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  1. Hooray!!!!! This ALL looks awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it. THANK YOU FFG!!!!!
  2. Wasn't that what Miskatonic did? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more content or a new 2nd Edition approach to the game that incorporates elements of newer designs, but I kinda think FFG is tapped out on this title in its current incarnation at this point as good as it is!
  3. Cryodex looks awesome. Was not aware of this thing, thanks for sharing !
  4. I certainly have high hopes for it. I don't own it...yet...but as the game gains traction it'll snowball into greater and greater numbers. Those early adopter stalwarts will make or break this game! Stay strong and play in public!!!
  5. Exactly. If there was sufficient audience to buy scenarios that justify the costs that go into developing them, I suspect we would see more. Just saying, "oh it is digital and more expensive than they thought" flies in the face of what they're actually doing...hiring folks for Fantasy Flight Interactive.
  6. To each their own, but it has worked wonders for Wizards and they've had significant praise over how it paces out their products and storylines across all media they produce.
  7. Yeah FFG is still not quite there when it comes to organized play. Sanctioning events, offering rewards, and holding championships are one good step and a far cry from like 2011'ish when everything was so spotty...but with so many competitive play products in the marketplace I feel like there's no clear focus on what COULD be done to support competitive and organized play at both the local and national levels. It's like there's an internal struggle within ANA about whether they want FFG to fully embrace what it means to keep product lines fresh. M:TG offers new players a once a year easy point to buy in and get on the competitive cycle. That's aggressively managed by a huge team of folks, so I wouldn't advocate for ANA/FFG to do anything that crazy, but restricting cycles would be a great first step. The champion decks are another good step in that direction to let someone buy a taste of the game with a SOLID deck.
  8. An off the shelf product that is excellent is Challonge.com
  9. Honestly, I'd take anything, but I think FFG is missing the mark in a big way with their product releases in both Star Wars & Arkham Horror product lines. They need to take a page from Wizards of the Coast's book and create "themes" around which they provide their releases across the product lines. In Arkham Horror, why aren't ALL the games doing something with Dunwich Horror at this point? That's the cycle in the Card Game, do something for MOM2E, AH Core has this already, but perhaps do a 2nd Edition of it that includes miniatures or a new Ancient One? In that way, you unify the art buys, layout, mythos research and background, and can use your teams to cross-develop and pollinate the best concepts and ideas for all your Arkham products...
  10. They just had a bunch of jobs posted for Fantasy Flight Interactive which will be a digital gaming wing of Fantasy Flight Games, so I cannot imagine that the "digital" aspect of this is what caused the issue. FFG released a TON of content right out of the gate for this game, it sold out promptly...what should be more troubling is that the products for this game aren't in the Upcoming Games queue even has "Awaiting Reprint." So, either the reprinted product is still flush on shelves in the distributor network at this point and none is needed or they're just not planning any reprints (less likely). Either way, it sounds like the audience for this game may not have been as big as FFG had potentially thought.
  11. I love LotR, but I am at the point now where there is so much great content, I could settle for them committing to 1 more cycle and then just doing maybe 1 big box a year for a while.
  12. That eJango/eVeers seems very very nasty.
  13. Before the singles market gets up and running in earnest, I think it may be too early to tell with any confidence. That said, I suspect your assessment is dead on. The sheer coverage of those builds and how versatile they are suggests they have some serious staying power!
  14. I don't know that I'd characterize it as "the sky is falling." Product availability is creating a level of disappointment that outweighs the actual issues right now. A misprint isn't as quick a fix as it will be in 6 months.
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