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  1. I lost to my brother by one hull point before. It was the most intense match of x wing we have played to date. We both had an absolute blast the whole way through and still mention it from time to time. I have won the majority of our games against each other and that particular loss trumps all other matches I have played with regards to sheer enjoyment. However, I can definitely understand the saltiness that comes from losing by one hull point in an event setting considering the time, effort, and expense required to play at that level.
  2. To echo a majority of what has been said, I would slow the large base ships down slightly. Maneuvers above 3 speed in red sounds adequate. I think Immereth is spot on with his list as well. What has really been bugging me lately though is how the Lancer Pursuit Craft has a 5 straight and the Millennium Falcon only has a 4. So much for the MF being the fastest ship (even though the majority of large base ships in the game have the same maneuver speed too). I feel that this is a huge oversight both fluff-wise and to a lesser extent design wise. The dial on the lancer is too wide open in general. I think the JM5k dial is fairly solid (excepting the 4 straight in white). The only change I would make is the 1 hard right to red.
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    Briefly perused the topic with an opposing title (one of four apparently) and thought I should post this to bring balance back to the force. I know there are a number of us who have our agreements/disagreements about aspects of new ships/upgrades/game mechanics etc. coming out but the bottomline is that these new additions are just more tools in the tool box for each faction. I am a die hard Imperial player and think it is awesome the rebels are getting a hi-jacked TIE. The meta will continuously shift and players will have to adapt. I appreciate a game that continues to grow and explore new design space. I have an even greater appreciation for a game that works to keep older ships as relevant as possible (major fan of the defender long before Veterans was even hinted at). Anyway, those who have to post like whiny little ****** can kick rocks if there isn't anything constructive to say. I salute the rest of you who still post meaningful comments/topics regardless of how you feel about this game. Keep flying casual.
  4. (TIE/ln pilots): What is this Target Lock you speak of?
  5. From a game design perspective, I concur. From a thematic standpoint, I always want those titles to do MOAR. It would've been interesting if the Millennium Falcon title had added the Boost action to the bar instead. I completely agree that adding the Boost action to the Falcon title would have married design and theme beautifully. That would have been awesome.
  6. This has my vote. The carrier is my next purchase to run this exact list.
  7. At 31 minutes in, the podcast covers the differing stat lines of the YT-1300 ORS compared to the other pilots of the ship. I can't remember where I read it or heard it (not helpful I know) but the developers determined going forward that general stat changes would be addressed through title cards or similar additional upgrades rather than having varying base stat lines among pilots. Case in point, Punishing One title for the JM5k. I doubt we will see any variance in ship stats going forward and personally I like the approach that keeps even stat lines across the board for any given ship. The pilot abilities and available upgrades should reflect the skill of the pilot to push the craft to its limits in addition to any other mods they have made to the ship. With regards to the Defenders, I think Biophysical is spot on with his assessment and I am very stoked for Ryad. PS 5, EPT, and an awesome ability on my favorite star wars universe ship provides another great tool in the Imperial arsenal.
  8. Ever since the Imperial veterans article was released, I keep coming back to this. It may not be the most competitive, but tractor beam shenanigans followed by a TL modified Vessery primary seems like way too much fun. I keep having thoughts of my opponents last ship being slammed into asteroids turn after turn as Vessery abuses the white K turn and sets up shots.
  9. That's a great find. My brother and I definitely had a couple of these guys too. They came with their own sweet storage box with the ammo rack inside. Good memories for sure.
  10. So, you're saying a 6 year old picked the team colors for the San Francisco Giants? And, as a fan of those same Giants, I heartily approve of my team's colors being represented in the new Star Wars film. Could not agree more. Glad to see a fellow Giants fan on here.
  11. My sentiments exactly. I just don't think I can afford both games but I feel like I'm just dodging bullets and delaying the inevitable. Maybe someday and these deals sure don't help my willpower. Maybe, I'll be able to buy in to Armada like I did for this game by buying an entire collection at once at a discount from a local player. Preach it! I know that I can't afford both games and have even paused further investments into x wing. I'm paying off an engagement ring and planning a wedding so money has been non existent for a minute now. I agree with you though that every time these deals come around, the temptation is so great. I know I will get into Armada, I just have to remind myself that the game will still be around when I have disposable income again, whenever that comes about haha.
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