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  1. Ardaedhel

    Armada Inventory Spreadsheet

    Thanks for your work, but I don't seem to be able to access it. It looks like you tried to attach the file directly to your post. Generally, that's an unreliable way to share them on this forum. The best way is to just host them somewhere else like Dropbox or Google Drive or OneDrive, make it public, and then post a link.
  2. Jugger fallen! Roquax fallen! Broba fallen! It's kind of anybody's game at this point. The VWC never disappoints!
  3. Power just went out literally as I was about to post my list. In the middle of a big winter storm so who knows when it'll be back. I'll have to bow out.
  4. I love the sound of it. I think I can do this? Let's go for it, I'm in.
  5. Cool, good game, good format. Thanks for putting it out! Re: the format: I really like the pic-in-pic commentary. Super helpful to have commentary play-by-play to tell why you did what you did, what you were thinking. It's easy to armchair admiral when you're not having to consider the pros and cons of all the alternatives. The cut graphics were hott. Couldn't really tell what you were talking about when you said "this one" or "right here" and pointed to something, but I don't know the solution. Maybe if you could figure out how to do an NFL-style draw-on-the-screen thing... I know there are apps out there to do that. Even with the accelerated video, the bits between the commentary dragged pretty long--I was accelerating on YouTube to 2x, and even then it was dragging a bit. If you can, I think it would be worth it to accelerate the video to 6 or 8x. I'm much more interested in the commentary over the video, so the less time gameplay is running un-commented, the better. This is a perpetual problem with Armada gameplay videos, but the squadrons are basically impossible to track. Especially in squadron-heavy lists, where the squadron interactions are so important, that can make for some frustrating viewing. I've seen them marked with numbers that correspond to a legend, which seemed to work pretty well, though I imagine that's quite a bit of post-prod work. Do you have a second camera you could do cut-ins of the squadron battle, maybe? Beyond that, I really don't know.
  6. Love that preview image
  7. It's cool man, you already told us you couldn't spell. Wouldn't hold that against you.
  8. I don't know who you are or where you came from, but I love you. You are the chosen one.
  9. Dammit, Jeff. Whoa, now, slow your roll. I think we might be dealing with a real Armada celebrity here...
  10. The funny thing is that it might actually be. Compared a classic Admiral post to this latest tirade with this tool. From the site: And...
  11. Ardaedhel


    Just did it. Get you on a tweeter and fanboy it up about #Armada #StarWars2019 and @StarWarsShow. Yeah, you'll sound like a twelve-year-old, but hey, it's for a good* cause!
  12. Ardaedhel

    AI/solo available for Armada?

    I've never seen an AI system that was remotely rigorous (ie, didn't boil down to "do your best to maneuver the other guy well"). Part of the difficulty with an Armada AI boils down to the incredibly, incredibly large variance in possible maneuvers with the maneuver tool. The SSD, which is super limited in its maneuvering, has all these options: That's not to say it *couldn't* be done, of course. Just that it's not remotely as straightforward as HotAC's AI (at least according to my understanding; I don't play X-Wing but read through the rules for HotAC when we looked into this a while back).
  13. Ardaedhel

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    Gawler in. The **** is in the water in Oz?
  14. I just made a bit of a comment on this here: I think the Rebel fleets I'll want to field at the higher point costs will end up looking like 1-2 capital ships and a hodge-podge of cross-supporting smaller ships. That may just be personal preference though: I've never been a particular fan of the large Rebel ships.