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  1. From my experience, there is no real difference in play regardless of what order you play the expansions in. As each one comes with a set of investigators that were designed to fit thematically with each story. I feel your pain regarding The Dunwich Legacy, as I also am looking for a copy of the deluxe expansion. I have asked the question on this forum if it is possible to get "The Return to Dunwich" expansion and get the story experience, or if the deluxe expansion is still required to build the encounter sets. I have not received an answer, but will let you know once I do. I am 3 Mythos packs into Carcosa, and am really liking the story, so I bet you would as well. Happy investigating!!
  2. I am sure this has been asked before, but I was not able to find any answers to my question in a search, and the emails I have sent have gone unanswered. I received a few Dunwich Legacy Mythos packs as a gift, and In really want to play them. I know that I need both see the Core set (I have) and the Dunwich Legacy deluxe expansion (I don't have). The deluxe expansion is out of print now, and copies are going for largely inflated prices online (sometimes in excess of $200). I have no issues paying a little more for quality games and expansions that are harder to find, but I am not willing to pay such inflated prices. My questions are: 1. Will the Dunwich Deluxe expansion be reprinted? If so, when, or should I just assume it is "dead" and keep looking for a copy at a price I am willing to pay? 2. With the understanding that I will not get the Character cards, can I use the Encounter Sets in the Return to the Dunwich Legacy instead? With the "Return to" expansions looking like an ongoing thing, I would want to have it anyway, and it seems like that option would be much more reasonable for me to at least get started on the Dunwich Scenario. As a suggestion, perhaps offer a "Character Pack" including just the character cards from the Deluxe Expansion, so newer player can use those investigators with the Return To expansion.
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