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  1. So disappointed that FFG didn’t have any Descent news at GenCon. i just want to know thet they are planning something for Descent, anything!
  2. I'd like to see a 3rd edition... or as others have said, more of a 2.5 edition but. it would be a new setting Contained ina big box e.g a frozen waste, jungle continent etc within Terrinoth, and would not be a completely new set of rules. this would give me a reason to buy. It would update/clear up older rules but have new content and allow me to use all my 2nd edition content. It would be compatible OOTB with the the road to legend campaign. It would add new rules and abilities, OL and heros. Id also imagine any newer releases they might be tempted to updated the scale of miniatures inline with Runewars.
  3. I never knew this was a thing! im very interested in this, I will sign up on the BGG Forum, can anyone access your particular forum to 'watch' how it plays? when you've finished your current games hopefully I'll have some time to sort out having a go!
  4. I'd recommend Nerekhall, as that will then let you use Seeds of Corruption campaign. but lair of the wyrm is a good expansion to get, I bought this aswell, and enjoyed the new quests and additional app content.
  5. I like that dungeon keeper idea @warfinger ! Brilliant. @kaaihn I've actually got the dungeon saga door set and do use them! I'm a sucker for terrain and would recommend to everyone to use such pieces to enhance the game. But as a sucker for terrain I would like to see game specific stuff aswell you can guess the type of thing I mean, search token replace menus etc and maybe pieces to place on the board for blocked terrain items etc. It's a very niche set of nits and I'm sure a lot of ppl, myself included, will continue to use proxy pieces but it's something that FFG could put out there that I'm sure would find a buyer. Aswell as terrain FFG could also put of a series of replacements for villagers/guards/townsfolk, they could be bundled in a box with extra cards, and quests perhaps new mechanics that let you 'hire' mercenaries to use alongside your group the same way as reanimates etc and use them on new harder quests. They could have a cost/reward mechanic where by depending how much you pay them Depends how willing they are to continue on an adventure or do your bidding! Maybe even a new search card that when revealed causes a henchman to betray you and try to escape with the found gold/item? Thoughts?
  6. New search deck definitely, new items and tiles all great ideas, agree with them all. I really enjoy the 2.5d style of dungeon crawlers that use terrain so maybe some FFG released and terrinoth themed terrain to add the extra dimension to the game.
  7. Hello all, long time lurker on the forums, love Descent and RtL. My question/suggestion is: Are there any plans in future updates to provide a function/facility for players to create their own Heros? The provided heroes are *many* and varied and excellent but the RtL app has added a new level of role play to Descent with the in game search decisions, travel events, side quests and town phases which I know were mostly present in the original game but somehow the app makes them all feel more fulfilling somehow. And it's something I'd like to see more of. I feel that a facility to create your own character, from a series of options, race/stats/classes etc and from a list of preset feats (all fairly standard stuff) would add even more depth to the app and Decent in general. FFG could even sell blank character sheets (or release as a free PDF
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