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  1. MFW I'm so fixated on keming minutiae that I don't realize the Chosen One has joined the Sith, not destroyed them.
  2. Let me make sure I understand this. You think that Gernes spent Thursday night feverishly drafting and mocking up the core set commander cards because... there was a mad post on the forum?
  3. I've pinged @Worthington FFG III once or twice in the past year. I fear the soul of FFG past may truly have departed this place. Now he speaks only through us, his sheeple.
  4. Generally speaking, I think moar stuff is better up to the point where the game starts to degrade. In my experience, that sweet spot is right about 800.
  5. I agree that many other things are definitely balanced around its existence, so it certainly couldn't be just straight b& to fix it. It would require either a much more extensive revamp effort, or some other effect that simultaneously decreased its value and wasn't wholesale autoinclude. I think EWS was an attempt to do this by undermining how mandatory ECM is in that slot, but the loss of ECM is just too consequential in too many matchups. Kyrsta seems like she'll at least chip away at ECM's dominance, but she's not nearly enough.
  6. In fact, I'd be interested to see anyone else's votes by category. The best part of these for me has always been seeing other people's opinions on things they don't usually talk about. So, my votes and comments were:
  7. I don't see anybody labelled as either a guest or a judge. I'd be really interested to see your votes on every category. The criteria being:
  8. lol Yeah, all those judges who fly *checks notes* ships. Seriously skewed sample.
  9. Just for clarification, are you asking here if an ignition shot includes the non-ignition front arc dice? Because the answer to that is no, the ignition shot includes only the dice shown in the ignition arc--4Red/3Black and 3Red/2Blue/2Black, respectively.
  10. Then don't drop him engaged with an Escort?
  11. I haven't found either of these to be the case, and I think I can explicate the reasons. Second point first: there is a lot of firepower on the table. Because of this, light skirmish ships like the CR90 that rely on avoiding the bulk of the fire have substantially reduced options for doing so, and become less viable. That means fleets tend to be overall heavier, focusing on the big cruisers and battleships. The AF2 is probably the lightest ship that I've seen do well at 800. Squadrons also tend to be less dominant in my experience. There are a couple of reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to 1) density of incoming flak, and 2) the lower cap means they still really only can reliably take down one ship in a round, which isn't enough to build your list around at 800. On the other hand, the large weight of fire means you also really can't afford to put all your eggs in one basket. That means you want multiple of these large ships. All those factors combine to recalibrate the game toward multiple medium/large ships with light or moderate upgrades, possibly supported by a relatively small proportionate investment in light support ships outside the wall of battle. I usually see the ship count hover between 6 and 8; if they bring a squadron screen, it's not often substantially different from a 400-point squadron wing. Obviously this is a generalization, and there are exceptions, but this has been my broad experience with the format. So what you end up getting is a bunch of large ships having at each other. That makes ECM virtually mandatory, especially with the absolutely brutal scaling of the Home One title, so you pretty much figure everything is going to have it. That makes the game all about multiple large shots to try and overheat braces, which is eminently achievable in the format. What you don't get a lot of is single all-in haymaker turbo-activations, because they're assuming you'll be spending that brace anyway, and thus building for multiple fairly heavy shots rather than one super-shot. All that combines to go back and inform the first point: you're not seeing a lot more activations on the table--maybe +2 or 3 relative a normal game. You're just seeing those activations taking the form of bigger ships. And that huge weight of fire means things will often start dying with a quickness by late 2/early 3. My 800 point games are usually substantially pared down, if not detemined, by the end of round 3. The increased activation count does increase the game time, but not nearly as much as you'd expect. In my experience, it adds maybe a half hour or so to the game length, maybe an hour if one player hasn't played the format much yet. TL;DR: 3-4 Large + (2-4 medium/small + squadrons || 2 Large) is sort of where I see the meta land at 800 (SSDs aside). Because stuff dies fast, it doesn't take much longer than a 400.
  12. Secondly, interim FAQ that I'll be using for the event. Please feel free to ping me if you have a question that's not answered here and I'll get you an answer as quickly as I can. 1) Can the SSD deploy overlapping obstacles in Surprise Attack? The SSD must deploy overlapping the station as normal (assuming it is the flagship). It may deploy overlapping other obstacles *only* if you have no other choice. 2) What are the rules for deploying the SSD in Fleet Ambush? SSD can not deploy on obstacles. Don't conspire with your opponent to make it impossible for you to deploy. The Fleet Ambush rules override the SSD's requirements to deploy touching the player's board edge IF the SSD is being deployed in the Ambush Zone. The Fleet Ambush rules also override the SSD's ability to deploy partially outside the deployment area (again, IF the SSD is being deployed in the Ambush Zone), as FA explicitly requires that ships be placed WITHIN the Ambush Zone. 3) Hyperspace Migration: can the same ship score it on every round 2-6 (that is, are the last two sentences mutually exclusive, or can you do both, one after the other, on the same round)? At the end of round you can only resolve one of the end of round effects, not both. 4) Heavy Fire Zone: does this extend the maximum attack range of your anti-squadron armament when used? Yes, this card allows you to treat your blue anti-squadron armament as reds for purposes of satisfying RRG "ATTACK" Step 1 Bullet 1 and Step 2 Bullet 3. 5) In Asteroid Tactics, can I use one exogorth as the basis for placing the other for the End of Round effect (can you chain them?) No.
  13. Quick bump to make sure everyone sees: The location for this weekend's Prime tournament is NOT at the actual store, Uncle's Redmond: they've rented a space across the parking lot. Archer Hotel - Redmond Town Center 7200 164th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052
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