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  1. Ardaedhel

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    Can confirm: it's good.
  2. Ardaedhel

    VASSAL: Armada Draft...Revised

    You're killing my commitment to take a break from Vassal tourneys...
  3. Ardaedhel

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    Why would you actively try to decrease the proportion of unique squadrons in a Rieekan list? I mean, if you're using generics to fill in the gaps in your mostly-unique wing because they're the best fit, that's one thing, but why would you go into list-building with the goal of avoiding synergy with your admiral? I mean, if you prefer non-uniques, that's cool and totally your prerogative... but then you should save the points on Rieekan who isn't doing much for you and switch to an admiral like Dodonna to take advantage of those non-unique bombers you bought with all the points you saved by going generic. Which brings me to my second point: Where is your offense? You spent 130 points on squadron defense.
  4. Ardaedhel

    Updated RRG...? Sort of...?

    Oh, seems @svelok already did a lot of the legwork on this.
  5. Ardaedhel

    Updated RRG...? Sort of...?

    Looks like the RRG was maybe updated last week... kinda? All the Armada docs have a posting date of 14 June 2018, and there is at least one change in the RRG: "A ship cannot equip more than one copy of the same upgrade card." was added to RRG pg 6 FLEET BUILDING bullet 5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-armada/
  6. Ardaedhel

    The State of Rebel Carriers, Yavaris

    He's talking about the Imp list, not the Raddus list.
  7. Ardaedhel

    Thoughts on Rebels Current Meta?

    Be the change you want to see in the world.
  8. Ardaedhel

    How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

    QFT. Triangle, especially, is fantastic for this if you can set it up. The trade-off is that your lead ship is tangling with the whole enemy fleet alone for a half a turn or so, including eating that opening last/first, so it needs to be either heavily fortified or stripped down enough to be worth trading up.
  9. Ardaedhel

    Alternate Event Formats

    We're doing an alternate-format tourney here in Seattle in a couple weeks (thanks, @Armada Jim). As I understand, these rules are ripped off from Privateer's Steamroller format (and possibly also X-wing's Hangar Bay?), but I'm not directly familiar with either of those. Rules are as normal, except: Each player brings two lists, same faction but with different commanders. At the start of the game, each player reveals his two lists, then each secretly picks one of his own lists to use, then both simultaneously reveal which they chose. I'm pretty excited about it. I've also really enjoyed some other alternate-format events I've played in, particularly Monster Trucks. So, what are some alternate-rules events that you've seen and thought worked well?
  10. Ardaedhel

    News leaked!

    You're a monster. This thread is like those links that you know are rickrolls, but you just have to click anyway....
  11. Ardaedhel

    Dual Cymoon + Interdoctor

    I've run something very similar with a pair of ISD1s and and Interdoctor. It's lots of fun, and I think with practice you can have success with it. Mostly, you just need a plan to deal with being out-deployed and out-activated. Because you will be. It's a lot easier to deal with this with your ISDC's than with the ISD1's I was using; but, on the other hand, your two heavy hitters aren't actually hitting that hard. Another consideration is that a smart opponent will be deploying and moving to isolate one of your two ISDs and deal with only one at a time. That means the other one will need to hit the gas to get engaged--which is fine, and you can do it, but it's going to make it a bit of a challenge to get those QBTs off. I love me some QBTs, I just think you might find yourself having a hard time proccing them. Also, consider Blockade Run. Does a lot to mitigate the very low deployment and make sure you can get both Cymoons on target.
  12. Yup, August since a new announcement--that is, what we're waiting for now. Yes, that means we're coming up on a year since anything new was announced. I'm a pretty **** stalwart Armada fanboy, and even I'm starting to get worn down by three years of being shat on and ignored by FFG.
  13. Ardaedhel

    Victory Class Star Destroyer Only. Officer.

    Blockade Run too. Can't run laterally anywhere the VSD can't get to; can't avoid engagement by camping in the back without giving up victory points.
  14. Ardaedhel

    Hondo - Token Overspill

    Rieekan opponent looking for a squadron token?