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  1. No. You may only use defense tokens when you are the defender against an attack. The recipient is not the defender. This applies to squadrons with defense tokens as well. WAB says the target "suffers damage". So the owner of the ship suffering damage designates the hull zone that suffers damage, and then that hull zone suffers the damage one point at a time. If there are shields on that hull zone, those are depleted first, followed by hull.
  2. Something Super-Duper Big Is Comin'...

    Extraordinarily unlikely.
  3. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    I do not understand how the answer to the activation shenanigans trump admiral is moar activations.
  4. Something Super-Duper Big Is Comin'...

    They were just asked the question at GAMA and said that Wave 7 was not the "something big" they mentioned last year.
  5. Hammerhead Swarm

    Definitely could face some pressure to drop early for that reason. I almost never drop later than round 3 anyway, though, and I think if you're eating medium/close range shots before round 3 then something has already gone horribly wrong. If you went to a Rieekan variant, his ability *may* come into play on round 2, but in that scenario they're probably trying to rush you through the HA nodes, in which case you wanted to drop on round 2 anyway.
  6. Hammerhead Swarm

    With the full Admonition build like that, HA is a no-brainer here imo.
  7. @Nevole vs @Ardaedhel ends at the opening of Round 3 with a concession by Nevole after Sato's flagship goes down in flames. I'm not sure what score/MoV we're calling a concession, @GiledPallaeon. Both AF2s about to follow him into Davy Jones' Deep Space locker--but so was the beleaguered Stormhawk. He won bid, and opted for P2. We played his OS (I think CO would've been the better choice for me, but I just really wanted to chuck that huge fistful of Vader reds). I'm not sure I agreed with Nev's assessment that the game was lost for him. He was going to end up down a flagship and two AF2's, and possibly one of the other MC75's. But he also had at least two ISDs dead to rights already, and a full-up squadron wing with good killing potential left. I think the game would've probably played out to a 6-5 or 7-4 if we'd finished it. MVP of the game was Entrapment Formation. I was a bit concerned about controlling commands on a fleet like this that scarfs up tokens like crazy but doesn't have a lot of ways to gain them other than classic dial -> token... but EF made sure it didn't matter if I had the nav at the right time or not. In two turns, I think I used EF for 7 speed changes (I Hondo'd for a Round 1 EF)--it's extremely good for six Star Destroyers. All three fleet commands saw use across the whole fleet. I really like the triple-FC thing for this format. Worth going squadronless for? Ehhh... Maybe not. But certainly fun. Logs: part 1; part 2. Final board state:
  8. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Happening right now, just because we didn't want to let you guys all down. Board state:
  9. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Postponed until we can get it in. My fault, kid responsibilities.
  10. This kind of thing doesn't particularly interest me at this point, but if you're interested, there is a lot of this kind of content at KDY and... Crap, I'm drawing a blank on the name of @DiabloAzul's site... Anyway, it's a little early to be worrying about "lack of Armada news" imo. We just got a wave that shook up the game in a very major way, and FFG is pushing Legion really hard right now, so it's unsurprising to see a dip in support for games that are already doing fine during Legion's launch. Which is all not to pooh-pooh your idea, btw. If others are interested, by all means have fun. I'm just not, for myself.
  11. Why no Happy Friday!?

    A pallor wreathed the features of the players of the game. A straggling few got up to go, leaving there the rest, With the hope that springs eternal within the human breast.
  12. So where is the new announcement for ships!

    Both of these things have been true since release. Welcome to Armada, the zombie game with a community so strong that FFG doesn't feel the need to coddle us with silly things like regular releases and timely FAQ support.
  13. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Nevole vs Ard this Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!! 1 PST/4 EST! !Red dice or black dice? Starfighters or Star Destroyers!? Which newly-usable admiral walks away??
  14. New Q2 OP Kit

    I don't think there are any yet. Ciena dropped about the same time and there's an AA of her from the CC promo kit they did, but nothing from the actual Squadron II packs AFAIK.