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  1. What if they would release a physical (prefer big) box within it a campaign for players vs overlord but also convert this campaign to the RtL app for co-op? (Like some people did with The Shadow Rune).. That would be a true blow for FFG sales, both sides would be happy (some double happy). That would be a very interesting move.... so Fantasy Flight Games, what would you say? Give it a try!
  2. What colour blue do you use for the edge of the miniature (heroes) base? ?
  3. Yeah! Those turned out great man!! One of my favorits so far ??
  4. So the Flesh Moulders are done! Like the minions, the master turned out to be ok. Happy gaming!
  5. Really nice job you did there! I like your outreaching ideas you put in them. Love you master Shadow Dragon, this gave me an idea I'll will do on other models I still have to paint. Altho I found the dragon rock too high, I like the idea of the master standing out in this kind of way. I think I'll will be doing the same with some models I REALLY like, for display purpose, like the Troll, Bane Spider, Cryptdragon and some other small monsters (as I did with my Ice Wyrm). Will keep you updated , I got a great idea for the crypt dragon now (because of you! THX). Keep up the good work! Greets Miel
  6. First I made a negative mold of silicone for casting. You can look up a hobbystore or website that is specialized for these kind of projects. There you can also find some sort of casting resin (transparant ofcourse) for your iceberg. I added some glow in the dark (blue) pigment to give it a ice look. But now they are more green than blue, this because I forgot the UV blocker that was needed for this kind of resin. So I'll be doing this project again, but this time with the blocker and some blue inkt (from vallejo). Will posting the new results here. Hopefully this will get you going ^^ Greets Miel
  7. Hmmm Imperial Assault had a new digital campaign (jabba, the realm of the crime lord). Mansion of Madness gets a new digital campaign (Altered fates) lets hope Descent is next!!
  8. Spiders were nice to do, wanted a black widow among them. Hope you like them as much as I do. Greets
  9. Zombies were challenging, mainly because of the models, ugly and hard to do. Greets Miel
  10. Barghest were fun to do, happy with the end result. Greets
  11. Shadow Dragons are done, First thought was to place a treasure pile underneath him, but this didn't fit him. So I made the base like any otherone I did so far. Hope you like them Greets Miel
  12. Same as with the red, there you go from red to darkbrown/black, leaving the cracks red while the outer parts will become darker. Goodluck! And post some results of you like to??
  13. No problem! Here's on how I did it. 1. First you start off with a white undercoat, this is essential! 2. Then you paint a thin coat if bright yellow, I used a airbrush for this but it could easily be done with a normal brush 3. Then you apply multiple layers (where you build up the red in the paint) and apply them with the drybrush technic. Make sure you thin out your paint for a good gradient. When drybrushing, don't go as far as when almost all the paint is out of your brush, I would say 50%, or else it would take your hours of work. 4. as finishing touch apply some Agrax Earthshade on the end tips of the flame. Hopefully this will help you with your elements, feel free to ask any questions! Goodluck! greets Miel
  14. Hahah, didn’t think about that. But thats a great story to tell while playing. “Until this day they keep fighting about the current tattoo..”?
  15. Ettins are done, Elite has a tattoo on his belly and the minion is somewhat older and has more scars. Cheers
  16. It must be a misprint, lookt at my copy and all is there. Brought it 1,5 year ago.
  17. Someone shouldn't ask direcly, they will get an answer as always, 'stay tuned' of something like that. Instead someone should start like this: Its been over 2 years since you released any physical content so we can assume this is dead, there will be no more physical content because that would be strange after 2 years. But for the last 2 years you guys keep saying 'something is coming', or 'stay tuned', so the RtL app would be the most logical explanation, but here we also hear of see nothing. What would you think this would do with your fans or new customers (since RtL) if they found out you're not bringing anything new to the table? So the reason behind your 'stay tuned' would be a 'pure selling' statement right? This should be asked, because we already know the answer on the question: Will there be anything coming for D2? ...'stay tuned'... And by asking it like this you can corner them about a presumably announcement of D3 (which I'm not interested in btw). Cheers!!
  18. Finished Valyndra this weekend, happy with the end result! I didn't want to make an all red dragon as the images of her shows, for me that is created by all the fire around here. So I got inspired by some other people in the internet en got myself en a blue/black dragon with fire breading in her chest. Hope you guys like this idea and end result. Cheers! Greets Miel
  19. Sweep and backswing are pretty good with the trolls! And besides that, the miniature of the troll is looking awesome!!! Has some real force in it compared to the ettin
  20. Got my elementals done from the base game, the master has dragonfire. The plan is to do this with all fire related miniatures. Hope you like it. Greets Miel
  21. Yea could be. Well after reading the post of Alcovitch I looked at my copy of LoR for comparison and the quality of those mini's are better! For me personally it's not a problem, nothing I can't fix by painting them, but I can imagine that for those who keep them this way it's a shame the quality of them is lower... the only problem I found is the different scale between early content and new content.
  22. Hmmm lookt it up and mine says: 16107R, not a clue what that should mean... 16th of october...
  23. I got my copy in 2017 and I think thats the reprint. I don't have any reference of the old prints, but I took a picture of my hero's (unpainted) so you can see for yourself. The monster in my SoN are looking good! The major difference is the scale, those heroes are the old (smaller) scale then the new H&M and expension sets. Hope this helps!
  24. Ofcourse they're going to say 'something is coming', what would you think what will happen if they say 'Descent is done, only DLC's for RtL from now on'. This will be a killing blow for the sales of Descent. I have given up hope for Descent physical content. Maybe a Descent 3 in the future, but no way I'll purchase that! Got my collection of Descent 2 almost complete and I would feel ripped off if they would come with a new edition, but hey they are a company that wants to make money and I don't blame them! I'll complete this second edition collection of mine and finish painting them, make a nice storage chest to have it all in one place and enjoy this version of Descent for many years ^^.
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