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  1. Or fooled. Frankly, though, there's really no way to tell the difference right now as far as I can tell, so I think we kind of have to go with the assumption that untruth is lying, not being mistaken. Unfortunately. I'm pretty sure there is some kind of... misdirection, or false assumption, or misunderstanding going on somewhere, but I'm not sure we have what we would need in order to draw it out.
  2. Whoops, mis-typed. Fixed
  3. Hey Mad, I think this is your mike here on the ground. You must've dropped it.
  4. Apparently I can see force ghosts, because I HEAR DEAD PEOPLE TALKING. Quiet day today. Too quiet. 1-2 left. I'm inclined to think 2, but hard to say. We got some of the pressure off when we got NIP, but not much. Currently we're at 5-2. If we lynch the wrong one today we're still at 3-2 tomorrow; if we don't lynch at all today we're at 4-2 tomorrow, but have to get the right one tomorrow or it's a draw and the Rebels will outlast us. So that means we have to get 2 of the next three lynchings right, one way or the other. Right now we're looking at... Dab claims not to have seen anything at Madaghmire, then I claim I saw two people there, but don't know who they were, then Gink claims he saw Brob there, then Brob claims not to have been there. ---- Brob's claim could be true in conjunction with anybody else's. Gink's claim could be true in conjunction with mine, but not with mine or Brob's. My claim could be true in conjunction with with Gink's or Brob's, but not Dab's. Dab's claim could only be true in conjunction with Brob's. ---- This doesn't even address the possibility that one or more of us were deluded by some kind of Jedi mind tricks. Hmmmm........
  5. [Meta] Busy day for me, gonna be afk most of the day, sorry guys.
  6. Oblivious to the embedded initialisms, that is.
  7. Am... am I the only one who was completely oblivious to this? Nonetheless, it doesn't exactly clear you--just shows you had a cover story in place by that time. Hmmm... I'll consider, but I do not expect to be changing my vote.
  8. Bro was very quick to jump on this plan (in fairness, it was Mad's plan, and Tirion was actually quicker, but with a much shorter post, indicating Bro spent some time on this). If we assume that Bro and Dab are the Rebels, and we know that NIP was, you have: Mad's plan, which provided an out for Dab, but the group was dubious. Dab of course would obviously be on board with that plan, so they needed someone else to second it if it was going to get traction: Broba with a 3-paragraph post 6 minutes later. A 3-paragraph post that, by the way, pointed fingers at CNinja and Pellaeon both. Note that this doesn't particularly incriminate Brob, but it doesn't help him either. Then, when Ninja accused NIP, his reply upon returning was not to defend himself, but: NIP--a known Rebel, remember--wanted this plan to go through. If he'd known Dab was an Imperial, he'd have advocated for us to lynch him. Further incriminating: Dab bandwaggoned after we'd cleared CNinja on the basis of his name without, as far as I can tell, any real reason, going to so far as to agree with me when I said it'd have been easier to decrypt Ninja's code if he hadn't capitalized the I (which wasn't that big a deal). Finally, though, we have last night, when Dab failed to identify not one, but two visitors to Madaghmire's quarters! I don't know who either was, but I do know that a second person was at Madaghmire's quarters last night. ##vote @DabDarklighter
  9. He claimed BG-1402. And... I mean, I don't know all the roles, but I have a hard time imagining a rebel one that would intentionally blow up himself and just himself.
  10. "You saw him carrying an armload of thermal detonators." "Yup." "Into BG-140X's quarters." "Yup." "At 3 am." "Yup." "Why didn't you... You know... Say something?" "Seemed alright to me."
  11. Well, @DabDarklighter? Since the Rebels are seemingly confident enough to have tipped their hand while you were watching, who did you see go into @Madaghmire's room last night?
  12. How extraordinarily interesting....
  13. From the perspective of the guy forcing you to take those DCOs: H9's and Jonus do work on Contain, and I've used it for such before. If you're running into accuracy tech in your meta, ECM/DCO is still a solid choice.
  14. @DiabloAzul shows up in the rules forum pretty regularly, I'm sure he'll be by.