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  1. I can't find any tweets or GAMA posts about this - can you point me at something besides this picture? I didn't see FFG on the list for presenters, but I don't know if my searches are looking in the right place. Thanks!
  2. I guess using a laser to check the arcs is not tourney legal? Or is that a third party component?
  3. IMPERIAL PROBE DROIDS for the Empire, and 21-B for Rebellion
  4. Ability to buy the Mandalorian squadrons without having to buy an unneeded ship.
  5. What space food caused Leia's allergic reaction
  6. Well done - thank you for the levity after the past 24+ hours of friction ...
  7. I have not read any posts other than page one and page nine - I predict First Order SDs and Resistance rag tag fleet ships.
  8. Something like the Correlian Campaign could do this too - adds gameplay value while also updating or errating cards or issues.
  9. You and the rest of the IFF crew are sorely missed. Nothing but well wishes for y'all going forward!
  10. They have things called Style Bibles. Establishes standards for the property. That's why Superman has a consistent look.
  11. Will the upgrade cards in the expansions for one side be in the same type of expansion for the other side?
  12. Anecdote - my FLGS pre ordered twelve boxes - the are only being sent four, with no notification of when the remaining eight will be available.
  13. one Vader in two boxes for me.
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