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  1. What's that one spec in AoR, the Logistics Officer type spec that gives you social bonuses and helps you procure items/equipment cheaper and easier. That would be a solid and useful spec. I'm going to kick myself if it's called Logistics Officer.
  2. I like the Medic option. If you're looking for something that is haunting his past, maybe the Assassin or the Saboteur spec?
  3. Scoundrel might be a fun option. What's the core concept/personality of your character? Is it more reckless and wild or analytical and driven?
  4. WotC developers addressed this when they were producing their SW game. Their conclusion was essentially option C But it depends wholly on the influenced target. Their prime example was the death sticks dealer in episode 2. He goes home and rethinks his life, but if in the course of his contemplation he decides he likes his current life and is ok with being a drug dealer then he continues being scum. So for the Stormtrooper, those weren’t the droids he was looking for, three days later he may have seen a picture again and think, “ Hmm, I did see two that looked like them...probably coincidence, besides I have scum and villainy to police.” If it was successful against Thrawn, then you have an NPC that realizes they were tricked and potentially hunts the pcs down. TLDR Once the duration finishes the individual will act normally whether that means realizing they were tricked or going on their merry way is up to you and how you believe that npc would react.
  5. I'm betting we will get a couple more splat books similar to Nexus of Power that goes over other force style organizations and traditions. Similar to Sons of Fortune and Lords of Nal Hutta
  6. Hey guys, I’ve got two questions that I feel are a little silly, but just want confirmation. 1) In table 3-11 (EV) under the “Other” column the “-1 damage to installed crystals” does mean I subtract 1 from total damage output of my lightsaber? 2) If I wanted to construct a Crossguard Hilt would I use the Defensive Template? It seems the logical choice, but FFG missed adding it in the chart. Thanks for the help on this, I know I’m probably overthinking these, but confirmation is always nice.
  7. LordEnforcer, you are the only person that brings in any hostility to your topics. Every time someone tries to help you or tries to understand what your aim is, you typically go on the defensive and attack the individual. Also, several of your questions don't seem to be about vaguely written rules or conflicting rules set. They have all be easily answerable by reading the entry. For a person that claims to have "little time to look at the books" you sure took the time to type out Saber Swarm's rules entry in it's entirety and also plenty of time to ask repeat questions. The perception you are giving multiple people is the one that everyone has mentioned and they are caused by your actions, not other people's responses.
  8. I feel like adventures will still continue. I expect era books also, but I like Dawn of the Rebellion and hope to see more like it. Plus, they can always do a Species book like WotC did back in the day. I'm surprised we haven't gotten more books like Lords of Nal Hutta and Suns of Fortune.
  9. To be fair, I dont think there is any real way to emulate the...magnitude of the force abilities used in Force Unleashed, but I’m just looking at the power itself...not that level of destruction
  10. So, I didn’t intend for this to become a larger debate, but to clarify the intention of my original post. I’m referring to Galen Malak’s use in the Force Unleashed games. Being surrounded by enemies and repelling them away.
  11. Awesome, thank you very much for the help/guidance!
  12. Hey folks. Looking to purchase a new book this weekend and I was wondering, is there a Force Repulse power or does Move (properly enhances) work in this regard? if there is Repulse, what book do I find it in?
  13. Yaccarus started the list of preferred races to design before making their own. I'd also add Nagai and Zygerrian
  14. Truthfully, I'm sure there are plenty of folks that read the entry and love/want to play it. More power to them. In the end, I can voice my opinion here. Overall, I think it's a solid book. The specs are interesting and fun, love the great lightsaber hilt, the section on the various lightsaber forms is awesome. Only part I don't like is the race selection, and that is 100% because I had personal expectations about it. I probably wouldn't have been as annoyed by it if it didn't come as a "SURPRISE!!! HERE ARE THE RACES!!" the day I bought it. Should I have waited for the articles? Maybe, but I haven't read the new ones so I don't know if they mention the races.
  15. I’m annoyed by them introducing their own race. There were plenty of other races from canon or legends that would have been great, foremost imo would have been the Echani.
  16. I hope they do more splash books like that. Still so many other avenues and things to put into the game.
  17. Another choice that makes sense. Same as the cat folk slavers.
  18. These just seem like odd choices of races for the Warrior book. Putting aside my personal preferences, but how did these ones get picked over notable warrior races like the Noghri, Nagi, Shark folks introduced in Clone Wars, **** even the raptor race from the old books. I think the only thing more surprising would have been if they put the Kushiban in this book.
  19. Blast, was really hoping this book was going to be the Echani book.
  20. I got excited when I loaded up the news and saw an image of Luke, then saw the title and saw it was for the dice game.
  21. Let us know if we get the Noghri or Echani as races in this one.
  22. Hmm, this could be loads of fun. Alas, I seriously doubt that the Echani or the Karkarodon will be showing up in this book. I'm still very surprised that the Echani still haven't shown up. Class wise, maybe a Mentor style spec, I agree with the possibility about a FR:3 power showing up. Thoughts on what it could be though? Maybe instead of a full power they expand options for the others.
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