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  1. Okay, so my son and I just finished our first game. In the final turn, I found his base, and tried to take the system. He destroyed all of my ships in space leaving him with a handful of fighters. I destroyed all of his ground units. After reading and re-reading the win conditions, it appeared that since he still had ships in orbit, the empire didn't win. He then brought in extra units with rapid mobilization, my remaining ground units were destroyed and the rebels won the game... So, did we play this right? Even though all those pesky rebels were destroyed on the planet surface, the empire didn't win it?
  2. Thanks, this leads to another question though. If that is the case, couldn't someone repeatedly pull fleets from system to system with multiple leaders, provided they were successful in each battle?
  3. I hope this isn't painfully obvious and printed in black and white right before my nose... My son and I are playing out first game, we had a situation where a space fleet needed to be used both to defend a system and attack another system in the same turn. We didn't know if this was legal, so wound up leaving it out of the attack force (second.) Would we have been allowed to use it the second time? Thanks!
  4. Time constraints having kept my son and I from playing for a while, but we sat down to a game yesterday (in which he spanked me mightily.) It hit me again, what a great game Armada really is! Granted it's a bit pricey, but once you get a good selections of ships the replay-ability of the game makes it rank close to the top of my all time favorites. I check the forums pretty regularly and if you went by what you read, a new player wouldn't ever take a chance on it. There are far too many complaints about this that and the other. The reality is that Armada while not perfect is very well done, with great depth and a good (but not great) value when replayed over time. Constructive criticism is always a good thing, but those who leave long hyper-emotive rants about how terrible the game is, sell you're stuff on eBay and find another game. There are plenty out there.
  5. I had assumed that this was just the tip of the iceberg for the Wave III release. That is to say that they have more ships planned with the release but they are going to drag it out in drips and drabs to keep us all interested.
  6. So, first off it's been some time since I've seen the film, so this could be flat wrong... I thought that the Nexus 6 was the newest generation of replicant and therefore he would need to be clued in on how good they were. May be wrong. Go read 'Second Variety' by Philip K ****. I always liked it better than 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'
  7. Two minutes and thirteen seconds... Maybe that's too generous
  8. Love the Death Star mat, but $40 and I still need another one for 3'x6' play? Ouch! We play on an old GeoHex Space mat flipped over so it's only black. Ships don't slide around on the felt one someone (me) accidentally bumps them
  9. Give me some time. Space station, asteroids and wrecks please. Make the wrecks from generic, copyright-free scoff vessels. They should probably be on acrylic bases that are conveniently the exact size and shape of the ones in the game. I was this close to buying the set from Space Rocks before they went belly-up. Lucky I didn't. I sell an asteroid model on my site, it was originally geared towards the Star Fleet Battles and Battlespace crowd, so it's on a hex base. They're not too hard to make your own, get some extruded foam and pick away at it until it has a shape you like and voila! (I suppose that wasn't a very shrewd business move on my part to tell you how to make them...I mean, the only way you can get a quality models is my visiting my website and ordering dozens of them! )
  10. This situation has raised some questions in my mind. There are a number of models on Shapeways made to fit Star Wars games (names intentionally omitted so as not to ruffle anyone's feathers.) I wonder, if Disney were to go after one of them, who would they target? The seller or Shapeways?
  11. My son and I played a 600 point game the other day, no objectives and no obstacles. It took us more than 3 hours to finish the game, but it was a blast. We were both drained by the end of it. Sometimes the smaller games feel incomplete. We get to the final round and it's just a matter of counting up points, not a clear decisive victory (such as flagship being destroyed) for either of us. We've considered a larger game, but I foresee my wife and daughter with crossed arms standing in the doorway tapping their feet impatiently as father and son blast away at each others ships. "Aren't you two finished Yet?!?" Maybe we should play in the basement, not the dining room...
  12. If Disney were to make them a business offer, then that would be a clear indication for me and for every other model building company out there that we could rip of Star Wars or any other Disney franchise and then expect to get a business deal for our efforts. There is a reason that the IP laws are in place, in our current state of technology where any teen aged boy with a minimal amount of know-how can pull 3D model out of video games or off of the internet and drop them into a 3D printer, I imagine that Disney is having to be diligent to make sure that they are getting their 4 billion dollars worth out of the franchise. I've had people copy my models before, I've had people ask me to send them the 3D files so that they could print their own versions. I'm a very small operation, a one man show, who makes models in my spare time. If I was responsible for a company the size of Disney I'd most likely react the same way they did. I hate that this has happened to these guys, but they painted the target on their own backs. If you mess with the bull, don't be surprised when you get the horns.
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