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  1. Looking through a beta builder. Nothing has jumped out. Sadface.
  2. Through a series of 2nd hand bulk buys I ended up with 5 HWK-290's (one still in packet, I was going to sell dring v.1) I haven't really had a chance to study hardly any of the new stuff in 2.0, but at 32 points base model I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the viability of a loony 5 HWK swarm might be? Fire away.
  3. Is Armada a thing? I can assure you this was a totally independently derived question of whatever you are thinking of.
  4. I'm one of those weirdos that, if you can fly 100 points of a ship, then I like to own 100 points of that ship, there are exceptions, especially more recent waves I've toned that back a bit but, yes, that would be nice if two packs would aim to cover most bases up to the new 200 point limit, that would be ideal. I dare say, I'm not going to get that wish.
  5. Is there a Millennium Bug update for this? If not, I'm kind of scared.
  6. An arc dodging booster can also get out of arcs... To repeat, I'm not against aiming, and I am even OK if this is done before any dials are revealed, in fact that would be preferred, but still think it is annoying to make it a whole action. Time will tell I suppose.
  7. That's not a counter argument. You still need to plan ahead to predict where to aim, you just don't get an action.
  8. So they are making it an action? Cause that is pretty crappy. I don't mind the aiming bit, but forgoing an action to do so is not my idea of fun.
  9. Tie. (setup only): When flying 8 tie fighters, you may add another tie. 4 points. Fixed.
  10. Young Chewbacca? He's like 200 years old or something. He shouldn't have "aged" much.
  11. No one noticed the colour of the milk? What sort of fans are you guys?
  12. But the whining that it is OP will increase by 100%
  13. Basically any action on a damage card. Then I am screwed over for another round!
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