I have to shoot Biggs first lol
  8. Nymz

    Podcast Morale

    It's that noticeable huh? lol We have changed the way we were recording and I have had to step back to focus more on family. I was also practicing for the last Regional here in Raleigh so I spent less time chatting. Berto enjoys all aspects of this game, I lean more to the competitive side, and Blake is an awesome knowledge base and overall great Mix of all sides of Xwing - that guy just loves to play the game, no matter what style. Like Chadwick said, I don't believe we plan to do any podcastings.. But Berto could change that lol. Thanks for the support though, it truly means a lot to us! Should we take you listening us to go to sleep as... we bore you so much we put you to sleep? Or we are the last thing you hear in the real world which makes you dream about us.... Things to ponder I guess. =)
  9. Nymz

    The Secret of Nym

    Someone say Nymz? Oh wait..no Z
  10. MWahahahaha... wait, do we count as a podcast? And omg my laptop camera sucks...
  11. I honestly think it would work... or else, why would any thing else similar work? Actions most certainly nest, look at Rey playing a holdout Blaster, to play an Ambush card... etc etc.. -Darth I'm gonna have to change my avatar aren't I? lol
  12. THIS. IS. AWESOME. Thank you for all of the hard work!! Nymz - Slingpaint.com SlingPaingGaming
  13. SlingPaint Gaming VCX "Ghost" Rod Mod tutorial Tired of your Ghost bumping everything and falling off the peg? Check out how to make it more stable!
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