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  1. Is there really a reason to keep the POP token?
  2. I may get them for my epic ships but that would be it. Way to expensive. They should just include them with future pieces.
  3. DarthMoose74 I am in Loyal Droids.
  4. Britishfest.com Tickets! They are playing X-wing there! Also lots of star wars panels, droids, props and one of the EWOK actors!
  5. I love love love Rebels!!!! Way better than some of the previews of other animated crap on that channel. Some of the other stuff is so dum and very perverted for kid show. Makes me cringe. At least Rebels has an IQ to it. Wish the TRON series would have stayed as well.
  6. Title says it all. Yes I know wave 8 is not even all out yet but still curious.
  7. Could you imagine the Invisible Hand or a droid control ship as a HUGE piece!!!! I for one would love all the separatist droid ships!
  8. Well I don't know if it means anything but Amazon has a shipping date of February 17th for the new wave stuff.
  9. Right now no. If I find a place that sells them for less than $4.00 I might get them for my Epic ships only.
  10. They are older posts on this blog but they are there. Really makes the games fell more....well....Star Wars with a droid copilot! www.Moosesworkshop.com
  11. Is there anywhere ti get these blank stat card images?
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