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  1. You’re not far off with “Asian Game of Thrones”. L5R can be a very political driven game, but it can also be very combat heavy. Essentially you are a samurai trying to uphold your honor and the honor of your clan. Perform your duties admirably and you will be rewarded with glory and prestige. Perform them poorly, and you may not like the results. The over all setting though is ripe for any play style. Though it does lean heavy to political drama, clan do war against each other and there is always the Shadowlands (a place full of demons and things dedicated to evil)to contend with. You can do investigation/mystery style games as Imperial Magistrates.
  2. Question. What are the current state of alliances in this timeline? I’m mainly going for the RPG, but some of the fiction and character motivations are making me wonder just how different things are. My biggest question/curiosity is Crane Unicorn relations. In the previous timeline they were generally allies since the Crane vouched for the Unicorn on their return. Is this no longer the case?
  3. I’m not worried about that, I entered around the time Doji Kurohito committed seppuku, so most personalities right now are newish. Thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks mighty Hida! I’m wondering with them resetting the timeline if we will see similar events or a pure divergence. They could probably do an entire book on the Clan Wars now if they wanted
  5. I'm surprised I haven't seen homebrew Hare clan already. I personally hope we get two books similar to 4th ed, one dedicated to the Great Clans and to the Minor. Sparrow clan unite!
  6. Morning folks, Last night I downloaded the Beta on Drivethru but it definitely seems to be one of the first versions. Aside from Unmasking was there any MAJOR changes to it? Looking through it, and playing with Character Creation I finding it an interesting system. I guess my only complainant was no Mantis Clan, which was weird for me because I'm not a Mantis player in general. Guess I'm just use to having them around.
  7. If the Shadowlands is still an option, you can have a party start by serving or being near the Crab Wall. A break in the wall can get the party together and work from there. Winter Court is always a good starting point, as are any of the tournaments.
  8. Ahhh, very intriguing. Seems like a touch of Mutants and Masterminds with a general power/ability that is augmented by the player. Thank you very much!
  9. So, I have a minorly connected question. I’m planning on buying this and Genesys, but how does magic work in this system? Looks like the various types of magic are linked to a skill, but how do you determine spells/effects/magical ability?
  10. Magus (Unlimited Power) You can augment your Crafting capabilities, you get some nice combat tricks and you get a little bit of healing. I think it's a nice well rounded spec that will help you without much of a hindrance and you get another FR boost.
  11. The Obi-Wan novel deals with this exactly. In it, Obi-Wan uses it to keep some Tuscans at bay, in it the Tuskan repeated the command in their language and followed through. As a GM I’d treat it as swaying emotion and desire. Sure, the trooper doesn’t understand the Jawa, but he feels an overwhelming desire or need to go clean that cave. Influence in in the game does influence emotion too.
  12. Wow, I skimmed right past it because I was thinking it would go from long to extreme. Go me.
  13. Is there anything similar to Cassian’s blaster? wookiepedia lists it as a A280-CFE blaster.
  14. Most of the commentary here is hitting my problems with enjoying the book. I liked Thrawn in his introduction trilogy, he was different, a strategic military mind, but not infallible. Here he really seems to be the perfect being, more powerful than every Force user currently. Vader is also being written as an impulsive mook. In all other depictions he is usually given credit as a good general and leader...if aggressive.
  15. Knights of Fate has ARC trooper armor. The clone trooper armor was originally based on Mandalorian armor, so you could use No Disintegrationes as a starting point if you have that book.
  16. Thanks! Contacted them and they were quick to respond. Shame they can’t replace the die, I like Sabine more than Cad, but I can’t complain. The service was great and the resolution fair.
  17. Hey all, I just picked up a pack of Empire of War and pulled Sabine Wren but it had a Cad Bane die. Anything I can do about this?
  18. If you're looking for a "by the rules" standpoint, the other option is simple narrative device. For Poe's adventure a development was having his ship get messed up.
  19. Ah, well another few episodes is better than none.
  20. This is awesome. Hopefully they go past the Clone Wars and more into the Dark Times. After Solo, I want to know more about Crimson Dawn.
  21. Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void are good options. Almost any other John Williams score will do well also.
  22. Hmm, if that's what you're looking at perhaps: Marshall (Colonist) Politico (Colonist) Ambassador (Diplomat) Advocate (Diplomat)
  23. If you go Quartermaster, you can have the character leaving a crime syndicate like Black Sun, but all connections could be old “allies” suppliers and tie into your obligation
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