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  1. I like the manifestion based on culture to be honest, but you could always do it a single bolt of lightning. As the Inquistor in question gets more powerful, more bolts begin to manifest itself. Seems reasonable, Dooku didn't conjure up waves like the Emperor, but he manifested a couple or forks before Yoda shut him down.
  2. This is more of a thought exercise, but as a PC I've always wanted to get a PC group together that would try. As a GM, I'd set up a full campaign arc to do it.
  3. Ahhh ok, nope just can't keep my races straight. . Thanks!
  4. Aren't the Mirulaka a core race in F&D? (Don't have my book right now)As far as races in the book, I'm excited. I love the Aleenas, the Gungans can be interesting, my best friend wants to be a Devokin, and I forgot the forth. But still, very interesting choices. This gives me hope for Basalisks and the shark-folk.
  5. It's not that the Sith are evil, but that they honestly believe themselves above any measure of morality. Sith typically think that they are above the common people of the universe and far more enlightened than the Jedi. To them the Jedi purposefully handicap themselves and hold themselves back for the sake of morales and humility. To a Sith these ideas are useless and for the uninitiated/unenlightened.
  6. Darth Sidious saw more benefit in converting a Jedi to his Sith Apprentice than many of his predecessors. Jedi received all the force training, minus how to accurately call on the Dark Side and specific Sith techniques. That's years of training Sidious can skip, compliments of his mortal enemies. Dooku, prior to his conversion was also studying Sith holocrons and experimenting with the Dark Side, saving Sidious a ton of on the job training. Anakin had already been using things like Force Rage and various Dark Side uses of general Force techniques, thanks to being in the front lines of the Clone Wars. Plus, we'd be fools not to be open to the idea that those "mentoring" sessions Palpatine offered Anakin during those rough times didn't have subtle dark side teachings. Edit: As I typed that, I'm watching the Friends and Enemies episode of Clone Wars, where Sidious does a subtle lesson on using his emotions rather than denying them.
  7. I agree wit Oatesatm, would you mind detailing your group a touch? Not full back stories, but just little one sentence blurbs would go a long way to helping you with adventure seeds.
  8. In this instance, I think I'd go with a starting resource from Edge (since you're using Obligation) but make my first series of adventures end with finding a legit holocron for your F&D player. You can easily make the first job offer come from the Rebellion or even make their Obligation tied to the Rebels.
  9. Where do you think the inquisitors came from? The one in Rebels hinted at this fact. Nice, I didn't know that. I haven't watched Rebels yet, but that's a pretty cool idea.
  10. Also, just a random thought, but what about all the "failed younglings" that joined the Medcorps, Agrocorps, etc? We've learned from other EU sources that even those weak in the force can eventually become proficient and strong in the force, given time and inclination. We've never heard how they were affected by Order 66. It's theoretically possible that a number of them survived.
  11. Still hoping that the Besalisks and Karkarodons get a book. Lanniks getting reprinted is good for the folks not getting the F&D line right now. Overall, I think this will be a good book. Looking forward to it.
  12. Afternoon everyone, Out of curiosity, how many people would it take to steal a Star Destroyer from a orbital spaceport? What, in your opinions Na/sessions/research would you say it s the minimum amount of people to successfully get one for Rebel conversion? Thanks for the assist
  13. I think this is a good opportunity to prep a prison break adventure. Worst case scenario the PC wants to pursue it while your working on it. Best case, you already have an adventure planned out, which means a rest break when it comes time for you to prep that game session, it will all be done.
  14. Short term for sure but a long term campaign... I foresee a great disturbance at the table. That will all depend on the group but I don't disagree with your predictions.
  15. To legitimately attempt to answer your question, think of it in the following way. For my example please note I am actually in the Navy.In general and in broad terms I belong to the US military (force sensitives). Specifically I am part of the Navy (Sith), as opposed to the Army (Jedi), Marines (Knights of Ren), Air Force (Nightsisters). What sets me apart from the others is my conduct, my philosophies, my goals, and my overall method to accomplish the job. Another service might have similar views, the Coast Guard (Imperial Knights), but in the end there are still enough differences that we aren't the same. A Dark Jedi might want to rule the galaxy and abolish the Jedi, but his motivations and tactics will most likely be very different to the actual agenda and efforts of the Sith. Not sure if that helps, hope it does.
  16. Darth Krayt and Luke teamed up fairly well. I think light and dark can team up, it will difficult and there will conflict but that's the fun of these games. It's always interesting to see my players form plans with wildly different tactics and philosophies. Assuming no one is being a twit at the table, and just trying to annoy everyone.
  17. The newsletter. Real Sith receive a quarterly newsletter that details what's happening in the Sith movement that others may want to know. Don't forget the annual Sith Ball and Life-Day parties.
  18. Keep in mind, after Palpatine assumes the title of Emperor he immediately begins a propaganda campaign specificly encouraging and forcing people to question the actions and abilities of the Jedi. Propaganda and use of the media are powerful tools, add in all the systems that didn't receive help during the war, or were hardcore ravaged...all of the sudden people start remembering things differently. "Hey, the Sepertist leader was a Jedi...he had one of those light sword things." "Today, class, we will discuss how a cult once tried to overthrow our Emperor" "You know, the reason the galactic economy sucks is because we're still paying for those clones, that the Jedi ordered." It would be easy for them to make people forget. Just look at our society, we jump from fad to fad on a moments whim, forgetting about the last one in rather short order. Final thought, most Jedi that survived and went into hiding would do their damndest to avoid being seen/discovered to protect anyone around them. Or go into hardcore isolation like Obi-Wan and Yoda. Just my two credits though.
  19. The expanded universe certainly encourages that the Sith code was just guidelines. Also, Darth Plagueis does mention in the novel that there were other Sith imitators claiming the Sith title tradition. You could always have your PC being mentored by one of the imitators, a holocron (Classic SW Sith origin), or even Sith spirit. Plenty of prior Sith Lords have been shown to disdain their successors.
  20. I recall an interview where someone in the development of Force a Unleashed said, "Lucas had bigger plans for her, hence why he cut her death." For he life of me though, I can't remember the source, so take it with a grain of salt. Still though, as much as I'm glad she -might/should- still be alive, Disney still hasn't released a hard canon continuity that I'm aware of. Aside from Movies and TV shows at any rate. There's always the possibility we see a scene in December where an aged Starkiller talks to Luke about his fight against her.
  21. I would definitely submit a character, but would have to double check schedule to commit, if accepted. (Military, about to transfer)
  22. Too be fair, with the Force Unleashed no longer canon Shaak Ti is still alive (which is awesome) and Kota isn't blind.
  23. Seems like it would be a fun idea. Would Jedi be starting off with a lightsaber?
  24. Thinking on an adventure module, I'd like to see something akin to a part from "Lords of the Sith". Specifically where the rebels get aboard the ISD to sabatoge it. Ideally though, it would be an entire adventure that takes place on a Super Star Destroyer. The sheer size and scope of that sounds awesome to me.
  25. Don't feel bad, everyone has dumb questions when they open the book. I couldn't find how to increase your force rating. All that being said, you can always house rule that all careers have access to it, especially for a pre-empire game.
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