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  1. The L5R wiki could fill in a gap for the time being.  The other options are

    1) Start your game with a Winter Court.  Winter Court a group will spend the winter months in one of the keeps and it surrounding villages.  It will need to be a courtly intrigue or mystery adventure but those are fun, and the hostile winter gives a reason why they can’t venture far.

    2) Carpenter Wall adventure.  The players are representing their clan at the wall.  They can venture in the shadowlands, wheel and deal with the crab and the Yasuki family.  This will be more of a combat style game, but you don’t have to worry about the Shadowlands geography changing.  It’s a land twisted by Oni and evil.

  2. 8 hours ago, Suzume Chikahisa said:

    In the old lore Mirumoto Hitomi (and this long before the 2nd Day of Thunder) and Agasha Tamori had mystic tattoos, without being members of the order. Meanwhile Togashi Yoshi, who was part of the Order and a Kolat, did not have tattoos until after Hitomi became the Dragon Champion.

    So I could conceivably allow non-Ise Zumi to get tattoos with an appropriate justification. I wouldn't have any problem allowing nominal members of the Order to take training in other schools, either because they joined later in life after training in other schools or because their superiors sent them to train in those schools.

    There was a Crane that received a mystical tattoo also

  3. 27 minutes ago, Hida Jitenno said:

    So as a follow-up: would you then limit Togashi-family characters to only being members of the Order? And would you prohibit any other family from taking the School (e.g. Mirumoto Kiddie studies with the monks, gets tattooed and becomes an Ise Zumi)? In that case, would you give Kiddie the Mirumoto family bonus or the Togashi one?


    19 minutes ago, ExplodingJoe said:

    I would say yes, because I believe a Mirumoto/Agasha/Kitsuki joining the tattooed order is essentially abandoning their previous life in order to become a Togashi, and they would receive the Togashi family bonuses.

    This issue extends to the new Kaito clan school... which I don't think a Shiba/Isawa/Asako would join, but I haven't heard other folk's takes on it.

    Counterpoint to ExplodingJoe, they would keep their original family bonus.  A person can join whenever and the trait bonuses tend to reflect bloodline, focused training, natural skill etc.  
    I think it would ultimately fall on the narrative reasoning.  If the Mirumoto that joined was failing his schooling and decided to abandon the Niten school and join the order, they keep their original family bonus.  If an Agashi that was found by a monk at birth and brought to the temple, I'd go with Togashi order.  

  4. It seems like even among the community there are different interpretations of them.   Seems like this is a bigger can of worms than I thought.
    @llamaman88 thanks for the wiki link.  It really didn't help me out for this question, but it's opened up a lot more understanding about a ton of other Rokugani topics.  Thank you for posting it!

    I also appreciate everyone's input into helping me try and understand these guys.

  5. Hey folks,

      I really need some help.  I don’t understand how to RP or utilize the Togashi monks.  I understand they are “monks” but there seems to be implications that they can serve as courtiers or Bushi.  But past the most basic understanding I don’t get them.  So, I’m hoping that these questions can help my understanding.  Thank you very much for the assist on this folks.

    1) How do they actually fit in society?  All their descriptions simply say they hang out in the mountains seeking understanding and enlightenment then occasionally venture forth and offer riddles in court and occasionally fight.

    2)  Are they actually Samurai or are they Monks?  My understanding has been they are “monks” but are afforded all the status and respect of being a Samurai.

    3) How often do they interact with the world at large and just the Dragon clan?

    4) When asked by the clan to go forth and be “useful” do they act as courtiers, yojimbo, other?


    I’m sure I’m overthinking all of this, but this has been something I’ve never understood since I started L5R.   Thank you very much, again. 

  6. Just now, Hida Jitenno said:

    Monkey wasn't founded at this date of the storyline in Old5R, though. They may not end up making one, unless Toku shows up somewhere.

    Hare, though, I definitely felt would higher on the list than Tortoise. Especially with one sailing Minor Clan and the Yasuki or Ide if you want your trader characters.

    Ooooh, I'm not so familiar with this time period.  Four Winds was when I started the card game.   Well, regardless of their reasoning for Tortoise it's still a safe assumption we will get more Minors if not a book similar to AEG's "Secrets of the Empire". 

  7. “Innumerable”from a Great Clan perspective.  They may be organized and slightly better than ronin rabble, but they aren’t worth much concern. 

    That’s a fairly common belief among the great clans during AEG years anyway.  Most of the Greats didn’t respect or concern themselves with the minor clans.  So, from a certain point of view, it may be “Innumerable”.



  8. 3 hours ago, Nheko said:

    Oh well...if you’re right there goes my plan to play a Hare character. ?

    That’s ok if’s that’s the case there’s plenty of concepts that I will like to play.

    I wouldn’t worry, Friend. 25 minutes after the core book releases I expect the forums will have homebrews for Hare and a few others.  

    That being said, I know there is zero guarantee they will follow prior lines, but both 3rd and 4th editions included stats for several minor clans in their core book, and 4th had 1 school for each minor clan mentioned in it.

    Until it’s out or otherwise stated all bets are still on the table.

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