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  1. Ask him to take off your hat so you can look at him with your own eyes.
  2. Ardaedhel

    3rd party play mats

    Not once. I've gotten two complaints about it from players. I almost always bring it to tourneys in case they are short mats. In both cases, it was a Regionals in which they didn't have enough mats and so put mine out. One said the yoga mat was hurting their eyes because of autism or... something. I don't judge, the complaint is within their rights and at least conceivably justified. The TO let them switch their game to a different table, no big deal. One was mad across the ******* room for no reason other than it being unofficial--he wasn't even the one playing on it. The TO told him he was welcome to replace it by buying a pair of super official X-wing mats from the host store, and otherwise, to suck it.
  3. Ardaedhel

    3rd party play mats

    Confirmed, the yoga mat is the discerning admiral's surface of choice.
  4. Ardaedhel

    North American tourney @ Gen Con

    That is a damned spicy list, @JJs Juggernaut. Very nice.
  5. Ardaedhel

    Is this "the first" Epic ship or the only one?

    The SSD will release with rules for epic format.
  6. Rofl PDR in the Executor.
  7. Ardaedhel

    Deployment of Profundity doll

    For posterity, this has been answered. Your deployment from Profundity may overlap squadrons.
  8. Ardaedhel

    Meta question

  9. Ardaedhel

    Store Champs stream (Toronto) - Live

    Thanks for streaming guys! Missed the outcome of that first game, did the ISD go down?
  10. Ardaedhel

    How best to run Raiders?

    I've been experimenting with lots of Raiders recently, and I'm really liking them. I don't have a holistic answer, but a couple of things I've found: They really like Thrawn. Nav and CF at the same time is super nice. Activation advantage is, of course, really helpful. Targeting Scramblers gives them a pretty nice little boost to survivability. So does Brunson (one-off, of course). The Tua/EWS/OE/Instigator/Flechettes shenanigans actually worked really well for me. If your opponent puts his squadrons in range, great, they're pinned. If not--also great, you just denied him like 3/4 of the relevant battlespace at engagement time. Use that time to kill his carriers.
  11. I'm on board with the tabling rule. I strongly disagree with them having instituted both this and the hard cap of 2. I think it was unnecessarily heavy-handed, and directly removed player choice. I always prefer to see them incentivize changes to fleet composition rather than mandate them, if at all possible. And I think the tabling rule was a sufficiently strong incentive to schwack the 1 Lg + 8 Flot spam that was starting to creep into the game without having to also hard cap flots.
  12. Ardaedhel

    Foresight and Xi7

    Foresight hadn't been released when that FAQ entry was written. Because the relevant wording on Foresight is identical to that on AP, there has never been any need to update the entry. If you think this might be the incorrect interpretation for some reason, feel free to submit the question, but barring that, pretty much any TO is going to rule that XI7 vs Foresight is identical to XI7 vs AP.
  13. Ardaedhel

    Timing question on redirect

    Eehhhh.... It's pretty uncommon to be uncertain whether you need to. There are very few scenarios in which it's not obvious which critical effect the opponent is going to use. Dodonna's Pride is one of the few where there is commonly a reason you might or might not want to resolve the crit effect, and it's super uncommon to see that title. There are of course edge cases where your opponent might or might not want to proc a given crit effect, but for the most part this isn't much of a consideration in evaluating contain.
  14. Ardaedhel

    Timing question on redirect

    I mean... the words are right there. He even bolded it.