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  1. Now, a Rebel squadronless fleet, on the other hand... Have you heard the good news of our lord and savior Mon Mothma?
  2. This is all great on paper, but in practice, the Raider dies before it gets that Flechette shot a solid 80% of the time against well-played squadrons, because the squadron phase is a thing. There is a very narrow band (between distance 1 and close range) in which the Raider's flak can actually hit the squadrons without being hit first in the squadron phase, and those that will get hit unreciprocated are just going to move out of range during the squadron phase (unless they have an activation pending before the Raider gets its shot, which is just that much worse for you). And Instigator doesn't help with that, because the only squadrons in Instigator range are also in shooting-Instigator range. The only way this really works is if you're first player, and you're able to entice your opponent to attack something else that leaves their squadron ball right in front of your obvious pointy death Raider. It's not quite as simple as just bring a huge stick and hit them with it first.
  3. Ard vs DoubleDown ends in my favor. Ard (W) 430 || 71 DD (L) Don't have time for a long writeup, but I do want to make sure I put it out there that DD was one of the best sports I've played against. This game came down to a very tight incidental double arc followed by a very close Avenger-vs-Mon Karren head-to-head that he only lost because I managed to fish up the Sloane accs I needed. After MK went down in turn 3 (maybe opening of 4?), DD had zero offense, and I offered him the option to concede with no hard feelings despite us both knowing we were in it for MoV. He opted to stick it out and give me the rest of the points, even though it was getting late. So, super salute to DoubleDown. o7 If we're doing honorable mentions for sportsmanship, he's got my vote. And as usual, I forgot to start the log til halfway through Turn 1. LOG FILE Deployment order was, as I recall: Ard | DD =========== Goz | GR75 Sqd | Sqd Sqd | Sqd Sqd | GR75 Sqd | Madine Sqd | GR75 QF | MonK Avenger
  4. Well, sure, but we already have a word for those people: Wrong. I may have brought up that possibility...
  5. "BTvenger" is already in my Swype dictionary. I will not be defeated.
  6. Wait... why would it?
  7. Chewing on this. I think Gink has a really good idea here in hybrid aggro/strategic play, with a squadron-light overall build. It's analogous to the super pickle strategic builds that use the MC80 to create a wall of threat and hull to protect the strategic squadrons while they do their shenanigans, except instead of the shi*ty MC80, he uses a pair of far more threatening and survivable MC30s to create the no-man's-land. I'm not actually sure Sato is particularly relevant to the success of the build and, indeed, think he's just as much a liability here as he always is. I have some ideas I want to try out using this fleet archetype, but I'll be doing it using admirals that don't suck.
  8. Lol, you weren't playing in Wave 2 during the Clonisher heyday, were you?
  9. That's a good way to represent it. Not horribly OP, but a lucky Thrust Control Malfunction could easily have the catastrophic results we saw in Jedi, in the right situation.
  10. Just wanted to highlight this. This is a very good description of how to handle squadrons with both the GSD and MC30.
  11. It is far too late for that. #flotillasOP #bombersOP #RieekansOP #RebelsOP #DemosOP #ImpsOP #ISDsOP #AckbarOP #ClassicBenOP ... did I miss any?
  12. Agree. There is a very wide and ever-expanding range of options to mitigate ICBs and Slicers. They're good for what they are (well, Slicers are at least), but not a reliable way to shut out commands from any one ship that really wants that command. Occasionally it'll work, but most of the time, if a fleet is super reliant on one command, the player has already built in backup ways to get that command anyway in considering flexibility. Command flexibility is valuable in its own right, and pretty much all of the flexibility upgrades (SFO, Leia, Comms Net, Hondo, etc, etc) are incidentally also functional counters to command attacks like Slicers and ICB.
  13. Incorrect. inb4 "but the rulebook was written before the card so the card designer probably didn't know the rules!"
  14. But there's the rub. Does "suffer damage from an attack" refer to each individual instance of receiving damage, or does it refer to the Resolve Damage step as a whole? To throw some precedence into the mix, RRG pg 4 DAMAGE: Indeed, the very reference for the "one point at a time" rule reads, RRG pg 4 DAMAGE: Or other upgrade cards that have well-established functionality: If "before you suffer damage" was before each individual point of damage, Bright Hope would halve damage taken rather than reducing it by one. I'm pretty sure TFA is only once per attack. I have waffled on it, but the evidence has been mounting in favor of the once/attack side, while I haven't seen a strong argument in favor of multiple/attack that isn't solidly refuted by the conservative interpretation.