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  1. If you factor in the mercenaries one of each item should be plenty to choose from but after playing you might find a unit you want more of.
  2. Flanking helps. also firing from the forest evens the odds. I have been very successful with them but if you have bad terrain you have to let it go. if you poison enough units people get upset as well. I almost wiped out my opponent using vipers across a river the other day. They are useful but only with the right circumstances.
  3. I was just looking for a ruling on blood sisters and found this. I like the thematic explaination well enough. They heal off the already bleeding. Also, you don't want an overpowering piece. I was worried about the vampire but I am sure that will be a unit skill. Or could use the double sword. Or you could have the crown cause a damage and heal. That would do too much damage. So many possibilities become apparent with these rules. When you slow down and read them they make sense though
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