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  1. Too bad Dengar doesn’t have a front arc to use that ability.
  2. Were you in Houston? If so, that was me. Great game, man. Those dice though just did me 0 favors that game. Ended up going 4-2 and top 16 in that Hyperspace. Love those droids.
  3. As someone who fully abused 1.0 releases on Tabletop Simulator, I fully understand why they don’t release the points. I knew the combinations to play before the ships were even released and whether I wanted to invest or not. Ships would drop and I would bring a fully fleshed out list that I had already stress tested to a release night and win. Now imagine you are a new player that had never done that. “Well, they should get better and at least theory craft.” Or they could actually wait and be excited. I admit I was a problem during 1.0. Now I’m going to sit and be excited to unbox my new toys and play with them like it’s Christmas morning knowing nothing of what I can do/build. It is exciting. I skipped over a ship or two knowing I wouldn’t buy it because I knew points, now I’m the opposite and actually pre-ordered not knowing; so I am a bit different from y’all.
  4. You should not take Advense Sensors on a Defender since you would not get the Evade from doing the maneuver. Advanse Sensors states that you cannot take another action that turn. The Evade from the Defenders is an action.
  5. I would love them to make a "book" pack with pilots from the new books. Why does Armada AND Destiny get a Cienna card??? Why are we only stuck with Thane? No one likes Thane. Also, you can include Thrawn and Eli Vanto; Cham Sendula; etc.
  6. Crescent City Corsairs down in Greater NOLA area will be doing a "Lotto Tournament." Everyone brings a list of 100 points. They will be numbered based on how many people there are. Lowest seed (or random selection for first round) gets to choose a number first. That will be their list for that round. Next round, lists are again shuffled and numbers drawn. The judge will have the say on whether a list is too gimpy (such as 2 academy pilots). If he rules a list is not suitable, he will replace it with one of his own he will have. There will also be a prize for the list that does the best, so an incentive to bring a list that can be used by anyone. I'm looking forward to this as something new.
  7. We know more though than whats down. Like suppresion tokens I didn't see. But good work.
  8. According to the most recent packet they sent out, Judges are not supposed to play at Store Championships.
  9. Also, and I don't like double posting, but this is a feather in my cap... I took Scyks to a store championship and went undefeated in Swiss. Would have been better if I could have sealed the complete victory. Determination plus Greedo helped so much. (I got a regional bye in the last SC season with Palob+greedo so I felt I had to bring him back)
  10. 28 Store Championship in Praireville, LA at Gamers Paradise. Problem with this one was that they were using the old tournament software so each win got 5 points, so I doubt they will be posting this to list juggler, unfortunately. Also, the judges played in the championship which is being reported to FFG. Top 4 Winner: Ryan Fisher (4-1 in Swiss) "Gerry's Kids" -Biggs (R4-D6, Integrated) -Jess (Adaptability, R2-D6, Integrated) -Rex -Braylen (R3-A2, Gunner, Title) 2nd Place: Seth Dunlap (4-1 in Swiss) -Whisper (VI, Kallus, FCS, Adv Cloaking) -RAC (Predator, Boshek, Kylo, Dauntless) 3rd Place: Justice Buras (5-0 in Swiss) "Palob and the Jets" -Palob (Determination, TLT, Greedo, Pulsed Ray Shield) -Inaldra (Attani Mindlink, Light Scyk) -Genesis Red (Attani Mindlink, Heavy Scyk, Heavy Laser Cannon, Stealth Device) -Serissu (Attani Mindlink, Heavy Scyk, Tractor Beam) 4th Place: Garrett Platner (4-1 in Swiss) -Colonel Vessery (VI, Tie X7, Twin Ion) -Omega Leader (Juke, Comm Relay) -QuickDraw (Expertise, FCS, Title, Lightweight) On a note, because they were using the old software, I had to play both Ryan and Garrett in Swiss (providing their only losses) because they matched with rankings instead of random. Ryan had to play Seth and me; Garrett just had to play me. This will also be reported to organized play. Ryan then had to play Seth again in the finals. (Two imperials in the top 4 here...yet they "can't win" according to some)
  11. I mean, things are only not competetive if you don't fly them like it. First regionals I went to, I flew Laetin and placed 21/110. I won a Regional bye with Xizor, Tbane, and Palob. I am so excited with these buffs to my three favorite ships: Scyk, Viper, and Kirax. The Scyk is my all time favorite just because of my first game in a public setting. I had just gotten into when Scum dropped and so I had the scyk. Guy was like "that is the worst ship in the game, why are you flying it?" I've made it a point to fly it whenever I can, most recently my go to support ship is a 25 point Serissu (Crackshot, Title, Tractor Beam). I can't wait for the CROC and show up to a SC with a scyk swarm.
  12. Like five years. Seriously though, we might get it at Christmas.
  13. In before they make Stealth Device "Limited." 3 Stealth Devices on Viktor: 31 points. Edit: Add Scavenger for 32 points.
  14. Baffles is a system upgrade.
  15. I flew Cobra at a store championship and earned my bye there. I feel people underestimate him slightly and that alpha strike works. Yeah, he isn't a soontir or something, but he's not bad. Maybe its not always about what is the "cookie cutter" top tier and just want to fly something unique once in awhile. Think outside the box.
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