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  1. Blarg, my inner Rage Melon would have been coming out at this point. You are far calmer than I could ever hope to be. Hats off.
  2. From the diagram: it's nearly 650 mm or 65 cm long, and yes, 3 times the length of an ISD. It's almost as large as you can get and still have a "comfortably playable" model - get much larger and it'll be a pain to give it a viable combat base. If the Corvette is "really" about 1/11 the length of the ISD and yet can get away with the model being 1/3 the length- maybe the Executor can manage a similar size ratio. 1/4
  3. Plot twist, Boba was transgender woman. (no, that would be bad for everyone) Actually, that would be awesome too. I'm sticking with my own personal theory, Boba was really Jar Jar in disguise.
  4. Isnt that the "imperial Siren Sound" from the original trilogy? Yeah, but it sounds very similar to the iconic siren-like screeching sound from the original Alien trailer (which Prometheus references). I definitely got that vibe anyhow. Maybe .......... That's what killed all the Bothans?!
  5. Most of her team is still male. As a real soldier, I hardly find it PC. It's called realism for me. While women have to work harder to get to the same physical level as men, it's not anywhere near as big a stretch as civilian men seem to think. I know plenty that can hold their own in combat and a handful that can kick my ass with ease. The dirty secret of modern warfare is that it also doesn't matter all that much either. A pilot is a pilot. A gun is just as lethal in anyone's hands. Glad Hollywood is figuring out the same thing we are as an Army. Squeezing the trigger, whether it's on a small arm or weapon console of a fighter is a very very small part of war and combat. Here's a more appropriate rhetorical anecdote I like to ask/present to all my wife's girl-power friends when they ask me about my time in the Marine Corps and why I don't think women should be in it. A man goes without a shower for 4 days: vacation. A woman goes without a shower for 4 days: torture. Discuss. Anyway, back to the trailer. I think it looks awesome, and I don't care that there is a female lead, nor did I really care TFA had a female lead. I *did* care that Rae was a Mary Sue, but the same problem can be shared by dudes in movies, and in fact any movie that features such a character will immediately get a scowl from me despite the sex of the protagonist. Torture, until she over comes her conditioning that her worth is inexorably intertwined with her looks.......
  6. Are you kidding, I love it!But for the sake of friendly argument, what sort of plot point would you require to allow them? Plot point would be something like a planet that was similar to Israel where females served in the military and would then make sense to have good military skills. I also wouldn't have a female be the 'toughest' in the room each time a fight broke out.. It stretches believability too much for me. How about we flip a coin each time a new warrior is created. By that standard, Star Wars is very unbeliveable. Out of all the warriors in the movie, only one was a female? Of all the force users, none were female until Empire. A rebellion, short on man power, and they only seem to be worried the man part?
  7. Score wise, the 2015 worlds weren't too far off. The deciding factor would have been that the 2nd place player came to WIN! That, and the fact that ID wasn't a thing.
  8. So you're suggesting a final round where 2nd place has no shot at first place (why else would they deliberately ID)? You're right - there is no drama to the final match, but that's because 1st player has already tied up the win even if they lose. The second player could look at his odds, and the 3rd and 4th place match up, and determine he had a far better chance of placing 3rd than 1st, if he fought it out. And, the leader might be one of the "win at all costs" sorts that would have no qualms about taking a draw and the top prize.
  9. Picture it, 2016 Worlds, the first and second place players only need 5 points to ensure they get First and Second place...... Would serve FFG right.
  10. Back in the good old days, if the tournament judge didn't think the one lying on the sand had given his all, the thumbs up would be given.* It really kept the compeditors hearts in the game. *Please note, Cecil B. DeMille got the whole thumb up/down thing reversed.
  11. Forget the A-wings, get 4 Gunners and maybe some intel officers or turbo reroutes.
  12. He's saying it because ID'ing could be used as a cowardly way to ensure you make a cut, because the RAW is pretty murky on the collusion rules. As he stated in his article, an ID is allowed as long as it isn't colluding. However, an ID directly influences your score, meaning that it should fall under the collusion rules, as both players have to agree to it. If I was a TO, I also wouldn't allow an ID, unless they had a **** good reason why. FFG added the ID rule and basically made it impossible to use at the top tables without it being collusion or functioning as if it were collusion. The only reason a player at the top tables should be accepting a draw is if something is forcing a complete evacuation of the venue and the game cannot continue, or if a complete 10-0 tabling at all tables would not affect the standings. I would allow a draw in the event of a stroke, maybe a heart attack as well. Depends how bad the heart attack was.
  13. Yep, I'll check back every once and a while to see if they are going to release a PDF of rules that work.
  14. Bah, in my day, FFG would have made 6 fake product releases , including the Binks class SSD, AND replaced the general forums with all mins, all the time.
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