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  1. On the positive side, FFG usually has nice Christmas clearance sales.
  2. Agreed. Search for lindybeige crossfire on youtube for a good overview of Crossfire. It's about 180 degrees reversed from a game as structured as RuneWars and that's actually its selling point---not that RuneWars and more structured games are bad by any means. On the topic of RuneWars, there's discussion on BGG that the game is on the way out since it was part of this year's Christmas sale by FFG. What's the buzz?
  3. Bolt action order dice have 6 unit actions printed on them (1 on each side). They're things like run (double move); fire (no move but better shooting); advance (move and shoot); etc. For each unit in play a colored ordered dice is placed in a bag/cup and drawn blindly, one at a time. Whoever's die is pulled activates a unit and uses the pulled die as a marker next to the unit to remind everyone which order was executed. The next die is then pulled blindly, another unit is activated and the process repeats until no dice are left to draw. That ends the turn. Whenever a unit is shot and hit they receive a 'pin' marker. Pin markers make you have to roll a regular d6 dice test to see if your unit will complete a proposed order. Each pin marker serves as a negative modifier to getting your unit to comply (more markers means they're taking effective fire). FoW uses a standard your turn/my turn sequence. You move all your stuff. You shoot with all your stuff. You close combat with stuff that can close combat. On my turn, I do the same.
  4. Supertoe just nailed it. If I ever pick this up, it will be from the bargain bin. FFG have Lucy Van Pelted me the last time.
  5. And/or they could actually sell the mats that they used for the demos. We had a lot of interest about getting those and our FLGS, understandably, refused to sell the one mat they received.
  6. I'd be interested in a Bandit faction or scenario packs and other units (including a legendary witch) now that I've been playing BL Command. Maybe even throw in a counter for a wagon, signal pyres, peasants, etc.
  7. Well, we're doing an organized play event (not on FFG's official calendar) for BL this Saturday in Alamogordo, NM. We've got enough stuff for 6 players to face off and that's without anyone having to bring their own stuff.
  8. I just got the second Undead expansion and am working my way toward the neutral units. If FFG decides to delay a few months on the elves, I would take it as a kindness.
  9. Curious Games in Alamogordo, NM will be hosting a Battlelore 2nd Edition tournament on Saturday, November 7th @ noon. We have openings for 6 players but could potentially expand if interest is high enough. Please contact me if you are interested in attending. Players may bring their own armies/sets if desired but no neutral units will be used during the event. Entry fee is $5.
  10. Just saw the announcement for 2016 Store Championship series and BL doesn't look to be on there.
  11. Part of my confusion was relying on a BoardGameGeek posting about the rule as though it was verbatim. I'd only used/faced the giant once and we applied Budgernaut's interpretation. It was only after I read a thread on BGG that I started second-guessing. Agree with Budgernaut completely now that we have the txt for direct reference.
  12. Thanks for the full text, Budgernaut. That actually makes it sound like 1 dmg---not counting things like retreating into impassible--is the maximum one unit can suffer per Heavy Swing attack.
  13. When rolling crowns against a unit that's not yet been damaged (kind of reverse flesh ripper), the giant can cause 1 retreat and 1 wound. Since dice are committed to effects before damage is suffered, a giant rolling 3 or more crowns could wipe a unit of 3 models completely out. Is this a correct interpretation?
  14. My regular opponent asked them about it while communicating about missing pieces replacement. The FFG rep said there were no plans to make these available
  15. The store purchased the kit and I think they're fairly pricey to just give away (if that's even allowed). It will be used as an in-store demo set is my understanding. The set came with the core starter set (we didn't use it because we had our own stuff except for the Undead cards/models). The kit had stickers saying it was NOT FOR RESALE. The only thing listed as give-away were the promo cards, one for each participant.
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