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    No no, the forum has already said that these ships are bad. Don't you understand! They don't fint the META! They clearly overcosted and useless, force should not cost ponts..... Did you not get the memo?
  2. Not sure why people continue underestimate how powerful force points are. The flexibility of a "floating" renewing dice mod alone is huge, and then you add in the ways it can be used it quickly becomes degenerate. A well flown ship with force and high agility is well near unkillable.
  3. I liked it. One of the main tensions in Rokugan is that their system is horribly oppressive but also driven by divine mandate of demonstrably real gods based on the demonstrably real facets of the spiritual world. However, Shinsei told Hantei things he did not know about the nature of existence when they met, and the Tao has been interpreted and missundertstod as time has passed. As such, while the gods are real, they are decidedly little gods, and even the great Kami are not omnipotent or omniscient. As for the priests and samurai, their knowledge of spiritual truths is at best very limited in scope. As such, the Perfect land might in fact be onto a real thing, there might in fact be a way for peasants to reach enlightenment outside of the system of a (also demonstrably) corrupt Empire. Of course, that does not mean that things won't go badly for them, or that they aren't antagonists. But I really enjoy they seem to be true believers, not a kolat trick. At least their cause is very sympathetic, the pesants and outcasts of Rokugan really could use some help and hope.
  4. In fiction, Buzzdroids were able to be shaken of by doing weird maneuvers or scraping them of on other ships/astorids. This is consistent with how they work now. Remember that unless the other ship can move backwards or block its front arc, the droid will stick to the ship and move with it. Only by maneuvering through a roll or by blocking the front arc completely can you shake the drones. This is, if anything, closer to how the Buzzdrones work in fiction than just having them stick regardless would have.
  5. I guess you are wrong about Aranat. At worst it is 6/6 with 1 fate, and that is if your opponent does not reveal any provinces from their row. If you play Shiro Shinjo (which is the deck this goes in), whatever choice your opponent makes will gain you fate, either as income or on this. Not is it a negative that it cannot come back with Cav reserves, for Cav reserves you most often want at least 2 bodies because of the many Unicorn synergies with more characters than the opponent, and Cav Reserves is a way to circumvent the problem with flooding the board. This would make a poor Cav reserve target. Also, warriors of the wind can potentially win the game. Fainting an attack to bait out the defense, then switching in the main force (or not) is hugely powerful. Moving out of conflict is very powerful when it is flexible, and this is.
  6. Slightly concerned that Sotorii is just such an ******* that it is impossible not to hate him. If, as many assume, this is leading up to a civil war, then there should be something more to Sotorii beside being the oldest heir, some hint that he can become a good Emperor once he matures. Something so that the Emperor has a good reason to pass him over for succession, but might be wrong about him in the end.
  7. First, one faction must be the least played, least top cuts faction. At the moment that might be Rebels (though I have seen no comprehensive statistics on this. However, the question is if Rebels have no chance in tournaments (like Scum when they were released)? And that is clearly not true, especially if you look outside NA, which sometimes becomes very preoccupied with the "meta". The latest SoS in Poland had a close to even split between all factions in top 16, and a rebel in top 4. If the state of rebels was so dire, that should be impossible.
  8. Please speak for yourself, and not for the "fans". Regarding the format,it is fine I guess. We usually do local tournaments completely outside of the FFG standards, and the prizes that are interesting are nearly always provided by the local stores or clubs. Nor do we really care about the tournament schedule and ladder of FFG most of the time. So what the "official" format is for these tournaments does not really matter that much, but it is interesting to have an alternative format for variety. I only fear that FFG will not balance for Extended, which is the usual problem in games with more than 1 competitve format.
  9. It is not that the dark side shies away from such skills, but that they do not have the patience or calmness of mind to perform them, nor to dedicate years mastering a technique that is "weak" in their mind, The Dark sides defining characteristic is impatience. Of course there are expeptions, but there is also "good guys" that sometimes let their emotions take hold and use darker powers fueled by anger and such. But for the purpose of the game, Light Side powers makes as much sense as Dark Side powers. Both sides do not bother with learning the other sides powers, for different reasons.
  10. Looking in the gallery linked above, it seems clear that 2 of those pilots are SFs, and Vold is an FO.
  11. No FAQ is needed. The Fail sequition says this: Each effect indicates what this default effect is. For decloak it is: which happens instead of the intended effect (not this it is instead of, so the intended effect has been replaced by this default effect). Since decloak is not an action, the part about actions is not relevant, but since the effect triggered by the ability decloak has now happened and been replaced, the system step for that ship is now over, since you trigger all your abilites for each ship at the same time and rank them in the abilities queue. In Replacement effects: Once the ability queue for your ship is over, the next ship gets one. This is shown here: I think this is clear enough that no FAQ is needed here.
  12. Are you saying that you have 1 ship with 2 attack dice left that costs exactly the same as 2 ships with 3 attack dice on the opposing side, after playing for 75 min? Final salvo will only happen in a "draw" situation, mutual destruction or exactly equal score values after time has been called. This has actually never happened to me in a tournament situation, but if it did it would seem that the match was so equal that it came down to a dice roll anyway, so one more would not matter. I think it is an ingenious solution to the problem, it makes a mockery of intentional draws (good) and will nearly never come up in a normally played game.
  13. More Force Users are a good thing. I predict another one later, likely a repentant Inqusitor. One of the weirdest and most absurd ideas in Star Wars fandom is that Luke is the only force user that can learn to use the force actively and weild a lightsaber. The known Galaxy has trillions of inhabitants, for there to be any viable concept of The Force there needs to be lots of poeple that have it, even absurdly low levels of probaility (like 1:100 000 000) there would still be tens of thousands of people capable of learning to use the force, something all the movies have shown can be done instinctlively. Not to mention that being a Jedi is not about wielding a lightsaber or using the Force, its about a religious philosophy (much like the Sith). Jedi are a religious organisation of monks, and they are extinct at this time. Doesn't stop the the Galaxy form brimming with peopel capable of using their weapons or using the Force. Only thing I dislike about this expansion is Agent Blaise, I had hoped for a female villain.
  14. You just have to stagger your movment a bit, this card requires planning. Still, if your first KFighter makes a red turn, the second can make a green manuver to clear stress and take a focus, giving the first one focus even if he took a red manuver this turn. Next turn just flip the order. This way, your ships will always have focus, and an amazing action economy. Works best with many ships with the same PS and EPT, coincidentally something Scum has in abundance. Slightly vounrerable, it is true, but even a stress hog or tactican can't really mess much with your action economy. Manaroo combos well with this too, giving you an additonal focus to play with (or two, if she takes Recon Specialist, transfers both focuses away then regains one focus). I really love this card.
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