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  1. TryFal

    Ogres and trolls

    Sweep and backswing are pretty good with the trolls! And besides that, the miniature of the troll is looking awesome!!! Has some real force in it compared to the ettin
  2. Got my elementals done from the base game, the master has dragonfire. The plan is to do this with all fire related miniatures. Hope you like it. Greets Miel
  3. Yea could be. Well after reading the post of Alcovitch I looked at my copy of LoR for comparison and the quality of those mini's are better! For me personally it's not a problem, nothing I can't fix by painting them, but I can imagine that for those who keep them this way it's a shame the quality of them is lower... the only problem I found is the different scale between early content and new content.
  4. Hmmm lookt it up and mine says: 16107R, not a clue what that should mean... 16th of october...
  5. I got my copy in 2017 and I think thats the reprint. I don't have any reference of the old prints, but I took a picture of my hero's (unpainted) so you can see for yourself. The monster in my SoN are looking good! The major difference is the scale, those heroes are the old (smaller) scale then the new H&M and expension sets. Hope this helps!
  6. Ofcourse they're going to say 'something is coming', what would you think what will happen if they say 'Descent is done, only DLC's for RtL from now on'. This will be a killing blow for the sales of Descent. I have given up hope for Descent physical content. Maybe a Descent 3 in the future, but no way I'll purchase that! Got my collection of Descent 2 almost complete and I would feel ripped off if they would come with a new edition, but hey they are a company that wants to make money and I don't blame them! I'll complete this second edition collection of mine and finish painting them, make a nice storage chest to have it all in one place and enjoy this version of Descent for many years ^^.
  7. I love this idea!! I would say 2 quest per hero, but rewards will have less value. So to make it interesting you could make the quest interactive, so the hero/group can choose from different actions (within the quest itself), that will alter the outcome: choose the right path to chase bandits, and with some attributes you can get hits on what way to go, if you choose wrong the quest will get to a dead end and therefor fails or get harder to complete (in the next quest). Maybe make some sort of group quest: preselected group of hero's (in with you can choose classes) with each hero has its own goal. You can go as far as: which quest first? Choose wisely because there may be a time event, for example: Chasing the bandits that killed the hero loved one, but the longer you wait or choose to do a other quest first, the harder this quest will get to complete, so if you choose to do this quest first it will be a small map, do it later, the map will be considerably larger. To keep the balance this will happen with all the goals of the hero's. But what quest will give the best rewards for other (harder) quest? So the team needs to consult with each other very carefully. This way rewards will have more value and the quest have more variation. There is so much you can do with this concept!! I love it!!! Hopefully FFG will come up with some sort of game aspect in RtL, the app is perfect for these kind of addons. Would pay for them instandly
  8. Those are from Games Workshop Warhammer. Skeleton Warriors, got them for a bargain. Greets Miel
  9. Hey Watercolour Dragon, I read two things, two opposite things. You want to save time, but on the other hand a very technical painting scheme. The best tip I can give you here is choose one of those two. Or find a balance between these two. I like the idea on what you want with your dragon, but even with multiple years of painting experience I can't think of a way to achieve this is a small amount of time. Goodluck with sorting things out, and don't start mutliple project at ones, that way nothing will get finished ;). Cathedral colours: darkgrey, gold and red/blood. If you have a picture of the building I could give you more. Happy painting, Greets Miel
  10. Here are the blood Apes again, just a repost for rearrange this topic. Greetings!
  11. So a small update again on some painted miniatures: Shades Tell me what you think! Cheers!
  12. An small update again! And got a familiar done for the necromancer class: And I had some chest miniatures of Ristulsmarket: \ And got a AMAZING tip of here on this forum about how to boost up treasure with miniatures! Sorry can't find the post but I tried it on my own and love the outcome! have a look:
  13. @Chaoticus I used a brandless glow in the dark. The bluish effect can also be achieved by using regular pigment. Whatever you choose, choose a bluish one. And use very little of it (small tip of a knife)! Or else you'll loose the transparantie of the resin. Good luck and post some if you have made your own. Greets Miel
  14. TryFal


    I think there's no ultimate solution to hybrid your base, because there are so many different tiles. The only thing I can recommend is to put most commen colors from the grass and dungeon on your bases. Atleast that's what I'm trying to do: Goodluck! Greets Miel