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  1. Those are from Games Workshop Warhammer. Skeleton Warriors, got them for a bargain. Greets Miel
  2. Hey Watercolour Dragon, I read two things, two opposite things. You want to save time, but on the other hand a very technical painting scheme. The best tip I can give you here is choose one of those two. Or find a balance between these two. I like the idea on what you want with your dragon, but even with multiple years of painting experience I can't think of a way to achieve this is a small amount of time. Goodluck with sorting things out, and don't start mutliple project at ones, that way nothing will get finished ;). Cathedral colours: darkgrey, gold and red/blood. If you have a picture of the building I could give you more. Happy painting, Greets Miel
  3. Here are the blood Apes again, just a repost for rearrange this topic. Greetings!
  4. So a small update again on some painted miniatures: Shades Tell me what you think! Cheers!
  5. An small update again! And got a familiar done for the necromancer class: And I had some chest miniatures of Ristulsmarket: \ And got a AMAZING tip of here on this forum about how to boost up treasure with miniatures! Sorry can't find the post but I tried it on my own and love the outcome! have a look:
  6. @Chaoticus I used a brandless glow in the dark. The bluish effect can also be achieved by using regular pigment. Whatever you choose, choose a bluish one. And use very little of it (small tip of a knife)! Or else you'll loose the transparantie of the resin. Good luck and post some if you have made your own. Greets Miel
  7. Basing

    I think there's no ultimate solution to hybrid your base, because there are so many different tiles. The only thing I can recommend is to put most commen colors from the grass and dungeon on your bases. Atleast that's what I'm trying to do: Goodluck! Greets Miel
  8. Thx all for the compliments ^^! @jopan plz don't push your wife to higher expectations , painting should be fun and rewarding for the painter him/herself. BTW if she reads this: AWESOME THAT YOU PAINT HIS MINIATURES!!!! That must be true love! You're welcome for the information! Again, feel free to ask anything. For now the "see" part must wait, got other priorities. And for the paint: I mainly use Games Workshop paint and Vallejo Game Color. With the Ice Wyrm I used a airbrush (new to it) for the body. Here's a list of paints you can use for your miniatures: Games Workshop, Vallejo Game Color, P3 and Army Painter. Enough choice. I haven't used any varnish yet, got some Testors Dullcote waiting, but I'll add this when I got more mini's ready. Hope this will help, Greets Miel
  9. Hey Zotiskarr, Metallic paints are the only paints I don't thin with water, but not for the reason you discribe. I have never heard or seen metallic paint rust by mixing water to it. My reason is that it will mess up the pigment of the metallic, it doesn't flow evenly . But why do you want to thin your metallic paints? If you really want to thin it, I would suggest thinner for airbrush (vallejo). use the testors dullcote (one of the best on the market). If you want to bring back the shiny in the armor, you can use ardcoat from games workshop. Mind that this will make your armour very shiny! If its to much for you, mix it with some lahmian medium (Games Workshop). Goodluck with the painting, try to enjoy it. Time related (paint) jobs for a starter can be very frustating. greets Miel
  10. So finally completed the Ice Wyrm! Still working on the minion version (struggling with color scheme). But the master is done and I'm happy with it. Bad news is that I have to pauze the painting miniatures, need to order my priorities :(. But after the summer I hope to continue painting Descent! Let me know what you think of him ^^ Greets Miel
  11. Hey Guys, I came across this beast, and I thought I would share it with you . Man what a beast!!! would be fun to have this big baby in the game ] Thought about it to purchase it for a diorama scene, but first I want to finish my current miniatures from Descent before I start with an other project Greets Miel
  12. I paint the edges of the base red to indicate that it's a master, minions are black. You can check it out in my topic: Painted Descent You can also apply this to clear bases, its up to you! Greets Miel
  13. Aaah yes music! Can be a nice touch to the gameplay ^^. Thx for the tips you already gave. I made a playlist for the background, most music in that playlist is from the game Reckoning, Age of Amalur, real nice soundtrack (and game :P). Playlist I'm going to check out the links you guys posted Ow and HoMM is epic, played so many hours... especially HoMM 3!! Greets Miel
  14. possible, but the outcome of damage can/will be a lot lower (unless you upscale the current value) so it would be harder and will take longer to kill monsters and bosses.