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  1. I definitely tried to find a good Fozzie gif to append to that. There was none on the first page of Google results. Naturally, this means it doesn't exist.
  2. Also honking a rubber chicken with your left hand to distract your opponent while sliding a new token onto your ship with your right.
  3. I mean... I did upthread. Every squadron doesn't have Counter. An A-wing has Counter because the A-wing card card says so. The meaning of the counter keyword is explained in the RRG. The fact that a given squadron has it is conferred by its card.
  4. In exactly the same way keywords do on squadrons.
  5. If squadron keywords are intended to be categorically excluded as "card effects", that definitely needs to be erratad in with the next FAQ, because there is just no textual basis for the claim that the text on a card ceases to count as text on that card if it also appears in the RRG (or supplements). I get the logic, but I disagree with it. It's an internally inconsistent application of the rules and opens the door for abuse. Just off the top of my head: command icon headers, crit symbols on alternate crit effects, and upgrade card symbols are all defined in the RRG but used on cards. Are those not card effects, either?
  6. 100% this. Each attack is separate--so you're free to try and fail to declare multiple non-escorts as targets, but that doesn't give you extra attacks against escorts. Escort doesn't say redirect attacks to the escort, it says you cannot declare non-escorts as targets. There's a legitimate discussion to be had whether IG-88B supersedes that keyword to allow you to do so; less so on whether escort is an attack prevent or a redirect. Sorry @Karneck, I love you but this is a bad ruling.
  7. Just so we're all clear here, "Rakehell" is the longer, almost entirely unused form of "rake", which is a stock character prominent in Restoration drama--a male rascal and general troublemaker, usually primarily in the sense of being a womanizer. The use of "****" in the term is shorthand for "trouble"--it literally just means "troublemaker," in the same way it's used in "hellraiser." It's no more a literal reference to a place of eternal torment than "millennium" is a reference to a thousand revolutions of Earth around Sol.
  8. Currently, yup. Anywhere in the play area beyond distance 1 of each other.
  9. I think rank the roll by your fastest kill (by round #), then by your kill tally. I killed a Ravager on round 6 last Saturday with: Sentry and Avenger (0/396/400) =============================== Star Dreadnought Assault Prototype (250 + 63: 313) + Moff Jerjerrod (23) + Damage Control Officer (5) + Director Krennic (8) + Skilled First Officer (1) + Boarding Troopers (3) + Leading Shots (4) + SW-7 Ion Batteries (5) + XX-9 Turbolasers (5) + Quad Battery Turrets (5) + Ravager (4) Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56 + 27: 83) + Hondo Ohnaka (2) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Projection Experts (6) + Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) + Demolisher (10) Solar Corona Contested Outpost Advanced Gunnery
  10. For the record, I think IG-88B* should bypass escort from a balance perspective, for the reasons Tokra pointed out. I just think he needs a specific errata to do so. *Can someone cleverer than me please come up with a catchy shorthand name for him? I propose "Bravo".
  11. I know you're half joking, Ovi, but 1) Alt arts aren't authoritative afaik, and 2) I consider this (and all the squadrons that actually have escort without the amplifying text printed on) to be further evidence that it is a card effect. The meaning of "Escort" is defined in the RRG; its presence in a certain squadron is not. It is conferred on a given squadron by virtue of being in the card--I don't know how else you could define "card effect" that wouldn't include that.
  12. Escort is defined in, but NOT conferred by, the RRG. I can't see the argument for it not being a card effect.
  13. A keyword. Printed on and conferred by the card. I'm extremely skeptical of that interpretation. Most of the time I can at least see both sides of these questions, but excluding a card effect from the golden rule because it ALSO appears in the rule book seems pretty tenuous to me.
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