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  1. Each career has a lightsaber form specialization, which grants the lightsaber skill. Also, those specs might change the ability score you use for lightsaber checks.
  2. Has FFG stated out a Blurrg? I'm considering making a Twilek Pathfinder with one as a mount.
  3. I'm really hoping for an Imperial sourcebook to see things from their perspective. As far as career books, spy would be cool. I'd be also interested in a soldier book.
  4. Krakens, Megladons, Sea Serpents, you see the sea is dark and full of dangers.
  5. Agreed. The artists that FFG pulled for this and the card game are amazing. I believe they did an art book. For Game of Thrones showcasing the art from the card game, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  6. I thought the pearl only replaced the crystal properties not the actual hilt properties.
  7. I'd also love to see Besalisks get some love in a future book.
  8. Perhaps you can shape each of the holocrons to be different career paths. This way your PCs have a more plausible way to learn near extinct force powers (trees) and lightsaber forms. Plus, each holocrons would be able to teach skills that your pcs may not actually get to practice.
  9. General Kota from the Force Unleashed series was designed to be a "ronin". His entire arc is based around the concept of a ronin falling from grace and seeking redemption. You could always look to his development for inspiration and build ideas.
  10. True, but Galen also had an extensive wardrobe for someone that wasn't a Hand.
  11. Who is the (possible) Jedi on 299. To me, he looks like Galen Malak, but my wife thinks Anakin shortly after ascending to knighthood. Anyone able to settle this?
  12. I'm probably recalling saga edition and the edition prior to saga for them being immune. I'd have to agree that FFG's choice makes a fair amount of sense.
  13. Hmm, fair point. Perhaps Jabba simply succeeded at a save check. Still though, I thought somewhere in the lore they mentioned that mind tricks were next to useless. I know that part of the novel "Darth Plagueis" is dedicated to his efforts to get past yinchorri's (sp) force immunity, but that point is mute as I don't think they've been introduced in the rpg yet.
  14. I forgot more crystals would be awesome, especially a lava crystal.
  15. Awesome, thank you all very much for your help! One last question, is the Nexu stated up in any of the books?
  16. Out of curiosity, isn't there a career in AoR that is an officer type of character, one that sits in the command center calling out what formation to use, etc (buffing the other players)? That seems like a fairly decent job for a Hutt, plus provides a memorable face character for the party. Just my two cents, and forgive me if I'm wrong about the career, I only have Force and Destiny and Suns of Fortune.
  17. A book that details the Sith and Imperial Force Users, such as the Emperor's Hands, preferably with talent trees and specializations. Also, while it might be silly, I wouldn't mind seeing stats for the lightwhips that the Nightsisters used. I always thought the concept was fun. Races: Kushiban Ssi-ruuk Echani Noghari Muun
  18. Hey everyone, I'm new to FFG's Star Wars rpg (been specifically waiting for this set) and have what might be a silly question. I've searched but couldn't find an answer so I do apologize if this has been asked before. During character creation can I use my specialization skill increase to increase a career skill that already has a rank? For example, if I make a Sentinal (Shadow) can I use my both the free skill ranks to get a 2 in stealth without investing skill points? Thanks for the help on this one
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