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  1. Thanks for the question. We will have to write this somewhere in the book. The Soul of Kellos is ought to be 1 square too.
  2. some updates : change to the final boss, two environment cards, rework on some quests, two relics, parts of the story and special rules. A lot more to come
  3. Hi all, i am currently writing a custom campaign for Descent 2e. Quests are on the vault, but as i edit them quite often, here is a dropbox link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/npyq0jjcg05jnvf/AAC_EbcKdIYaARn4JAMQW3Zwa?dl=0 The campaign still misses a few things (two lieutenant cards, an environment card), and rewards. The story is not written yet, it will be done later when everything will be playtested, even if the quests follow it :) Any feedback would be very much appreciated, to help with game balance. Good play to all,
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