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  1. Here is something I can up with for Devastators. It still needs to be play tested and balanced. Let me know what you guys think: Deathwatch Heavy Weapons Specialist Requirements: Rank 4, Marksman’s Honour, Marksman, Target Selection Cost: 4000xp Wargear: Fire Storm Multi-melta, half requisition for all heavy weapons ammunition Special Ability: Shredder of armour The Heavy weapon specialist is a master of bringing down opponent's armor. If he performs a called shot and succeeds in hitting the target, he brings that location’s armour down by half his unmodified BS (rounding up) for half his rank (rounding up) rounds. Intimidate Special Use: Bolter Diplomacy The Heavy weapon specialist lets his prodigious skill with his heavy bolter do that talking. As a half action he may attempt opposed intimidate test using his Ballistic skill vs opponents Willpower to shoot at the opponent’s viscinity. If he is successful the target is intimidated by the battle brother’s prowess. If the battle-brother fails his Ballistic Skill Check by 3 or more degrees he unintentionally shoots his target consider the every degree above 3 as an additional hit. Advance Cost Type Prerequisites Demolition 400 S Demolition +10 600 S Demolition Demolition +20 600 S Demolition +10 Tech-Use 800 S Tech-Use +10 800 S Tech-Use Tech-Use +20 1000 S Tech-Use +10 Eye of Vengeance 1500 T BS 50 Sharpshooter 1000 T BS 40, Deadeye Shot Heavy Weapon Artificer* (x3) 2000 T Trade (Armourer) +10 Heavy Weapon Maester* (x3) 2000 T BS 60 New Talent: Heavy Weapon Artificer The Battle-Brother is so accustomed to firing and maintaining his heavy weapons that through sheer rot he is able to make them function better. This Talent upgrades the battle brother’s standard gear or Signature Wargear weapon’s craftsmanship by 1 degree, so common becomes good, good becomes best. A particular weapon must be chosen. The same weapon can be chosen again or a different weapon may be chosen. New Talent: Heavy Weapon Maester The Battle-Brother knows the strengths and limits of his weapons. When firing a particular heavy weapon he gains +2 damage and +2 penetration with that weapon. This may be chosen again for a different weapon with a total of 3 heavy weapons. I used the Intimidate specifically for one of my players. I know its not really WH40K vibe perhaps people could suggest something to replace it.
  2. At the risk of repeating points already mentioned I would like to say 2 things: 1. Rites of battle has an extension on how renown can be awarded and taken away. Its very good if you are creating your own missions but also to apply to book missions. 2. Renown can be LOST as well. Exp cannot. So a kill team can goof up and loss 2-5 renown depending on how bad. Apply these rules my KT has earned 18,000 exp so far with 44 renown. So thats 409 exp per point of renown which falls within your range. I think of it as Renown is a reflection of how well they did on their mission as perceived by others and exp a measure of how much they learnt from the mission. So in that respect I don't think they are really related. You could be a badass Assault Marine but no one notices your explots and your renown is still ****.
  3. Hey There I was looking to do a bait and switch by building up the Necrons as the grand foe in my campaign but instead its chaos taking over Men of Iron STC and creating a massive army. To that end I wanna know how would an average Man of Iron looks in terms of stats. Is there something already out there? What should be their basis compared to a Space Marine? Thanks for you help.
  4. Hey Gokuscurse; I am running a deathwatch game on roll20.net on Saturdays at 2pm Pacific Standard Time. The ruleset is very fluid with elements from DW, OW and Black Crusade. If you are interested let me know.
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