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    People are commenting on the awesome dial for the Shadowcaster, but it didn't surprise me. The ship has two HUGE light sabers mounted to it! I mean...this thing is obviously powered by kyber crystals. Of course it is fast and maneuverable. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing could do the Kessel run in under 11 parsecs. And I would hate to get caught in a range one attack when those bad boys are activated. Basically....best ship EVER!
  2. Awesome resource, you only forgot one thing: HAN SHOOTS FIRST!
  3. After listening more and thinking about it, here it is: Stay On Target - ROTC - you guys are faithfully holding a vigil for all those Bothans that gave their lives for the Deathstar plans and X-Wing tips. Thank you for your service!
  4. So, I've been playing this game for a little over a year now and I still enjoy the heck out of it. Over this past year, I've become a pretty faithful listener to several podcasts about it. I noticed that by listening to these podcasts, I have outpaced the friends who introduced me to the game in many ways. Then it occurred to me that these podcasts have served as something of an X-Wing University to educate me in the ways of flying little plastic ships. (I was going to call it a Khan Academy, but that is way too Trekkie!) So, continuing in this train of thought, I wondered, if each of the podcasts could be broken down into different subjects to form the complete curriculum? Here is what I have so far: NOVA Squadron Radio - MATH - Required course (MathWing anyone?) Scum & Villainy - SCIENCE - Required course (They have their own mad scientist!) Kessel Run - Greek Club - Extracurricular (These guys are all about breaking the rules and having fun!) Back To Dials - ENGLISH - Required course (Poetry, love notes, and bad English accents be here mates!) Mynock Squadron - Football Team - Extracurricular (These guys are highly competitive jocks who want to take State!) TCX - Study Hall - This is where you go when you need a quick cram session! Cloud City Radio & 186th Squadron - Study Abroad Programs - When you want to know how they do things across the pond! Like, do their droids plug into the same side of the cockpit as ours do here in the states? That's all I got so far. I haven't listened to Stay On Target podcast enough yet to get their feel. Any good ideas for them? Am I on the right track here with these or are they way off? Anyways, thank you to everyone on these shows. I enjoy each of them.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this! Two friends and I started are starting a campaign together. The first night, we built our characters and did first two missions. Found the AI to be surprisingly reasonable. I was initially doubtful it would work, but those doubts are gone now. It somehow balances ideal moves, with slightly less ideal moves and maintains a healthy dose of unpredictability. Good work on that! We somehow missed that the XP for damaging ships was per turn. We played that it was only per mission. As a result, we ended up with very few XP to spend, and since two of our ships ended up ejecting, it was a very dismal showing on our part. I am glad that further reading has cleared this up. Because of this, we will be starting over again. On that note, applause for the well made manual. One thing that I wanted in the manual, but wasn't there, was an index at the end with key words/phrases. Have you considered including one in future versions? It would help with locating random rules.
  6. This is such a great idea! Another added benefit would be to avoid ship collisions when they get too close to each other.
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    Then I offer my services as a playtester.
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    Partially agree, but some characters have complicated pasts. Take Soontir Fel, he fought on both sides.
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    I wanted there to be a thread for people to share their ideas for FFG with FFG. I hope that this can serve that function. *If there is already a similar thread in existence, I have not seen it. If so, please inform me. I am fairly new to the forums. Let me begin: Paper Only Expansions. These small packs would consist of pilot cards, upgrade cards, ship base cardboards, and maybe dials. No ships, pegs, or bases. These packs could serve many functions advantageous for FFG and players alike. What I would love to see come out of this: New pilots for pre-existing ships. Some ships like the Z-95 and TIE Defender just don't have many good pilots. This idea could provide a good way to facilitate adding more pilots. More cross-factional ships. I so want there to be a rebel version of the Lambda shuttle. More cross-factional pilots. Rebel Soontir Fel? Scum Han Solo? Yes please! Why this makes sense for FFG: Cheap to manufacture and ship, but can still be sold at a healthy premium while still being viewed as more affordable by players. Can help provide extended revenue from the ships already purchased by consumers. For ships not targeted for inclusion in an "Aces" expansion, this could be a great alternative. Potential shorter/easier project timelines. Why this makes sense for FLGS: Lower price point=easier sale Smaller packaging requires less shelf space and storage room Creates an easy up-sale opportunity. Why this makes sense for PLAYERS: We've already bought piles of ships from the first waves. We don't need the ships, just the cards to accompany them. Breath new life into old ships and lists. Cheaper than an "Aces" expansion MOAR options! 2. Captured Ship. As I mentioned above, I would like to see more cross-factional ships. This could be partially facilitated through a new Captured Ship rule. A ship with the Captured Ship header would gain certain benefits before and during the initial engagement, but not afterwards. So, for example, the rebels have captured a Lambda Shuttle and are using it to infiltrate an Imperial base. While at range 2+ and before the shuttle has shot, enemies would not be able to target it. Any enemy that the shuttle shoots at during its initial engagement is -1 agility and cannot use evade tokens. Once the shuttle targets an enemy, it is identified and can now be targeted itself. If the shuttle comes within range 1 of an enemy, it is identified and can be targeted by the enemy. All combat involving the captured ship after its initial engagement is normal as it has been identified by the enemy. Anyways, there are two ideas to start the discussion. What do you think?
  10. Well, I got my first match in with this Green Arrow list and I emerged victorious! My friend was playing Brobots with IG-88C&D. I think he was going for maximum maneuverability. Each one had VI, HLC, and a Seismic Charge, along with a few other cards. I realized that I only have 2 hull upgrades, so I played Stealth Device on 2 of my A's. I set up centered in the arrow formation. I feel like I screwed up the asteroid deployment. There wasn't a good lane to charge down. I was able to maintain formation for the first 4 turns or so, but then it started getting broken up. Despite this, it was fairly easy to stay in range one to make Wingman work almost every turn. I forgot about the seismic charges; he got me with both of them doing 5 damage total, but he also got himself with the second seismic charge for 1 damage. He destroyed one of my A's, then I destroyed one of his ships, then I finished him off with my three remaining A's. One of the A's was even still at full health. I think the reason I won was due to above average dice rolls. One of his ships had Sensor Jammer which made it extremely hard to land a hit. This really highlighted one of the weaknesses of the A-wing for me: it's 2 dice attack. I feel like it really forces you to close the gap and go for range 1 shots. Luckily, with Wingman and the A's awesome dial, this was doable. Since the Aggressors are a large base ship and do not have barrel roll, they have difficulty out arc-dodging A-wings. Another thing I like about this list is that all the ships are identical. This allows you to use any of them for any role you might need. Any of them can be the "attacker" and If you need to block something, any of them can do it. Also, you can choose the order of movement. All in all, it was a fun list that I look forward to running again.
  11. I am a Test Technician. This means I get paid to break things for a living. I am very good at what I do and I enjoy my job very much.
  12. Loving this thread! I just got into X-wing this year. My buddy gifted me a Core set at Christmas and I was instantly hooked. I recently bought a 4th Z-95 just to get the 4th Wingman card just so I could fly this list. I intend to try this 4 Green Squadron list the next time I play rebels against my friends. I really like the idea that this build can actually clear stress twice per turn, per ship. And that it essentially turns the A-wings into mini Defenders that can K-turn all day long. My only notable past experience of playing A-wings was at the Vancouver, WA regionals earlier this year, where I (for some strange reason) decided to bring a list that I had never played before. It was: Etahn A'baht / R2-D2 / PTL Prototype Pilot / Chardaan Refit Prototype Pilot / Chardaan Refit Prototype Pilot / Chardaan Refit Prototype Pilot / Chardaan Refit Total:99 points The strategy here is pretty obvious. Hold Etahn back at a safe distance where he has maximum arc on the enemy, meanwhile, the Prototype pilots race in the take their optimized shots. I only went 1-4, but I am convinced that, with practice, it could be more effective. That day, TIE Interceptors were the most common ship. It was hard to get good shots when the Interceptors were moving after me and could barrel roll. I learned the hard way that A's cannot engage Interceptors on their territory (by out arc dodging them). And I wasn't really sure what the answer was until this thread. The idea is to try using the speed of the A's to make strafing runs. Genius! I have had some success playing TIE swarms. They are typically in a checkered or box formation. The Finger 4 formation intrigues me as I have never used it. I look forward to using it with the Greens. The new Wired card is also intriguing, but probably not going to try it until FFG includes it in a small ship expansion. Anyways, thanks for the ideas GSL. I hope this thread continues to grow.
  13. I recently had fun trying out this list with a friend: Poe Dameron (31) - R5-P9 (3) Wedge Antilles (29) - Predator (3) - BB-8 (2) Luke SkyWalker (28) - R2-D2 (4) =100 pts My friend fielded a mixed TIE force. BB-8 came in handy a few times helping Wedge to line up his shots. Poe is absolutely all around awesomeness with R5-P9. And Luke was the same old hard to kill Luke. It was nice having two ships regenerating shields during the game. Incidentally, the last time I tried an all X-Wing list, it was four Rookie Pilots each armed with Proton Torpedoes. I lost that match horribly.
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