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  1. If you had broken minis on the box, you should open a ticket with ffg (asmodee), just attach a picture of the broken pieces and they will send you replacements. I bought an expansion last year and one master monsters was broken, opened a ticket and got a replacement a few weeks after.
  2. If you check the errata it seems they are not affected: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ce/d7/ced72c29-a9f9-4914-9819-9b477d929157/descent_second_edition_faq_v15.pdf It reads (I added the bold for the relevant part for large monsters): Page 18, “Pit”: This section should read, “Pit spaces are defined by a green line surrounding them. Each time a figure enters a pit space, that figure suffers two damage. A figure in a pit space cannot spend movement points. Other game effects that move a figure a number of spaces or place a figure in a different space without spending movement points can be used to exit a pit space. A figure in a pit space only has line of sight to adjacent figures, and only figures adjacent to a pit space have line of sight to a figure in that pit space. As an action, a figure in a pit space may remove his figure from the map and place it in an adjacent empty space; if there is no adjacent empty space, the figure cannot perform this action. Large monsters suffer the effects of entering and being in a pit space only if their movement ends or is interrupted so that each space they occupy is a pit space.”
  3. Ok got it, I assumed I couldn't do it. I guess I would only be able to use it if the overlod left a space in between the dragons, where I would be able to place the hero adjacent to the red dragon, is this correct? Also thank you for the clarification
  4. I didn't understand, what would be the "closest empty space" in that situation then? Would it be back where the knight started the action? I thought the space where the knight is counts as not empty for the skill...
  5. Hi all, This situation happened last night and I was wondering If could have used oath of honor in it. This was on encounter 1 of the dawnblade (Act 2 Quest) and the overlord blocked us on the sewers with 2 shadow dragons like so: HHDDDD KHDDDD DDDD Red D is for master dragon black D for normal. Could I the knight (K) have used oath of honor to bypass all the way to the other side of both dragons? - My reasoning was no, because I couldn't attack the master dragon since there were no emtpy adjacent spaces to it. If the answer is yes and if the heroes position was like so: HH HK Could I still have used oath of honor skill to do the same teleport, notice the knight is already adjacent to the dragon? Somehow related question, our wildlander had the Crossbow that allow us to move the monster, would she be able to move the master dragon in any way? I'm pretty sure this is a no since he doesn't have anywhere to move, just making sure Thank you
  6. I have been using the tracker, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to save a quest after encounter 1 (I think its not possible at the moment)? Don't know if this happens to a lot of people, but sometimes my group has to stop a play session in the middle of a quest, so it would be nice (if its easy to implement) the ability to save only encounter 1. Even the ability to edit the quest would be good enough. At the moment once you submit (Save) the quest you have to delete the entire quest (travelling, etc) to be able to change anything in it. Awesome work on the site, it helps a ton
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